About Elektor

About Elektor – Our Roots

Elektor has been a household name in the global world of electronics for more than six decades. With the publication of Elektuur in the Netherlands in 1961, we helped launch and drive the first electronics maker movement. And since then, our global electronics design community has grown to include hundreds of thousands of devoted members and technical experts who speak English, German, Dutch, and French.

Elektor Publications – The Source for Electronics Enthusiasts

Elektor International Media – which is headquartered in Susteren, The Netherlands — publishes the electronics-related magazine ElektorMag (English, German, Dutch, and French editions), books, and digital content (e.g., websites and newsletters). The English edition of ElektorMag is distributed in North America (the USA and Canada) with ISSN 1947-3753 and in the UK and elsewhere with ISSN 1757-0875.

Elektor is publishing 8 ElektorMag issues throughout the year. Within the ElektorMag readers can find a great selection of electronics projects, news, tutorials, and more matching a certain category. Each project is backed up with related products which can be bought in the Elektor Store (www.elektor.com).

Throughout the years, Elektor has evolved from a magazine and book publisher into a multimedia community platform that services professional electrical engineers, makers, and companies looking to engage with them. Today, with its magazines (ElektorMag), digital properties (Elektor Labs, websites, and Newsletter), and webshop, the company enables members of the global engineering community to affordably and efficiently design, share, and sell electronics.

Elektor Store & Lab – The Place to Find Your Next Product for Your Project

Electrical engineers, makers, and electronics enthusiasts rely on the Elektor Store when it comes to finding the right product for their next electronics project. Our Elektor Store webshop contains 2,000+ carefully selected products (www.elektor.com). We stay for:

  • affordable, high-quality electronics-related kits
  • modules that are important for projects
  • components that make your life easier
  • test equipment
  • learning material to get you backed up with the most important knowledge. 

Whether you are looking for a design platform (e.g., Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or ESP), a new book on electronics, or lab tools (e.g., oscilloscope or toolkits), at Elektor you are in good hands, freely following our motto "Never expensive, always surprising".

Elektor’s full-time, in-house engineering team can take care of your product development and pre-testing. In addition to testing projects for our publications, our engineers also develop new products that are sold via the Elektor webshop and partner channels.


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