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  •  -20% FNIRSI DSO-TC3 (3-in-1) Oscilloscope, Component Tester & Signal Generator

    FNIRSI FNIRSI DSO-TC3 (3-in-1) Oscilloscope, Component Tester & Signal Generator

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    DSO-TC3 combines a digital oscilloscope, electronic component tester, signal generator, continuity test, voltage test, temperature and humidity measurement, infrared decoding and other functions are skillfully integrated. It is equipped with a 2.4' color TFT display and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for mobile use. Specifications (Oscilloscope) The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 10 MSa/s and a bandwidth of 500 kHz. With complete trigger function (single, normal, automatic), no matter if you’re using periodic analog signals or non-periodic digital signals. Maximum measured voltage signal is 400 V. Equipped with efficient AUTO, the measured waveform can be displayed without cumbersome adjustments. Real-time sample rate 10 MSa/s Bandwidth 500 khz Input resistance 1 MΩ Coupling method AC/DC Test voltage range 400 V Vertical Sensitivity (x1) 10 mV-10 V Horizontal time base range 1us-10s Trigger mode Auto/Normal/Single Trigger type Rising edge/Falling edge Waveform Freeze Yes Automatic measurement Yes Specifications (Component Tester) The instrument can automatically identify and measure various transistors, including NPN and PNP triodes, N-channel and P-channel mosfet, junction mosfet, diodes, dual diodes, thyristors, and resistors, inductors, capacitors and other passive components. Automatic detection of pin definition. Automatically analyze NEC protocol infrared code. Other functional modes: Including circuit continuity test, 0-40 V input voltage measurement, PWM output, 0-32 V regulated diode measurement, DS18B20 temperature sensor measurement, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor measurement, etc. Specifications (Signal Generator) The signal generator has a total of 6 waveforms to choose from, with adjustable frequency and amplitude. Sine wave 1-100 KHz/0-3.3 V/50% Square wave 1-100 KHz/3.3 V/50% Pulse wave 1-100 KHz/3.3 V/0-100% Triangle wave 1-100 KHz/0-3.3 V/50% Ramp 1-100 KHz/0-3.3 V/0-100% DC 0-3.3 V Included 1x DSO-TC3 1x P6100 Oscilloscope Probe (100 MHz) 3x Test Hooks 1x Adapter 1x USB-C Cable 1x Original Manual by FNIRSI (English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese) 1x Elektor Manual (English, French, German, Italian, Dutch) Downloads Original Manual Firmware v0.3

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  •  -14% Miniware DT71 Mini Digitale Pincet

    Miniware Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

    LCR/ESR Meter, Multimeter, SMD Tester with built-in Micro Signal Generator The Miniware DT71 digital tweezers are a truly 'smart' buy for pro engineers and makers alike. The compact DT71 has a unique trinary structure which can be separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips. You can use the DT71 to take measurements and to automatically identify SMD components such as resistors, capacitors, and diodes. Highlights DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers is a tool for multi-function measurements with full differential input measurement. DT71 has a unique trinary structure, which can be separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips, flexible to be replaced and combined. It is compact and pocket-size for easy carrying. You can use it in laboratories, workbenches, warehouses, and in the field. It also has dual built-in rechargeable lithium batteries that can last 10 hours at a stretch with a single full charge that takes about 2 hours to charge. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers have an OLED screen on the 360° rotatable controller, providing visibility at all angles. Smart gesture recognition will automatically identify left/right-hand operation and adjust screen display. It has various measurement types to fulfill all your needs. The test arms of DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers use magnetic elasticity to provide an easy clipping, ergonomic, and long-lasting structure. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers features a pair of beautiful intensified gold-plated interchangeable tweezer tips, which enables higher measuring accuracy. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers have manual and automatic Identification modes. In auto mode, DT71 can automatically identify SMDs including resistor, capacitor, inductor, and diode, showing both main and secondary parameters, very useful in fast distinguishing different components. Meanwhile, a built-in miniature waveform signal generator can output a variety of waveform signals. DT71 provides a perfect solution for debugging and maintenance of complex electronic systems and the classification and detection of discrete chip components. Different from other LCR testers, DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers have no physical buttons, instead, it has a hidden touch button on top of the controller, which makes it easy to operate with only a light touch. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers has intelligent functions such as Automatic identification, Automatic shutdown, and also the firmware can be upgraded. Features Innovative trinary structure: separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips, which are flexible to be replaced and combined. 360° rotatable controller with OLED screen, with good viewing angles. Smart gesture recognition with automatic identification of left/right-hand operation and adjusting the screen orientation accordingly. Hidden touch button on top of the controller, which makes it easy to operate with only a light touch. Test arms use magnetic elasticity to provide an easy clipping, ergonomic, and long-lasting structure. Built-in dual lithium batteries in test arms, balancing both arms and providing a longer standby time. Several kinds of gold-plated interchangeable tweezer tips, enabling higher measurement accuracy in various usages. Automatically identify SMDs including resistor, capacitor, inductor, and diode, showing both main and secondary parameters. A built-in signal generator can output a variety of waveform signals. Specifications Product Specifications Operation time 10 hrs (in continuous operation) Charging time 2 hrs Display 96 x 16 OLED Size Controller 47 mm Test Arms 106 mm Weight 22 g Operation Hidden touch button Measurement Specifications Range Resolution Accuracy Resistance 0.1 Ω~1 KΩ 0.1 Ω 0.5%+2 1 KΩ~2000 KΩ 1 KΩ 0.5%+2 Capacitance 0.1 pF~1000 pF 0.1 pF 2%+3 0.001uF~400 uF 0.001 uF 2%+3 Inductance 1 uH~1000 uH 1 uH 5%+3 1 mH~50 mH 1 mH 5%+3 Voltage 1 mV~100 mV 1 mV 2%+5 0.1 V~40 V 0.1 V 1%+3 Frequency 10 Hz~1 KHz 10 Hz 0.1%+3 1 KHz~20000 KHz 1 KHz 0.1%+3 Diode Silicon diodes, Schottky diodes, LEDs (+0.1~3V) 0.1 V 1% Max input voltage -5 V~+50 V Source Impedance 1 MΩ Functions Automatic Identification Yes Designated Measurements Yes Continuity and Diode testing Yes Signal Generator SINE 10 KHz, 5 KHz, 2 KHz, 1 Khz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz NOISE 100 KHz USER 10 KHz, 5 KHz, 2 KHz, 1 Khz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz PULSE 100 KHz, 0 KHz, 20 Khz, 10 KHz, 5 KHz, 2 KHz, 1 Khz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz Included 1x DT71 Digital Tweezers 1x Test Arms 2x Tweezer Tips 1x Data Cable 1x Carrying Case 1x Safety Instructions Downloads User Manual v1.3 Firmware v1.15 Calibration v2.0

