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  • Makerfabs Jumper Wires Combo Pack

    Makerfabs Makerfabs Jumper Wires Combo Pack

    With these jumper wires (length: 20 cm) you can connect a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino with breadboards. Each cable consists of 40 individual wires/pins which can also be separated. Included 1x 40-pins female to female 1x 40-pins male to male 1x 40-pins male to female

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  • SB Components Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit

    SB Components SB Components Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit

    Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit helps the user to configure GPIO of Raspberry Pi Pico for use with external devices.Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit is a multi-purpose Kit that consists of a “400 points half-size breadboard” on top, a Programmable Buzzer, 4 programmable LEDs, 4 push buttons, and dedicated 5 V, 3V3, and GND pins at a single place. SB Components developed Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit with advanced features like independently controllable LEDs, Switches, a 400 points half-size breadboard that helps the user to prototype their projects with Raspberry Pi Pico in an efficient way.Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit can be interfaced with Raspberry Pi Pico from which a user can run electronics experiments, prototypes, mini robots, games, interact with Linux-ready Raspberry Pi, Exploration of circuits, etc. One can also connect external components with the breadboard provided on the top of the Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit.Features Four independent controlled LEDs Four independent controlled push buttons Compatible with Pico A 400 points half size breadboard Programmable buzzer Dedicated 5 V, 3V3 and Gnd pins for easy use Specifications Operating voltage 3.3 VDC Communication interface GPIO Dimensions 85 x 133 mm Applications Electrical experiments Prototypes Mini robots Games Exploration of circuits Downloads Manual Example codes Circuit diagram GitHub Included 1x Pico Breadboard Kit 5x Male to Male Jumper Wires 5x Female to Female Jumper Wires 5x Male to female Jumper Wires Note: Raspberry Pi Pico is not included.

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  • MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico

    MonkMakes MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico

    Solderless breadboard labelled for the Raspberry Pi Pico It can be tricky to work out which pin is which when the Raspberry Pi Pico is attached to solderless breadboard. The MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico solves this problem by labelling the Pico pins on the 400 point solderless breadboard. Features 400 tie point 2 power busses Size: 8.2 x 5.5 x 0.85 cm Self-adhesive back

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  • Breadboard (830 Tie Points)

    Breadboard (830 Tie Points)

    Specifications Terminal strip, tie-point 630 Distribution strips, tie-point 200 Solderless breadboard (MB-102) Wire size: Suitable for 20-29 AWG wires, jumper wire of 0.8 mm diameter Material: ABS. Transparent material Size: 16.5 x 5.3 x 0.85 cm Brand new and high quality They allow electronic components to be interconnected in an almost endless number of ways to produce working circuits Because no soldering is required, modifying or revising the circuits can be done quite easily The breadboard consists of a set of formed metal sockets inserted into a durable plastic housing Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips Adhesive sheet on the bottom of the board

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  • Solderless Breadboard – 1660 Tie Point (ZY-204)

    Kuongshun Solderless Breadboard - 1660 Tie Point (ZY-204)

    Features 2 Terminal Strips 1260 Tie-points 4 Distribution Strips 400 Tie-points 3 Binding Posts Black aluminum plate Size: 21.5 x 13 cm Colored coordinates for easy component placement

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  • Pimoroni Maker Essentials – Mini Breadboards & Jumper Jerky

    Pimoroni Pimoroni Maker Essentials - Mini Breadboards & Jumper Jerky

    The breadboards can hold your components and circuits and connect them with your circuit board. Includes: 2x mini breadboards 10x short female to female jumper jerky 10x short female to male jumper jerky 10x short male to male jumper jerky 10x long female to female jumper jerky 10x long female to male jumper jerky 10x long male to male jumper jerky

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  • Set extra long (Arduino) pinheaders (pins 15 mm)

    Set extra-long Pin Headers (15 mm)

    Set of 4 extra long pin headers (pins 15 mm). 1x 6 pins 2x 8 pins 1x 10 pins Usable for Arduino and other projects.

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  • STEMTera Breadboard – Arduino-compatible built-in Breadboard

    STEMTera STEMTera - Arduino Uno compatible Breadboard

    STEMTera is a programmable breadboard module, compatible with Arduino Uno. It has two microcontrollers built in: ATmega328P and ATmega32U2 and the I/O (40 mA per pin) are accessible without cabling. The underside of the board (112 x 80 x 17 mm) is compatible with LEGO. Specifications Pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino Uno Mechanically compatible with LEGO blocks Two microcontrollers (41 I/O of which 9 as PWM) USB interface with ATmega32U2 using LUFA (Lightweight USB Framework for AVRs) for keyboard, joystick, MIDI, etc... Programming with the Arduino IDE (micro-USB) Reset button, 4 LEDs (including TX, RX, Power), power connector Power via micro-USB or 7...20 VDC on socket 5,5 x 2,1 mm (+ center) Multiple programming environments: Atmel Studio Arduino IDE AVR-GCC AVR-GCC with LUFA library Scratch etc Remarks: Body colour is black | Cables are not included | Shields with ICSP under the PCB can not be inserted Microcontrollers ATmega328P: 14 pins of I/O including 6 PWM 6 analog inputs (10 bit ADC) I²C, SPI and serial Interrupt controller ATmega32U2: 21 pins of I/O Flash Memory: 32 KB SRAM: 2 KB EEPROM: 1 KB Clock: 16 MHz Downloads Beginner's Guide

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