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  • JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    JOY-iT JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    This LCR meter offers a wide range of functions at a low price. The LCR meter can measure capacitance, resistance, and inductance among other things. In addition, it can automatically recognize components, for example, it can distinguish between different types of transistors, such as NPN or PNP transistors. The device is particularly easy to operate, as all measurements are started at the touch of a single button.Thanks to the integrated 350 mAh battery, measurements can also be carried out on the road. The battery is charged with the help of a 5 V power supply unit (available separately) and the enclosed micro-USB cable.In addition, this measuring device can decode infrared signals and show them as a waveform on the display.Technical Specifications Measurable components Resistor, capacitor, inductor, thyristor, triac, (double) diode, Z-diode, field effect transistor, bipolar transistor, infrared decoder Display type 3.5' TFT LCD (160 x 128 p) Special features Automatic calibration, One key operation Built-in battery Lithium Ion rechargeable, 3,7 V, 350 mAh Dimensions 90 x 70 x 27 mm Items delivered Tester, Micro-USB cable, Test clip, LED, Capacitor Measuring Ranges Capacitance 25 pF - 100 mF Resistance 0.01 Ω - 50 MΩ Inductance 0.01 mH - 20 H Battery 0.1 V - 4.5 V, 300 mAh Z-diode breakdown voltage 0.01 V - 30 V Z-diode 0.01 V - 4.5 V Diode UF < 4,5 V Thyristor / Triac IGT < 6 mA DownloadManual

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  •  -20% UNI-T UT603 LCR Meter

    Uni-Trend UNI-T UT603 LCR Meter

    The UT603 is a handheld digital inductance capacitance meter for testing resistors, capacitors and inductors. It can also be used to measure transistor parameters. This accurate meter (with 2000 counts) can be used to check electronic components in labs, production lines and maintenance facilities. Features Manual range Continuity buzzer Diode and transistor test Low battery indication Specifications Resistance (Ω) 200 Ω / 2 kΩ / 20 kΩ / 200 kΩ / 2 MΩ / 20 MΩ ±(0.8%+1) Capacitance (F) 2 nF / 20 nF / 200 nF / 2uF / 20 uF / 200 uF / 600uF ±(1%+5) Inductance (H) 2 mH / 20 mH / 200 mH / 2 H / 20 H ±(2%+8) Display counts 2000 Power 9 V battery (6F22) Display 61 x 32 mm Dimensions 172 x 83 x 38 mm Weight 312 g Included 1x UNI-T UT603 LCR meter 1x 9 V block battery 2x Test leads with alligator clips 1x Manual Downloads User manual Datasheet

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  • LCR-T4 Mega328 Transistor Tester / ESR Meter

    Kuongshun LCR-T4 Component Tester (ESR Meter)

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    With this device, you'll be able to automatically to detect NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs, diodes, thyristors, resistors, capacitors and many other components. It is also possible to measure certain characteristics of these devices as, for example, the current amplification factor of BJT or the gate threshold voltage of a MOSFET and much more.Features Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs, diodes (including double diode), thyristors, resistor and capacitor and other components Automatic testing of the pins of a component, and displaying on the LCD Detection of the transistor, MOSFET protection diode amplification coefficient and the base to determine the emitter transistor forward biased voltage Measurement of the gate threshold voltage and the gate capacitance of the MOSFET Simultaneous measurement of the of two resistors while displaying resistor symbol Measurement of a single diode reverse capacitance Measurements of capacitance, resolution 1 pF Identification of Darlington transistors via the base-emitter threshold voltage and current amplification factor Measurement of the bipolar transistor current amplification factor and the base-emitter threshold voltage 2x16 Characters LCD-Display (12864 LCD with green backlight) Test ranges Resistance: Max. 50 MΩ, resolution 0.1 Ω Capacitance: 25 pF – 100000 µF Inductance: 0.01 mH – 20 H Specifications One-button operation Automatic shutdown for improved battery life Shutdown current less than 20 nA

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  • Elektor 2 MHz LCR-meter Kit