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  •  -10% JOY-iT JT-RAD01 Stralingsmeter (Geiger-teller)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT JT-RAD01 Nuclear Radiation Meter (Geiger Counter)

    The JT-RAD01 is a radiation meter for the detection of γ-, β- and X-ray radiation and is characterized by its particularly easy handling, high measurement stability and its handy and robust design. The meter has a large color LCD with backlight. The measurement results can be displayed both as clear statistics and graphically for easy evaluation. Specifications Detectable types of radiation γ-rays, β-rays, x-rays Measurement method Geiger-Müller Counter Dosis units μSv/h, μGy/h, mR/h, cps, cpm Alarm modes LED, vibration, sound Special features Real-time view and graph view, alarm when current and cumulative limits are exceeded Dosis rate 0.00 – 1000 μSv/h (10 mSv/h) Cummulative radiation dose 0.00 μSv – 500.0 mSv Energy range 48 keV – 1.5 MeV ≤±30% (CS-137) Sensitivity 80 CPM/μSv (Co-60) Battery 1100 mAh Lithium-ion Selectable languages English, German Dimensions 4.8 x 3.03 x 1.06' (122 x 77 x 27 mm) Included JT-RAD01 Nuclear Radiation Meter USB-C cable Manual (English/German)

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  •  -33% Electromagnetic Radiation Tester WT3122

    Electromagnetic Radiation Tester WT3122

    This radiation survey meter can test electric field radiation and magnetic field emission to reach the optimal test result. It is used to test and learn electromagnetic radiation situations indoor and outdoor. It is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can display the radiation value on the LCD after processing by the control microchip. You can make reasonable processing or taking effective prevention measures toward the electromagnetic radiation according to the test result. Features One detector for two uses, simultaneous detection of electric and magnetic field radiation Color-screen display Sound and light alarm, automatic alarm above safe value Press one button to lock radiation value (data lock) LCD graphic display of radiation value trend Radiation assessment, indicating if current radiation value is at safe level Easy to operate with one hand, move or perform on-site measurement Applications Electromagnetic radiation monitoring: House and apartment, office, outdoor and industrial site Electromagnetic radiation test: Mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator and high voltage cable radiation test Radiation protection product test: Test effects of radiation-proof clothes, radiation-proof film and other prevention articles Specifications Electric field Magnetic field Unit V/m uT / mG Accuracy 1 V/m 0.01 uT/ 0.1 mG Range 1~1999 V/m 0.01~99.99 uT/ 0.1~999.9 mG Alarm threshold 40 V/m 0.4 uT/4 mG Reading display 3½ digit LCD Measurement bandwidth 5 Hz~3500 MHz Sampling time About 0.4s Measurement mode Dual mode at the same time Overload indication Maximum value of measurement range on LCD Operation temperature 0~50°C Operation humidity Relative humidity below 80% Working voltage 3.7 V Power 3.7 V Lithium battery Dimensions 61 x 25 x 134 mm Weight 131 g Downloads Manual

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  • JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    JOY-iT JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    This LCR meter offers a wide range of functions at a low price. The LCR meter can measure capacitance, resistance, and inductance among other things. In addition, it can automatically recognize components, for example, it can distinguish between different types of transistors, such as NPN or PNP transistors. The device is particularly easy to operate, as all measurements are started at the touch of a single button.Thanks to the integrated 350 mAh battery, measurements can also be carried out on the road. The battery is charged with the help of a 5 V power supply unit (available separately) and the enclosed micro-USB cable.In addition, this measuring device can decode infrared signals and show them as a waveform on the display.Technical Specifications Measurable components Resistor, capacitor, inductor, thyristor, triac, (double) diode, Z-diode, field effect transistor, bipolar transistor, infrared decoder Display type 3.5' TFT LCD (160 x 128 p) Special features Automatic calibration, One key operation Built-in battery Lithium Ion rechargeable, 3,7 V, 350 mAh Dimensions 90 x 70 x 27 mm Items delivered Tester, Micro-USB cable, Test clip, LED, Capacitor Measuring Ranges Capacitance 25 pF - 100 mF Resistance 0.01 Ω - 50 MΩ Inductance 0.01 mH - 20 H Battery 0.1 V - 4.5 V, 300 mAh Z-diode breakdown voltage 0.01 V - 30 V Z-diode 0.01 V - 4.5 V Diode UF < 4,5 V Thyristor / Triac IGT < 6 mA DownloadManual

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  •  -18% Elektor Dual DC LISN (150 kHz – 200 MHz)

    Eurocircuits Elektor Dual DC LISN (150 kHz - 200 MHz)

