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  •  -43% Basic Electronics for Beginners

    Elektor Publishing Basic Electronics for Beginners

    Analogue Electronics and Microcontrollers ProjectsHobbyist electronics can be a fun way to learn new skills that can be helpful to your career. Those who understand the basics of electronics can design their own circuits and projects. However, before you run, you need to learn to walk.It all starts with analogue electronics. You should be familiar with the simple components and circuits and understand their basic behaviors and the issues you may encounter. The best way to do this is through real experiments. Theory alone is not enough. This book offers a large number of practical entry-level circuits, with which everyone can gain the basic experience.Through the widespread introduction of microcontrollers, a new chapter in electronics has begun. Microcontrollers are now performing more and more tasks that were originally solved using discrete components and conventional ICs. Starting out has become easier and easier thanks to platforms including Bascom, Arduino, micro:bit. The book introduces numerous manageable microcontroller applications. It’s now a case of less soldering and more programming.

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  • Home Automation and Electronics for Starters (E-book)

    Elektor Digital Home Automation and Electronics for Starters (E-book)

    Projects with Arduino, ESPHome, Home Assistant, and Raspberry Pi & Co. We start by learning about electrical engineering by looking at the basics of voltage and current and the types of resistors, diodes and transistors. In the second chapter, we get to know the most famous microcontroller, the Arduino Uno. We will analyze its structure, learn how to code and carry out illustrative examples. In chapter three, we set up Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi. We look at scenes, automations and the general handling of HA. We then look at the MQTT protocol, which is the gold standard in home electronics communication, so to speak, but other interfaces such as I²C, SPI and UART are also explained in detail in this chapter. In the following chapter we will take a look at the ESP8266, the more modern ESP32 and of course the ESP32-CAM. First some theory, followed by practical examples. Indoor climate sensors for temperature and humidity, motion sensors, RFID readers and many more sensors are explained in detail in chapter 7, followed by practical examples. Chapter 8 deals with actuators such as the 7-segment display, servo motors, displays, stepper motors and much more. You can use ESPHome to integrate sensors and actuators into Home Assistant without any programming effort. In this chapter, you will be guided step by step through how to integrate your own sensors. Do you want to bring more colorful light into your living space? Then the chapter on LEDs is just right for you. The different types of LED lights are explained here and, of course, the basics of lighting technology are not forgotten. There are a lot of ICs in electronics that make our lives easier; in this chapter we get to know a few ICs and the basic knowledge is immediately put into practice. All code examples do not have to be typed out, you can download them for free from GitHub and modify them. The respective link (with QR code) can be found in the code example.

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  • Electronics Notebook

    MonkMakes Electronics Notebook

    Specifications A4 (210 x 297 mm) squared-grid spiral-bound notebook with watermark breadboards 158 pages, card covers. The book also includes Microcontroller programming cheat sheet Common circuits and calculations Pinouts Resistor color codes ASCII table

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  •  -23% Content Marketing, Engineered

    Content Marketing, Engineered

    Build Trust and Convert Buyers with Technical ContentResearch shows that this analytical, skeptical buyer conducts a great deal of independent research before engaging with vendors. Companies that share expertise through high-quality content on a consistent basis are not only seen as trusted resources, they also spend less per lead and achieve greater pipeline efficiency.Content Marketing, Engineered guides you through the key steps in creating content to inform, educate, and help your technical buyers on their journey to purchase and beyond. By the time you reach the last page, you’ll be familiar with the entire end-to-end content marketing process, from planning and writing to publishing, promoting, and measuring the performance of your content.

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