    Eurocircuits Elektor 2 MHz LCR Meter Kit

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    Would you like to add an LCR Meter to your electronics workbench? Build your own! The Elektor 2 MHz LCR Meter Kit is an automatic impedance measuring bridge with extended functionality. Features Measures the resistance, capacitance and inductance of components with an impedance of 10 mΩ to 100 MΩ Test frequency from 50 Hz to 2 MHz Four possible test voltages (0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1 Vrms) Additional DC polarization up to 5 V for capacitors and 50 mA for inductors Two configurations possible: Standalone mode with main board + display extension Main board (without display) connected via USB to a computer running the user program (Windows, Linux, MacOS) Specifications Display Parameter valuesEquivalent circuitFrequencyImpedance ∣Z∣Phase ΦQ or DVoltage and current of DUTTest voltage (AC) and polarisation (DC)Range hold statusLabels for multi-function buttons Display size 4.1' (10.5 cm) | 240 x 128 dots Measurement range Parameter Value Inductance L 10 nH - 100 H Capacity C 1 pF - 100 mF Resistance R 10 mΩ - 100 MΩ Q 0 - 5000 for display Phase Φ -90° / +90° Test frequency 50 Hz to 2 MHz in 54 predefined stepsor any frequency within the range Accuracy Up to ± 0.1% ±1 of last digit Total current (MCU board + backlit display board) without polarization420 mA when polarizing DUTup to 650 mA Power supply 5 VDC/1 A USB A (not included)e.g. mobile phone mains charger PC software Windows, Linux, MacOS Dimensions (Hammond case) 6.5 x 4.2 x 2.1' (166 x 106 x 53 mm) Weight 1 kg All the necessary components are included for assembly and calibration: 2 populated PCBs (pushbuttons, rotary switch, and LCD)Note: Before shipping the operation of both assembled boards is carefully checked according to a protocol developed by the original designer Jean-Jacques Aubry. 4 BNC sockets (not assembled) 4 jumpers Hammond case drilled, machined, with printed front and side panels Kelvin cables with clips and 4 plugs Mini-USB / USB-A cable 24-way flat cable (15 cm) Aluminium button for rotary switch Full-color printed assembly manual (32 pages) Adjustment tool for trimmers Required tools Screwdriver, multimeter, and soldering iron. Time Total assembly and calibration time (depending on your skill): 60 to 90 minutes Downloads More downloads are available on the Elektor Labs platform. Elektor Jumpstarter This product is the result of a successful campaign on our electronics project support platform Elektor Jumpstarter. Readers and interested parties can submit their product ideas and, together with the Elektor development team, a finished product can be brought to market after extensive consideration and many tests. Note that these are always small series production runs, so the products are considered 'Elektor Collector Items'.

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  • Peak LCR45 LCR- en impedantiemeter

    Peak Peak Atlas LCR45 - LCR Meter with LCR Impedance Measurement

    The LCR45 does everything that the popular LCR40 does, but it has some significant enhancements. The LCR45 features a new high capacity micro and high resolution ADCs. LCR45 incorporates advanced maths, based on Complex Impedance analysis. This allows for enhanced component value measurement as well as a comprehensive and detailed impedance display. Features Supplied with gold plated removable hook probes. Fluid measurements with hold function. Automatic or manual component type. Automatic or manual test frequency, DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz or 200 kHz. Enhanced measurement resolution: 0.2 µH, 0.2 pF and 0.2 Ohms. Easy menu system for user settings. Enhanced compensation for component parasitics and losses (such as core losses etc). Automatic or manual power-off. Specifications Analyser type LCR and component impedance Component types Auto/Manual for L,C & R Measurement types Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance Other measurements Complex impedance/admittance More measurements Magnitude and Phase of impedance Inductance range 0uH to 2H Capacitance range 0 pF to 10000 uF Resistance range 0R to 2MR Test frequency Auto and manual: DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz, 200 kHz Display type Alphanumeric LCD (not backlit) Measurement scheme Continuous (with optional hold) Battery GP23 (12 V/55 mAH type), ~700 ops Included LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter 2 mm plugs and sockets and removeable hook probes Comprehensive illustrated user guide 2 Batteries, one installed and one spare. GP23 Alkaline battery. (12 V/55 mAH) Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (IT)

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  • Atlas ESR70 Plus – ESR Tester