    Measuring conducted emission is the simplest and most affordable method of getting some indication of whether a design can meet EMI/EMC requirements. A Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) is an indispensable part of an EMC pre-compliance test setup. In cooperation with Würth Elektronik, Elektor has developed a 5 µH, 50 Ω Dual DC LISN that supports voltages up to 60 V and currents up to 10 A. The instrument measures RF interferences on both channels (the power supply) by means of 5-μH blocking inductances. The internal 10-dB attenuation network – one in each channel – contains a 3rd-order high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 9 kHz to protect the input of instruments like a spectrum analyzer from potentially harmful DC voltages or low frequencies coming from the EUT (Equipment Under Test). Specifications RF path Channels 2 (with clamping diodes) Bandwidth 150 kHz – 200 MHz Inductance 5 μH || 50 Ω Internal attenuation 10 dB Connectors SMA DC path Max. current < 10 ADC Max. voltage < 60 VDC DC resistance < 2 x 70 mΩ PCB size 94.2 x 57.4 mm Connectors 4-mm banana Hammond enclosure Type 1590N Dimensions 121 x 66 x 40 mm Included 1x 4-layer PCB with all SMT parts fitted 1x pre-drilled enclosure with ready-printed front panel layout 5x gold-plated, insulated, 4-mm banana sockets, rated for 24 A, 1 kV 1x Hammond enclosure 1590N1, Aluminum (Die-Cast Alloy) More Info Project on Elektor Labs: Dual DC LISN for EMC pre-compliance testing Elektor 9-10/2021: EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 1) Elektor 11-12/2021: EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 2)

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  • FNIRSI FNB58 USB Tester with Bluetooth (Voltage & Current Meter)

    FNIRSI FNIRSI FNB58 USB Tester with Bluetooth (Voltage & Current Meter)

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    The FNB58 USB tester (with Bluetooth) is a comprehensive and very accurate USB voltage and current meter. It features a 2.0-inch full-color HD TFT display, built-in USB-A, micro USB and USB-C interface. With this device you can measure the power supply or power consumption of products or the charging power of cell phones and power supplies. You can also determine the fast charging protocol of chargers. Features USB and Type-C interface 2.0' HD display Data at a glance Wide compatibility Ultra-precise data detection Play with fast charging technology Automatic protocol detection (PD2.0, 3.0, 3.1, PPS, QC2.0, 3.0, FCP, SCP, AFC, PE, DASH VOOC, SuperVOOC and more) Simple user interface, easy to operate 4 function curve displays (real-time voltage and current curve, offline curve recording, D+/D- voltage curve, high-speed power supply ripple measurement) Cable detection 10 groups of energy recording battery capacity calculation PC connectivity for data logging and firmware updates Bluetooth app for Android devices Specifications Voltage range 4-28 V Current range 0-7 A Power range 0-120 W Load equivalent internal resistance 0-9999.9 Ω D+/D- voltage 0-3.3 V Capacity 0-9999.99 Ah Power consumption 0-9999.99 Wh Cable resistance 0-9999.9 Ω Interfaces micro USB, USB-A, USB-C Dimensions 42 x 13 x 82 mm Downloads User manual Firmware

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  • Peak Atlas DCA75 Pro – Intelligente halfgeleider-analyser

    Peak Peak Atlas DCA75 Pro Advanced Semiconductor Analyser

    The DCA75 Pro is a great instrument that combines ease-of-use with amazing features. It can automatically identify a huge range of semiconductors, automatically identify pinouts and measure detailed parameters. Features Built-in graphics display (now backlit) to show detailed schematic of the component you're testing as well as pinout and measurement data. USB connectivity to allow curve tracing, data storage/retrieval and device matching on your Windows PC (Windows 7 and higher). Single internal AAA alkaline cell for standalone operation. Component Support Bipolar transistors (NPN/PNP inc Silicon/Germanium) Darlington transistors (NPN/PNP) Enhancement mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Depletion mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Junction FETs (N-Ch and P-Ch). Both symmetrical and asymmetrical types Enhancement IGBTs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Diodes and diode networks (2 and 3 lead types) Zener diodes (up to about 9 V) Voltage regulators (up to about 8 V) LEDs and bi-colour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types) Low power sensitive Triacs and Thyristors (<10 mA trigger and hold) Measurements BJT current gain (hFE) BJT base emitter voltage (Vbe) BJT collector leakage current MOSFET on and off gate threshold voltages MOSFET transconductance JFET pinch-off voltage JFET transconductance JFET IDSS (drain current for Vgs=0) IGBT on and off gate threshold voltages IGBT transconductance Voltage regulator output voltage Voltage regulator quiescent current consumption Voltage regulator drop-out voltage Zener voltage Diode forward voltage drop Specifications Analyser type Semiconductor components Component detection Automatic Pinout detection Automatic, connect any way round Display type Graphic LCD (now backlit) Interface type USB for optional PC connection PC functions Curve tracing (Windows 7 and higher) Software Included on USB drive for Windows 7 and higher Battery Single AAA cell (supplied) Included DCA75 Semiconductor Component Analyser PC software on a USB Flash Drive for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP Micro USB cable Fitted universal premium hook probes AAA Alkaline battery Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (DE) User Guide (IT) Software Installation Guide (EN) Software and Firmware Package

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  •  -25% Elektor Tapir E-Smog Detector Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor Tapir E-Smog Detector Kit

