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  • RTL-SDR (Software Defined Radio) met Dipool Antenne Kit

    RTL-SDR RTL-SDR V3 (Software Defined Radio) with Dipole Antenna Kit

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    RTL-SDR is an affordable dongle that can be used as a computer based radio scanner for receiving live radio signals in your area. This particular dongle includes a R820T2 tuner, a 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO), SMA F connector. It features an aluminium case with passive cooling via a thermal pad. Moreover, there is a software switchable bias tee circuit, supplementary ESD protection, lower overall noise and built-in direct sampling for HF reception. This device can receive frequencies from 500 kHz to 1.7 GHz and has up to 3.2 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth (2.4 MHz stable). Note: RTL-SDR dongles are RX only. You can use this kit either for terrestrial or satellite reception just by changing the orientation of the antenna. Thanks to the included mounts and extension cables it is possible to temporarily place the antenna outside for a better reception. Other potential applications are general radio scanning, air traffic control, public safety radio, ADSB, ACARS, trunked radio, P25 digital voice, POCSAG, weather balloons, APRS, NOAA APT weather satellites, radio astronomy, meteor scatter monitoring etc. Included RTL-SDR V3 Dongle (R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA) 2x 23 cm to 1 m telescopic antenna 2x 5 cm to 13 cm telescopic antenna Dipole Antenna Base with 60 cm RG174 extension cable 3 m RG174 extension cable Flexible Tripod Mount Suction Cup Mount Downloads Quick Start Guide SDR# User Guide Dipole Antenna Kit Guide

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  •  -20% FNIRSI DSO-TC3 (3-in-1) Oscilloscope, Component Tester & Signal Generator

    FNIRSI FNIRSI DSO-TC3 (3-in-1) Oscilloscope, Component Tester & Signal Generator

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    DSO-TC3 combines a digital oscilloscope, electronic component tester, signal generator, continuity test, voltage test, temperature and humidity measurement, infrared decoding and other functions are skillfully integrated. It is equipped with a 2.4" color TFT display and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for mobile use. Specifications (Oscilloscope) The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 10 MSa/s and a bandwidth of 500 kHz. With complete trigger function (single, normal, automatic), no matter if you’re using periodic analog signals or non-periodic digital signals. Maximum measured voltage signal is 400 V. Equipped with efficient AUTO, the measured waveform can be displayed without cumbersome adjustments. Real-time sample rate 10 MSa/s Bandwidth 500 khz Input resistance 1 MΩ Coupling method AC/DC Test voltage range 400 V Vertical Sensitivity (x1) 10 mV-10 V Horizontal time base range 1us-10s Trigger mode Auto/Normal/Single Trigger type Rising edge/Falling edge Waveform Freeze Yes Automatic measurement Yes Specifications (Component Tester) The instrument can automatically identify and measure various transistors, including NPN and PNP triodes, N-channel and P-channel mosfet, junction mosfet, diodes, dual diodes, thyristors, and resistors, inductors, capacitors and other passive components. Automatic detection of pin definition. Automatically analyze NEC protocol infrared code. Other functional modes: Including circuit continuity test, 0-40 V input voltage measurement, PWM output, 0-32 V regulated diode measurement, DS18B20 temperature sensor measurement, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor measurement, etc. Specifications (Signal Generator) The signal generator has a total of 6 waveforms to choose from, with adjustable frequency and amplitude. Sine wave 1-100 KHz/0-3.3 V/50% Square wave 1-100 KHz/3.3 V/50% Pulse wave 1-100 KHz/3.3 V/0-100% Triangle wave 1-100 KHz/0-3.3 V/50% Ramp 1-100 KHz/0-3.3 V/0-100% DC 0-3.3 V Included 1x DSO-TC3 1x P6100 Oscilloscope Probe (100 MHz) 3x Test Hooks 1x Adapter 1x USB-C Cable 1x Original Manual by FNIRSI (English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese) 1x Elektor Manual (English, French, German, Italian, Dutch) Downloads Original Manual Firmware v0.3

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  •  -14% Miniware DT71 Mini Digitale Pincet