    Peak Peak Atlas ESR70 Gold - Low Resistance and Capacitance Meter

    The Peak Atlas ESR70 Gold is an enhanced version of the previous Peak Atlas ESR70 Plus. It does everything that the ESR70 Plus did but better. It now measures capacitance up to 10x faster, and over a wider range, thanks to new test algorithms. The capacitance measurement is also much less influenced by parallel resistances or leakage current thanks to our new Triple-Slope measurement system. Using the supplied gold plated probes (removable), the Atlas ESR70 Gold can measure ESR down to a resolution of 0.01 ohms, up to 40 ohms. It can even measure ESR for capacitors that are in-circuit. Probes are removable, allowing 2 mm compatible probes to be fitted. Audible alerts are produced for various ESR levels allowing you to perform many tests in succession without having to look at the display. The ESR70 automatically takes capacitive reactance into account, so even low value capacitors (down to 0.3 uF) can have the ESR measured accurately. Features Uses a single AAA Alkaline cell (included). Alphanumeric LCD with backlight. Automatic analysis-start when you apply the probes. Automatic capacitor discharge using controlled discharge function. ESR (and low DC resistance) measurement (even in-circuit). Capacitive reactance automatically taken into account to ensure accurate ESR. Capacitance measurement (if testing out-of-circuit). Audible alerts for various ESR levels. Extended ESR measurement range up to 40 Ohms. Optional probe alternatives easily fitted. New Gold Features Improved LCD with better backlight. 10x faster capacitance measurement for large capacitors. Enhanced user options system. New triple-slope measurement system to vastly reduce the influence of parallel resistance and/or leakage current on capacitance measurements. Much wider capacitance measurement range now 0.3 uF to 90,000 uF (was 1uF to 22,000uF). Specifications Analyser type ESR and Capacitance Component types Capacitors (>0.3 uF) ESR range 0.00 Ohms to 40.0 Ohms ESR resolution From 0.01 Ohms In-circuit use ESR only Capacitance range 0.3 uF to 90000 uF Battery type 1.5 V Alkaline AAA Cell (supplied). Life typically 1500 ops Display type Alphanumeric LCD (with backlight) Included ESR70 Equivalent Series Resistance Meter Extra-long and extra-flexible test cables (450 mm of Silicone covered cable) 2 mm gold plated plugs and sockets with removeable gold plated crocodile clips Comprehensive illustrated user guide AAA Alkaline cell Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (IT)

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  • DER EE DE-5000 LCR Meter (100 kHz)

    DER EE DE-5000 LCR Meter (100 kHz)

    The DE-5000 is a smart, high-accurate, flexible and easy-to-use portable LCR meter. It features automatic LCR check, 4-wire Kelvin measurement, backlit display with 19999/1999 counts, multiple measurement modes and selectable test frequencies (100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz or 100 kHz). The DE-5000 LCR meter is a practical helper for engineers or technicians. Features Auto L.C.R. check Ls/Lp/Cs/Cp/Rs/Rp/DCR with D/Q/θ/ESR measurement 4-wire Kelvin measurement 20,000 / 2,000 counts display Backlight Relative mode Series / Parallel modes Components sorting function Low battery indication Auto power off Specifications Test frequency 100 Hz / 120 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz / 100 kHz Resistance range 20.000 Ω – 200.0 MΩ DCR range 200.00 Ω – 200.0 MΩ Capacitance range 200.00 pF – 20.00 mF Inductance range 20.000 µH – 2.000 KH Display (backlit LCD) 19999 / 1999 counts Selectable tolerance ±0.25%, ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%, ±20% Power supply 9 V battery Dimensions 188 x 95 x 52 mm Weight 350 g (excluding battery) Included DE-5000 LCR meter Alligator test lead case (TL-21) AC/DC adaptor Guard line (TL-23) TL-22 SMD tweezers 9 V battery Carrying case Manual Downloads Datasheet

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  • Atlas Pro Pack (LCR45 & DCA75)

    Peak Peak Atlas Pro Pack (LCR45 & DCA75)