    Ultrasensitive wideband magnetic/electromagnetic field detector This ultra sensitive wideband “E-smog” detector adds two senses to help you track down noise that’s normally inaudible. TAPIR also makes a great project to build since the enclosure is the PCB proper. TAPIR detects electric as well as magnetic fields at high frequencies. The PCB is ingenuously designed to double as a shielded case. Each of the two antennas that can be connected to TAPIR is optimized for one type of field. Magnetic fields are detected with a ferrite-cored coil, and electric fields with a rod antenna, which is easily constructed from a length of stiff wire. Using TAPIR is dead easy. Connect the headphones, the selected antenna and switch on. Move the antenna around any suspect area and you’ll hear different types of noise and noise levels with each electrical device, depending on the type and frequency of the emitted field. Features Ultrasensitive Wideband 'E-smog' Detector PCB Doubles as Project Housing Tried & Tested by Elektor Labs Educational & Geeky Project Easy to solder SMD Parts Online Illustrated Construction Manual Included Printed Circuit Board All Components Antenna and Headphones

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  • Elektor 2 MHz LCR-meter Kit

    Eurocircuits Elektor 2 MHz LCR Meter Kit

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    Would you like to add an LCR Meter to your electronics workbench? Build your own! The Elektor 2 MHz LCR Meter Kit is an automatic impedance measuring bridge with extended functionality. Features Measures the resistance, capacitance and inductance of components with an impedance of 10 mΩ to 100 MΩ Test frequency from 50 Hz to 2 MHz Four possible test voltages (0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1 Vrms) Additional DC polarization up to 5 V for capacitors and 50 mA for inductors Two configurations possible: Standalone mode with main board + display extension Main board (without display) connected via USB to a computer running the user program (Windows, Linux, MacOS) Specifications Display Parameter valuesEquivalent circuitFrequencyImpedance ∣Z∣Phase ΦQ or DVoltage and current of DUTTest voltage (AC) and polarisation (DC)Range hold statusLabels for multi-function buttons Display size 4.1' (10.5 cm) | 240 x 128 dots Measurement range Parameter Value Inductance L 10 nH - 100 H Capacity C 1 pF - 100 mF Resistance R 10 mΩ - 100 MΩ Q 0 - 5000 for display Phase Φ -90° / +90° Test frequency 50 Hz to 2 MHz in 54 predefined stepsor any frequency within the range Accuracy Up to ± 0.1% ±1 of last digit Total current (MCU board + backlit display board) without polarization420 mA when polarizing DUTup to 650 mA Power supply 5 VDC/1 A USB A (not included)e.g. mobile phone mains charger PC software Windows, Linux, MacOS Dimensions (Hammond case) 6.5 x 4.2 x 2.1' (166 x 106 x 53 mm) Weight 1 kg All the necessary components are included for assembly and calibration: 2 populated PCBs (pushbuttons, rotary switch, and LCD)Note: Before shipping the operation of both assembled boards is carefully checked according to a protocol developed by the original designer Jean-Jacques Aubry. 4 BNC sockets (not assembled) 4 jumpers Hammond case drilled, machined, with printed front and side panels Kelvin cables with clips and 4 plugs Mini-USB / USB-A cable 24-way flat cable (15 cm) Aluminium button for rotary switch Full-color printed assembly manual (32 pages) Adjustment tool for trimmers Required tools Screwdriver, multimeter, and soldering iron. Time Total assembly and calibration time (depending on your skill): 60 to 90 minutes Downloads More downloads are available on the Elektor Labs platform. Elektor Jumpstarter This product is the result of a successful campaign on our electronics project support platform Elektor Jumpstarter. Readers and interested parties can submit their product ideas and, together with the Elektor development team, a finished product can be brought to market after extensive consideration and many tests. Note that these are always small series production runs, so the products are considered 'Elektor Collector Items'.

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  • Peak Atlas DCA55 Semiconductor Analyser

    Peak Peak Atlas DCA55 Semiconductor Analyser

    The DCA55 is great for automatically identifying the type of semiconductor on the test leads as well as the pinout and many other parameters. Supports transistors MOSFETs, JFETs (gate pin only can be identified), diodes, LEDs and lots more. Automatically identifies type of component, pinout and other important parameters. Now features transistor leakage measurement and Germanium/Silicon identification. Component Support Bipolar transistors (NPN/PNP inc Silicon/Germanium) Darlington transistors (NPN/PNP) Enhancement mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Depletion mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Junction FETs (N-Ch and P-Ch). Only gate lead identified. Diodes and diode networks (2 and 3 lead types). LEDs and bi-colour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types). Low power sensitive Triacs and Thyristors (<5 mA trigger and hold) Measurements Part type identification Pinout identification BJT current gain (hFE) BJT base emitter voltage (Vbe) BJT collector leakage current MOSFET gate threshold voltage Diode forward voltage drop (Vf) Specifications Analyser type Transistors, Diodes, LEDs, MOSFETs, JFETs Pinout detection Full pinout (only Gate on JFETs) Pinout configuration Connect any way round Transistor measurements Vbe, hFE, Iceo MOSFET measurements Vgs(on) Diode measurements Vf Probe type Universal grabber type Battery Single AAA cell (supplied). Life typically 1300 ops Test conditions Typically 5 mA, 5 V peak Display type Alphanumeric LCD (with backlight) Included DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyser instrument Comprehensive illustrated user guide Fitted universal hook probes AAA Alkaline battery Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (DE) User Guide (IT)

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  • Peak LCR45 LCR- en impedantiemeter