    Miniware Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

    LCR/ESR Meter, Multimeter, SMD Tester with built-in Micro Signal Generator The Miniware DT71 digital tweezers are a truly "smart" buy for pro engineers and makers alike. The compact DT71 has a unique trinary structure which can be separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips. You can use the DT71 to take measurements and to automatically identify SMD components such as resistors, capacitors, and diodes. Highlights DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers is a tool for multi-function measurements with full differential input measurement. DT71 has a unique trinary structure, which can be separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips, flexible to be replaced and combined. It is compact and pocket-size for easy carrying. You can use it in laboratories, workbenches, warehouses, and in the field. It also has dual built-in rechargeable lithium batteries that can last 10 hours at a stretch with a single full charge that takes about 2 hours to charge. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers have an OLED screen on the 360° rotatable controller, providing visibility at all angles. Smart gesture recognition will automatically identify left/right-hand operation and adjust screen display. It has various measurement types to fulfill all your needs. The test arms of DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers use magnetic elasticity to provide an easy clipping, ergonomic, and long-lasting structure. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers features a pair of beautiful intensified gold-plated interchangeable tweezer tips, which enables higher measuring accuracy. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers have manual and automatic Identification modes. In auto mode, DT71 can automatically identify SMDs including resistor, capacitor, inductor, and diode, showing both main and secondary parameters, very useful in fast distinguishing different components. Meanwhile, a built-in miniature waveform signal generator can output a variety of waveform signals. DT71 provides a perfect solution for debugging and maintenance of complex electronic systems and the classification and detection of discrete chip components. Different from other LCR testers, DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers have no physical buttons, instead, it has a hidden touch button on top of the controller, which makes it easy to operate with only a light touch. DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers has intelligent functions such as Automatic identification, Automatic shutdown, and also the firmware can be upgraded. Features Innovative trinary structure: separated into the controller, testing arms, and tweezer tips, which are flexible to be replaced and combined. 360° rotatable controller with OLED screen, with good viewing angles. Smart gesture recognition with automatic identification of left/right-hand operation and adjusting the screen orientation accordingly. Hidden touch button on top of the controller, which makes it easy to operate with only a light touch. Test arms use magnetic elasticity to provide an easy clipping, ergonomic, and long-lasting structure. Built-in dual lithium batteries in test arms, balancing both arms and providing a longer standby time. Several kinds of gold-plated interchangeable tweezer tips, enabling higher measurement accuracy in various usages. Automatically identify SMDs including resistor, capacitor, inductor, and diode, showing both main and secondary parameters. A built-in signal generator can output a variety of waveform signals. Specifications Product Specifications Operation time 10 hrs (in continuous operation)     Charging time 2 hrs Display 96 x 16 OLED Size Controller 47 mm Test Arms 106 mm Weight 22 g     Operation Hidden touch button     Measurement Specifications   Range Resolution Accuracy Resistance 0.1 Ω~1 KΩ 0.1 Ω 0.5%+2 1 KΩ~2000 KΩ 1 KΩ 0.5%+2 Capacitance 0.1 pF~1000 pF 0.1 pF 2%+3 0.001uF~400 uF 0.001 uF 2%+3 Inductance 1 uH~1000 uH 1 uH 5%+3 1 mH~50 mH 1 mH 5%+3 Voltage 1 mV~100 mV 1 mV 2%+5 0.1 V~40 V 0.1 V 1%+3 Frequency 10 Hz~1 KHz 10 Hz 0.1%+3 1 KHz~20000 KHz 1 KHz 0.1%+3 Diode Silicon diodes, Schottky diodes, LEDs (+0.1~3V) 0.1 V 1% Max input voltage -5 V~+50 V Source Impedance 1 MΩ Functions Automatic Identification Yes Designated Measurements Yes Continuity and Diode testing Yes Signal Generator SINE 10 KHz, 5 KHz, 2 KHz, 1 Khz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz   NOISE 100 KHz   USER 10 KHz, 5 KHz, 2 KHz, 1 Khz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz   PULSE 100 KHz, 0 KHz, 20 Khz, 10 KHz, 5 KHz, 2 KHz, 1 Khz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz Included 1x DT71 Digital Tweezers 1x Test Arms 2x Tweezer Tips 1x Data Cable 1x Carrying Case 1x Safety Instructions Downloads User Manual v1.3 Firmware v1.15 Calibration v2.0