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    This pack contains the LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter, great for advanced hobbyists and professionals. It also contains the very popular DCA Pro (model DCA75), fantastic for component identification, pinout identification, detailed characteristic measurement and curve tracing on a PC. Complete with USB cable and software on a USB flash drive. DCA75 Building on the continued success of Peak's existing component identification and analysis instruments, the DCA Pro brings an array of exciting new features for the hobbyist and professional alike. The DCA Pro is an advanced new design that features a graphics display, USB communications, PC Software and an enhanced component identification library. Automatic component type identification Automatic pinout identification (connect any way round) The DCA Pro supports all the components that the popular Peak Atlas DCA55 supports, but adds plenty more. Components supported include: Transistors (including Darlingtons), Silicon and Germanium types. Measures gain, Vbe and leakage MOSFETs, enhancement mode and depletion mode types. Measure on-threshold (at 5 mA) and approx transconductance (for span of 3-5 mA) JFETs, including normally off SiC types. Measures pinch-off voltage (at 1 uA) and approx transconductance (for span of 3-5 mA) IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors). Measures on-threshold (at 5 mA) Diodes and Diode networks LEDs and bicolour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types) Zener Diodes with measurement of zener voltage up to 9 V at 5 mA Voltage regulators (measures regulation voltage, drop-out voltage, quiescent current) Triacs and Thyristors that require less than 10 mA of gate current and holding current Stand-alone or with a PC The instrument can be used stand-alone or connected to a PC. Either way, the DCA Pro will automatically identify the component type, identify the pinout and also measure a range of component parameters such as transistor gain, leakage, MOSFET and IGBT threshold voltages, pn characteristics and much more. Curve Tracing When connected to a PC using the supplied USB cable, a range of low current curve-tracing functions can be performed. Various graph types are available, with more to follow: Bipolar transistor output characteristics, IC vs VCE Bipolar transistor gain characteristics, HFE vs VCE Bipolar transistor gain characteristics, HFE vs IC MOSFET and IGBT output function, ID vs VDS MOSFET and IGBT transfer function, ID vs VGS JFET output function, ID vs VDS JFET transfer function, ID vs VGS Voltage regulator, VOUT vs VIN Voltage regulator, IQ vs VIN. PN junction I/V curves, forward and reverse options (for Zener diodes) Curve tracing is performed using test parameters in the range of +/-12 V or +/-12 mA. All curve-tracing data can be instantly pasted into Excel for further graphing and analysis. PC Software is included with the DCA Pro on a Peak USB memory stick. Software designed for Windows 7 and higher (all 32 or 64 bit). LCR45 A great handheld LCR analyser that can measure the value of your passive component (inductor, capacitor or resistor) and also measure the detailed impedance in a number of modes. The LCR45 offers enhanced measurement resolution (better than 0.1 uH!) whilst also giving you continuous fluid measurements. Additionally, the test frequencies of DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz and 200 kHz can be set to automatic or manual modes. Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes, battery and user guide. Compatible with standard 2 mm test connectors. Not designed for in-circuit use. Automatic or manual component type selection: Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor Automatic or manual test frequency selection: DC, 1 kHz, 15 kHz and 200 kHz Inductance from 0.1 uH to 10 H Capacitance from 0.1 pF to 10,000 uF Resistance from 0.1 Ohm to 2 MOhm Inductance measurement also shows DC winding resistance Display of "Component type and values", "Complex Impedance", "Magnitude/Phase" and "Admittance" Test frequency displayed for all measurements Typical accuracy of 1.5% for inductors and capacitors (see spec table for details) Typical accuracy of 1% for resistors Test lead complete with gold plated 2 mm plugs and sockets Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes Included LCR45 DCA75 Extra GP23 Battery Extra AAA cell Dual Carry Case

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  • Last stock! Peak Atlas Star Pack (LCR40 & DCA55)

    Peak Peak Atlas Star Pack (LCR40 & DCA55)