    Peak Peak Atlas LCR45 - LCR Meter with LCR Impedance Measurement

    The LCR45 does everything that the popular LCR40 does, but it has some significant enhancements. The LCR45 features a new high capacity micro and high resolution ADCs. LCR45 incorporates advanced maths, based on Complex Impedance analysis. This allows for enhanced component value measurement as well as a comprehensive and detailed impedance display. Features Supplied with gold plated removable hook probes. Fluid measurements with hold function. Automatic or manual component type. Automatic or manual test frequency, DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz or 200 kHz. Enhanced measurement resolution: 0.2 µH, 0.2 pF and 0.2 Ohms. Easy menu system for user settings. Enhanced compensation for component parasitics and losses (such as core losses etc). Automatic or manual power-off. Specifications Analyser type LCR and component impedance Component types Auto/Manual for L,C & R Measurement types Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance Other measurements Complex impedance/admittance More measurements Magnitude and Phase of impedance Inductance range 0uH to 2H Capacitance range 0 pF to 10000 uF Resistance range 0R to 2MR Test frequency Auto and manual: DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz, 200 kHz Display type Alphanumeric LCD (not backlit) Measurement scheme Continuous (with optional hold) Battery GP23 (12 V/55 mAH type), ~700 ops Included LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter 2 mm plugs and sockets and removeable hook probes Comprehensive illustrated user guide 2 Batteries, one installed and one spare. GP23 Alkaline battery. (12 V/55 mAH) Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (IT)

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  • Atlas ESR70 Plus – ESR Tester

    Peak Peak Atlas ESR70 Gold - Low Resistance and Capacitance Meter

    The Peak Atlas ESR70 Gold is an enhanced version of the previous Peak Atlas ESR70 Plus. It does everything that the ESR70 Plus did but better. It now measures capacitance up to 10x faster, and over a wider range, thanks to new test algorithms. The capacitance measurement is also much less influenced by parallel resistances or leakage current thanks to our new Triple-Slope measurement system. Using the supplied gold plated probes (removable), the Atlas ESR70 Gold can measure ESR down to a resolution of 0.01 ohms, up to 40 ohms. It can even measure ESR for capacitors that are in-circuit. Probes are removable, allowing 2 mm compatible probes to be fitted. Audible alerts are produced for various ESR levels allowing you to perform many tests in succession without having to look at the display. The ESR70 automatically takes capacitive reactance into account, so even low value capacitors (down to 0.3 uF) can have the ESR measured accurately. Features Uses a single AAA Alkaline cell (included). Alphanumeric LCD with backlight. Automatic analysis-start when you apply the probes. Automatic capacitor discharge using controlled discharge function. ESR (and low DC resistance) measurement (even in-circuit). Capacitive reactance automatically taken into account to ensure accurate ESR. Capacitance measurement (if testing out-of-circuit). Audible alerts for various ESR levels. Extended ESR measurement range up to 40 Ohms. Optional probe alternatives easily fitted. New Gold Features Improved LCD with better backlight. 10x faster capacitance measurement for large capacitors. Enhanced user options system. New triple-slope measurement system to vastly reduce the influence of parallel resistance and/or leakage current on capacitance measurements. Much wider capacitance measurement range now 0.3 uF to 90,000 uF (was 1uF to 22,000uF). Specifications Analyser type ESR and Capacitance Component types Capacitors (>0.3 uF) ESR range 0.00 Ohms to 40.0 Ohms ESR resolution From 0.01 Ohms In-circuit use ESR only Capacitance range 0.3 uF to 90000 uF Battery type 1.5 V Alkaline AAA Cell (supplied). Life typically 1500 ops Display type Alphanumeric LCD (with backlight) Included ESR70 Equivalent Series Resistance Meter Extra-long and extra-flexible test cables (450 mm of Silicone covered cable) 2 mm gold plated plugs and sockets with removeable gold plated crocodile clips Comprehensive illustrated user guide AAA Alkaline cell Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (IT)

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  • JOY-iT UM25C USB Measuring Instrument with Bluetooth

    JOY-iT JOY-iT UM25C USB Measuring Instrument with Bluetooth

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    USB ports can be found not only at your computer at home but also at powerbanks, in the car or in the train. Although, not all ports are high-quality und deliever steady currents and voltages. The JT-UM25C allows to see all values. The measuring instrument supports additional functions like Quickcharge 2.0 and 3.0 as well as Apple 2.4 A, 2.1 A, 1 A, 0.5 A and Android DCP and offers an analysis through the radio interface. The area of measurement is up to 24 V and 5 A which makes it practical for all areas of application. The integrated 1.44' LCD-display can be regulated in five levels of brightness and offers an overview of all measured values at all time.Features Measuring device for USB applications Measured value output via LCD display Display of current, voltage, energy, power, voltage curve, internal resistance, temperature (int. sensor) Output via BT for evaluation on PC/Smartphone Supports: Quickcharge 2.0, QC 3.0, Apple 2.4 A/2.1 A/1 A/0.5 A Android DCP, Samsung Specifications USB Ports USB 2.0, Micro USB, USB Type-C Measuring range 4-24 VDC / 0-5 A / 0-99h 59min 59 sec / -10-100°C Measuring accuracy 0.001 V / 0.0001 A Refresh rate 2 Hz Display LCD Color-Display with 5 brightness levels Display size 1.44' Communication Bluetooth connection (for evaluation on Smartphone + PC) Dimensions 71.2 x 30.5 x 12.4 mm Weight 23.7 g Downloads Manual Android APK Windows Software

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  • Peak Atlas ZEN50 Zener Diode Analyser

    Peak Peak Atlas ZEN50 Zener Diode Analyser

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    The Atlas ZEN is ideal for testing Zener diodes (including avalanche diodes), transient suppressors, LEDs and LED strings. It generates constant current pulses (selectable from 2 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA and 15 mA) at voltages from 0V to 50V. So even high voltage Zeners or high voltage LED strings can be tested. Test currents are supplied in narrow pulses to ensure that the component under test remains at a constant temperature. The voltage of the part is displayed on the screen together with the test current and also a measure of the component's slope resistance (also known as dynamic impedance). Specifications Analyser type Zeners, LEDs, TVS etc Test currents 2 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA, 15 mA Voltage range 0.00 to 50.00 V Slope resistance range 0 to 8000 Ohms Battery type Single AAA (supplied). Life typically 1400 ops Test method Triple pulse burst @ 10pps (typ) Test current duty cycle 3% Display type Alphanumeric LCD (with backlight) Included ZEN50 Instrument Fitted flexible test leads with gold plated crocs Comprehensive illustrated user guide AAA Alkaline battery Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (DE) User Guide (IT)

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  • QuantAsylum QA403 24-bit Audio Analyzer

    QuantAsylum QuantAsylum QA403 24-bit Audio Analyzer

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    The QA403 is QuantAsylum's fourth-generation audio analyzer. The QA403 extends the functionality of the QA402 with improved noise and distortion performance, in addition to a flatter response at band edges. The compact size of the QA403 means you can take it just about anywhere. Features 24-bit ADC/DAC Up to 192 kSPS Fully isolated from PC Differential Input/Output USB powered Built-in Attenuator Fast Bootup and Driverless The QA403 is a driverless USB device, meaning it’s ready as soon as you plug it in. The software is free and it is quick and easy to move the hardware from one machine to the next. So, if you need to head to the factory to troubleshoot a problem or take the QA403 home for a work-from-home day, you can do it without hassle. No-Cal Design The QA403 comes with a factory calibration in its flash memory, ensuring consistent unit-to-unit performance. On your manufacturing line you can install another QA403 and be confident what you read on one unit will be very similar to the next unit. It is not expected that re-calibration will be required at regular intervals. Measurements Making basic measurements is quick and easy. In a few clicks you will understand the frequency response, THD(+N), gain, SNR and more of your device-under test. Dynamic Range The QA403 offers 8 gain ranges on the input (0 to +42 dBV in 6 steps), and 4 gain ranges on the output (-12 to +18 dBV in 10 dB steps). This ensures consistent performance over very wide ranges of input and output levels. The maximum AC input to the QA403 is +32 dBV = 40 Vrms. The maximum DC is ±40 V, and the maximum ACPEAK + DC = ±56 V. Easy Programmability The QA403 supports a REST interface, making it easy to automate measurements in just about any language you might anticipate. From Python to C++ to Visual Basic—if you know how to load a web page in your favorite language, you can control the QA403 remotely. Measurements are fast and responsive, usually with dozens of commands being processed per second. Isolated and USB Powered The QA403 is isolated from the PC, meaning you are measuring your DUT and not chasing some phantom ground loop. The QA403 is USB powered, like nearly all our instruments. If you are setting up remotely, throw a powered hub in your bag and your entire test setup can be running with a minimum of cables. Goodbye Soundcard, Hello QA403 Tired of trying to make a soundcard work? The calibration nightmare? The lack of gain stages? The limited drive? Are you tired of dealing with the fixed input ranges? The worry that you might destroy it with too much DC or AC? Tired of the ground loops? That’s why QuantAsylum built the QA403. Specifications Dimensions 177 x 44 x 97 mm (W x H x D) Weight 435 g Case Material Powder-coating Aluminum (2 mm thick front panel, 1.6 mm thick top/bottom) Downloads Datasheet User Manual GitHub

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  • Pokit Meter – Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger

    Pokit Meter - Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger

    Pokit Meter is a revolutionary tool in the measurement industry. Its incredibly small size means you can put it on a keychain or in your pocket for unprecedented portability. Free yourself from the bench and take your creativity to new places! Pokit Meter harnesses the power of your smartphone, transforming it into an awesome measurement tool. The Pokit App measures a wide range of parameters, including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also provides continuity and a diode checker. Pokit Meter is ideal for low voltage electronics, automotive applications, home automation, and much more. Super Handy Retractable Leads: All-in-one multimeter, oscilloscope (one-time) and logger Highly Portable, it Fits in Your Pocket: Fits on your keychain so you can take it anywhere Wireless Connectivity: Connects to your phone via Bluetooth 60 V DC/42 V AC, 2 A Ultra-low Power and Long Battery Life: Suitable for low voltage electronics work (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), automotive applications etc. Full-Featured Multimeter Pokit Meter is a full-featured multimeter. The app brings all your favourite measurement modes into one seamless display. No knobs, no loose and bulky leads. Perfect for use in the home or on the go! True RMS measurement Auto ranging Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% Resistance: 1 to 1M Ohm, ±5% Ambient temperature: 0°C to 60°C, ±1°C Continuity and diode polarity checker Digital Storage Oscilloscope An oscilloscope that small? Never before has this much freedom been brought to your fingertips in the realm of electronic test equipment. Pokit Meter’s oscilloscope captures detailed voltage and current waveforms for real-time display on your smartphone. Simply pinch and drag to zoom and pan. Long-press on the graph to set cursors and trace your signals. Pokit Meter also functions as a spectrum analyser. Switch into DFT mode to view your waveforms in the frequency domain. Sampling: 1 Msample/sec, 12-bit Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% 1mS to 10s acquisition window Auto trigger or adjustable rising/falling trigger level Monitor Parameters Long Term Pokit Meter functions as a stand-alone data logger. It logs temperature, voltage, or current waveforms for periods of up to six months, without connection to a phone. Pokit Meter’s compact nature means it can be placed in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. Simply hook up your Pokit and walk away! 12-bit sampling Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% 1 to 8000 points memory Up to 6 months logging

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  • Atlas Pro Pack (LCR45 & DCA75)

    Peak Peak Atlas Pro Pack (LCR45 & DCA75)