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    A fantastic dual instrument pack featuring the Atlas DCA Semiconductor Analyser and the Atlas LCR Passive Component Analyser. Housed in a robust padded case, complete with spare battery, user guide and space for accessories. The LCR40 (for Inductors, Capacitors and Resistors) is ideal for the hobbyist and professional alike. The DCA55 (for most semiconductors) provides fast component identification, pinout identification and wide component support. LCR40 Handheld LCR analyser providing measurements for inductance, capacitance and resistance. The component type is automatically detected for you, just connect and press 'test'. The test frequency is automatically selected to provide the best measurement resolution. Test frequencies include DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz. Inductance from 1uH to 10uH, minimum resolution of 1uH, typical accuracy of ±1.5% between 100uH and 100mH. Capacitance from 1pF to 10,000uF, minimum resolution of 1pF typical accuracy of ±1.5% between 200pF and 500nF. Resistance from 1R to 2MR, typical accuracy of ±1%. Test frequency is displayed with the measurement. Inductor DC resistance also displayed when testing inductors. Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes, battery and user guide. Compatible with standard 2mm test connectors. Not designed for in-circuit use. Automatic component type detection: Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor Automatic test frequency selection: DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz Inductance from 1uH to 10H Capacitance from 1pF to 10,000uF Resistance from 1Ohm to 2MOhm Inductance measurement also shows DC winding resistance Test frequency displayed for all measurements Typical accuracy of 1.5% for inductors and capacitors (see spec table for details) Typical accuracy of 1% for resistors Test lead complete with gold plated 2mm plugs and sockets Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes DCA55 Connect any way round to automatically identify and measure a wide range of semiconductor devices. The DCA55 will automatically identify the type of the part, pinout and many component parameters. Components supported include bipolar NPN/PNP transistors, darlingtons, diode-protected transistors, transistors with built-in resistors, enhancement mode MOSFETs, depletion mode MOSFETs, diodes, diode networks, LEDs, 2 and 3 lead bicolour LEDs, JFETs and many more. Further measurements are displayed including transistor gain, leakage current, pn voltage drops, LED voltages, MOSFET threshold voltages and much more. Even if you don't know anything about the part, just connect it in any configuration and the DCA55 will identify the type of part for you and also identify all the leads. Supplied with universal gold plated hook probes, battery and illustrated user guide. Not designed for in-circuit testing. Automatic pinout detection and identification, connect any way round Automatic part type identification Supports semiconductors including transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, LEDs, JFETs and much more Detection of special component features such as transistors with diodes or transistors with built-in resistors Transistor gain measurement Transistor leakage measurement MOSFET gate threshold measurement Semiconductor voltage drop measurement Supplied with gold plated red/green/blue universal hook probes Included LCR40 DCA55 Extra GP23 Battery Dual Carry Case

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  • UNI-T UT622E LCR Meter

    Uni-Trend UNI-T UT622E LCR Meter

    The UT622E handheld LCR meter features powerful functions, high accuracy, fast speed, and long standby time. With a clear and intuitive 2.8-inch TFT LCD display, large-capacity rechargeable battery, and 100 kHz test frequency, the meter can be used for longstanding accurate and convenient measurement in any occasion. It is suitable for the measurement and screening of inductance, capacitance, and resistance in laboratories, production lines, maintenance points, etc. Features Max. test frequency: 100 kHz Accuracy: 0.1% Display count: 99999 Max. test rate: 20 times/s DCR: Yes Connectivity: Mini-USB Display: 2.8" TFT LCD Specifications Testfrequency 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz Test level 0.1 Vmrs, 0.3 Vrms, 1 Vrms Output impedance 100 Ω Measurement parameters Primary: L/C/R/Z/DCRSecondary: D/Q/Θ/ESR DSR speed test Fast (20 times/s), medium (5 times/s), or slow (2 times/s) Range Auto/Hold Tolerance range 1%~20% Equivalent mode Series/Parallel Clearing connection Open/Short circuit Fuse of test ports 0.1 A/250 V Communication interface Mini-USB MAX reading of primary parameters 99999 MIN resolution 0.0001 Maximum accuracy 0.10% L 0.00 µH~99.999 H C 0.00 pF~99.999 mF Z/R 0.0000 Ω~9.9999 MΩ ESR 0.0000 Ω~999.99 Ω D 0.0000~9.9999 Q 0.0000~99999 Θ -179.9°~179.9° DCR 0.01 mΩ~20.000 MΩ Power supply 3.7 V/1800 mAh lithium polymer battery Display 2.8" TFT LCD (320x240) Dimensions 93 x 192 x 44 mm Weight 420 g Included UT622E LCR meter Short circuit board Four-terminal kelvin test leads USB cable Manual Downloads Datasheet Manual Software

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