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    This pack contains the LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter, great for advanced hobbyists and professionals. It also contains the very popular DCA Pro (model DCA75), fantastic for component identification, pinout identification, detailed characteristic measurement and curve tracing on a PC. Complete with USB cable and software on a USB flash drive. DCA75 Building on the continued success of Peak's existing component identification and analysis instruments, the DCA Pro brings an array of exciting new features for the hobbyist and professional alike. The DCA Pro is an advanced new design that features a graphics display, USB communications, PC Software and an enhanced component identification library. Automatic component type identification Automatic pinout identification (connect any way round) The DCA Pro supports all the components that the popular Peak Atlas DCA55 supports, but adds plenty more. Components supported include: Transistors (including Darlingtons), Silicon and Germanium types. Measures gain, Vbe and leakage MOSFETs, enhancement mode and depletion mode types. Measure on-threshold (at 5 mA) and approx transconductance (for span of 3-5 mA) JFETs, including normally off SiC types. Measures pinch-off voltage (at 1 uA) and approx transconductance (for span of 3-5 mA) IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors). Measures on-threshold (at 5 mA) Diodes and Diode networks LEDs and bicolour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types) Zener Diodes with measurement of zener voltage up to 9 V at 5 mA Voltage regulators (measures regulation voltage, drop-out voltage, quiescent current) Triacs and Thyristors that require less than 10 mA of gate current and holding current Stand-alone or with a PC The instrument can be used stand-alone or connected to a PC. Either way, the DCA Pro will automatically identify the component type, identify the pinout and also measure a range of component parameters such as transistor gain, leakage, MOSFET and IGBT threshold voltages, pn characteristics and much more. Curve Tracing When connected to a PC using the supplied USB cable, a range of low current curve-tracing functions can be performed. Various graph types are available, with more to follow: Bipolar transistor output characteristics, IC vs VCE Bipolar transistor gain characteristics, HFE vs VCE Bipolar transistor gain characteristics, HFE vs IC MOSFET and IGBT output function, ID vs VDS MOSFET and IGBT transfer function, ID vs VGS JFET output function, ID vs VDS JFET transfer function, ID vs VGS Voltage regulator, VOUT vs VIN Voltage regulator, IQ vs VIN. PN junction I/V curves, forward and reverse options (for Zener diodes) Curve tracing is performed using test parameters in the range of +/-12 V or +/-12 mA. All curve-tracing data can be instantly pasted into Excel for further graphing and analysis. PC Software is included with the DCA Pro on a Peak USB memory stick. Software designed for Windows 7 and higher (all 32 or 64 bit). LCR45 A great handheld LCR analyser that can measure the value of your passive component (inductor, capacitor or resistor) and also measure the detailed impedance in a number of modes. The LCR45 offers enhanced measurement resolution (better than 0.1 uH!) whilst also giving you continuous fluid measurements. Additionally, the test frequencies of DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz and 200 kHz can be set to automatic or manual modes. Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes, battery and user guide. Compatible with standard 2 mm test connectors. Not designed for in-circuit use. Automatic or manual component type selection: Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor Automatic or manual test frequency selection: DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz and 200 kHz Inductance from 0.1 uH to 10 H Capacitance from 0.1 pF to 10,000 uF Resistance from 0.1 Ohm to 2 MOhm Inductance measurement also shows DC winding resistance Display of "Component type and values", "Complex Impedance", "Magnitude/Phase" and "Admittance" Test frequency displayed for all measurements Typical accuracy of 1.5% for inductors and capacitors (see spec table for details) Typical accuracy of 1% for resistors Test lead complete with gold plated 2 mm plugs and sockets Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes Included LCR45 DCA75 Extra GP23 Battery Extra AAA cell Dual Carry Case

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  • FNIRSI WD-02 Wall Detector Scanner

    FNIRSI FNIRSI WD-02 Wall Detector Scanner

    The FNIRSI WD-02 wall detector is an improved version of the previous version WD-01 with a better high-resolution TFT display and a new user interface with additional languages. The 3-stage sensitivity adjustment increases measurement accuracy. It can be used to detect steel bars, metal beams, metal pipes, wood and wires in walls, ceilings and floors. There are 3 detection modes available: metal, wood and AC detection. Features The small size of this tool is very convenient for daily use, you can also easily hold it while using. With this wall detector scanner you can quickly locate edges and center metal, studs, beams, pipes and live AC cables behind walls, floors and ceilings. The measuring range is ≤38 mm for wood, ≤40 mm for AC cables, ≤100 mm for metal pipes and ≤120 mm for reinforcing bars. The HPC detection module provides better anti-interference ability and faster computing speed. The screen displays the target depth, reaches the detection center and material. The indicator light turns yellow or red depending on the target distance and the green light means 'No target'. It also beeps when a target is detected. When the center is reached, warnings are continuously issued. This tool can be widely used for home decoration, wall decoration, home appliance installation, road maintenance, etc. The center positioning hole design allows you to directly mark the drilling position after detection and achieve precise drilling. Specifications Max detection depth Metals 120 mm Non-ferrous metals (copper) 100 mm AC wire 50 mm Single-strand copper wire 40 mm Wooden Precision mode 20 mmDepth mode: 38 mm Automatic ring down After 5 minutes of inactivity Power supply 300 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, USB-C charging Dimensions 138 x 68 x 22 mm Weight 122 g Included FNIRSI WD-02 Wall Detector Scanner USB cable Storage bag Manual Downloads Manual

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  • JYE Tech Capacitance Meter DIY Kit

    JYE Tech JYE Tech Capacitance Meter DIY Kit

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    Features Accuracy better than 2% Measure range: 1pF - 500uF Automatic range switch Zeroing available Real time serial output of measurement read-outs with time stamp Low cost and easy to build Weight: 40g

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  • FNIRSI IR40 Laser Rangefinder (40 m)

    FNIRSI FNIRSI IR40 Laser Rangefinder (40 m)

    The FNIRSI IR40 is a compact, high-precision and fast distance measuring device with Bluetooth integration, rechargeable battery, USB-C charging port and app connection. Features It features a high precision of ±2 mm, up to 40 m measurement range, and an 8 cm skin-friendly feeling. With an intelligent algorithm, it will make the distance measurement in an instant. Has versatile functions, including single measurement, multiple measurements, area measurement, volume measurement, Pythagorean, second Pythagorean, front and rea reference, and unit switching. FNIRSI IR40 laser rangefinder is equipped with a ROHM acceleration sensor, realizes auto flip. Built-in 400 mAh battery, it can be charged with a USB-C charging port quickly. When fully charged, it can offer up to 3000 times of continuous measurement. It supports Android & iOS systems, and Link APP to realize functions such as data synchronization/remarks, length/area/volume calculation, floor plan drawing, real-time recording, etc. Specifications Measurement range 0.05~40 m Measurement accuracy ±2 mm Laser type 620-670 nm Measurement time 0.1~3s Resolution 1 mm Units m/ft/in Dimensions 79 x 34.5 x 19 mm Included FNIRSI IR40 Rangefinder USB cable Manual Downloads Manual Android App iOS App

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  • Velleman K8115 Component Tester Kit

    Velleman Velleman K8115 Component Tester Kit

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    Features Supported components: BJT JFET E-IGBT D-IGBT E-MOS D-MOS resistors coils capacitors diodes Auto shutdown Shows pin layout Specifications Dimensions: 137 x 60 x 30 (W x L x H) Resistance resolution: 0.1 Ohm (max. 50 MOhm) Capacitance range: 28 pF to 100 mF Inductance range: 0.01 mH to 20 H Standby current: 20 nA Power supply: 9 V battery Test current approx.: 20 mA Test speed: 2 seconds

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  • Last stock! PeakTech 2710 Digital RCD Tester

    PeakTech PeakTech 2710 Digital RCD Tester

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    Residual current circuit breakers are used for personal protection and switch off a circuit when a fault current is detected, which flows through the protective earthing (PE). This RCD tester determines the tripping current and the tripping time of residual current circuit breakers which are used in every new building according to current building regulations. The various selectable test currents and characteristics of the FI allow flexible use of this instrument. FI testers allow a fault current to flow and determine at which fault current the FI reacts. Furthermore, the trip time is measured. These two parameters tripping current and tripping time are the safety-relevant characteristics of a residual-current-operated switch. 3-digit LCD display with backlight Normal (N) or Selective (S) -type RCD test Applicable measurement standards: IEC 61557-6, NF EN 61557-6, VDE 0413-6 Accessories: Carrying case, Test leads, Batteries and User manual Technical Specifications Nominal test current 10/30/100/500/1000mA Current selection 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 5x nominal current Trip time 10-2000 ms at 0.5 x 10-500 ms at 1x 10-150 ms at 2x 10-40 ms at 5x Ramp test 0.4 x to 1.4 times nominal rated current RCD Types Type-A, Type-AC Operation voltage 6 x 1,5 V AA (UM-3) batteries Dimensions (WxHxD) 92 x 200 x 50 mm Weight 700 g

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  • MonoDAQ-U-X Multifunctional USB Data Acquisition System (50 kS/s)

    MonoDAQ MonoDAQ-U-X Multifunctional USB Data Acquisition System (50 kS/s)

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    MonoDAQ-U-X is powered from the USB-C port on the backplane, therefore a single USB-C cable is needed for communication and power supply. Power and communication signals are isolated directly after the USB connector, which makes the microcontroller and the front end of the device fully galvanically isolated. Front-end connector features 8 multifunctional pins that can be configured as analog inputs or outputs or as digital inputs or outputs. Front-end is configured with the help of a channel setup table in DEWESoft software.At the core of the measurement chain is a sigma-delta ADC with a maximum sample rate of 50 kS/s (16 bit) and a maximum resolution of 20 bit (100 S/s). If only one input channel is used, the signal is alias-free with a bandwidth of 0.4*fs (sampling frequency). If multiple analog input channels are used, the signals are multiplexed in front of the ADC. It is possible to select up to 8 single-ended voltage inputs and up to 4 differential voltage inputs. Half of the channels can have a high input range of 10 V while the other half is limited to 2 V since there is no voltage divider on those channels.Specifications Power and signal isolation between USB and front-end Max. sample rate: 50 kS/s (16 bit), max. resolution: 20 bit (100 S/s) Can connect up to 2 full bridge strain gauges or up to 4 thermocouples Max. 4 differential or 8 single-ended voltage inputs Current input with internal shunt (0.5 Ω) Analog output (+/- 4 V, 14 bit, 50 kS/s) Max. 8 digital inputs or outputs 1 wire, I²C and UART interface on the front connector Internal humidity sensor Internal IMU (3-axial accelerometer and 3-axial gyroscope) Typical applications Embedded loT system power consumption measurement Analog measurement front end for industrial machines and test benches Strain measurement in industrial quality control Industrial condition monitoring (voltage, temperature, current) Precision measurement front end for single-board computers (Raspberry Pi, LattePanda etc.) Precise laboratory power supply for board development Synchronization between devicesMultiple MonoDAQ-U-X devices can be connected to the same PC by using a multiport USB hub. Synchronization between devices is ensured if all of the devices are connected to the same hub.Software supportMonoDAQ-U-X is supported in DEWESoft X3 data acquisition software. On this page, you'll find some of the key functionalities of DEWESoft that are the most important ones for MonoDAQ users as well as additional links to DEWESoft page for in-depth info.For custom applications the device is also supported in Isotel IDM cross-platform software package based on Java. IDM can be installed on any operating system supporting Java and provides the basic interface to the device for configuration and data streaming. There is Python API available to access the device through IDM software.Included 1x MonoDAQ-U-X (50 kS/s) 1x USB-C to USB-A cable 1x Push-in wire terminal DEWESoft X3 LT Life License with FREE updates

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