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  •  -12% Great Scott Gadgets HackRF One Software Defined Radio (1 MHz tot 6 GHz)

    Great Scott Gadgets Great Scott Gadgets HackRF One Software Defined Radio (1 MHz to 6 GHz)

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    HackRF One is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. Designed to enable test and development of modern and next generation radio technologies, HackRF One is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a USB peripheral or programmed for stand-alone operation. Specifications 1 MHz to 6 GHz operating frequency Half-duplex transceiver Up to 20 million samples per second 8-bit quadrature samples (8-bit I and 8-bit Q) Compatible with GNU Radio, SDR and more Software-configurable RX and TX gain and baseband filter Software-controlled antenna port power (50 mA at 3.3 V) SMA female antenna connector SMA female clock input and output for synchronization Convenient buttons for programming Internal pin headers for expansion Hi-Speed USB 2.0 USB-powered Open source hardware HackRF One is test equipment for RF systems. It has not been tested for compliance with regulations governing transmission of radio signals. You are responsible for using your HackRF One legally. Included 1x HackRF One 1x Injection molded plastic enclosure 1x micro-USB cable Note: An antenna is not included. ANT500 is recommended as a starter antenna for HackRF One. Documentation/Software Documentation GitHub Source code and hardware design files

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  •  -20% OWON SDS1102 2-kanaals Oscilloscoop (100 MHz)

    OWON OWON SDS1102 2-ch Oscilloscope (100 MHz)

    OWON SDS1102 is an affordable desktop digital oscilloscope with top features: 2-channel device with 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s sample rate, 7" LCD display and 10 K pts wavelength. OWON SDS1102 has a simplified synchronization system which supports two trigger types: level and edge. Designed to solve problems that do not require large amounts of memory and difficult trigger types. Features Bandwidth: 100 MHz 2 channels Sample rate: 100 MS/s Ultra-thin body 7-inch high resolution LCD SCPI and LabVIEW supported Specifications Bandwidth 100 MHz Horizontal Scale (s/div) 5 ns/div – 1000 s/div Channel 2 Vertical Sensitivity 5 mV/div – 5 V/div (at input) DC Gain Accuracy 3% Vertical Resolution (A/D) 8 bits (2 channels simultaneously) Input Input Impedance 1 MΩ, 10 pF Input Coupling AC, DC, GND Max Input Voltage ±400 V, CATI, CATII Passive probes х1; х10 Probe Attenuation Factor х1; х10; х100; х1000 Trigger System Trigger Mode Auto, Normal, Single Trigger Type Edge, Video Edge Trigger Source CH1, CH2 Video Trigger Sampling Type real-time Sample Rate 1 GSa/s Equivalent Sample Rate No Wavelength 10K pts Interpolation sin(x)/x Measurement and Mathematical Treatment System Automatic Measurement Vpp, Vavg, RMS, Frequency, Period, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Width, Overshoot, Pre-shootRise time, Fall time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay A→B, Delay A→B, area, cycle area Math Functions Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, FFT General Characteristics Display type 7" color LCD Display Resolution 800 x 480 Power 100-240 V, 45-440 Hz, Dimensions 301 x 70 x 152 mm Weight 1.1 kg Included 1x OWON SDS1102 Oscilloscope 2x Oscilloscope probe 1x Probe Adjust 1x Mains power cord 1x USB Cable 1x CD-Rom 1x Quickstart Guide Downloads User manual Datasheet

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  • Last stock! JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    JOY-iT JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

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    This LCR meter offers a wide range of functions at a low price. The LCR meter can measure capacitance, resistance, and inductance among other things. In addition, it can automatically recognize components, for example, it can distinguish between different types of transistors, such as NPN or PNP transistors. The device is particularly easy to operate, as all measurements are started at the touch of a single button.Thanks to the integrated 350 mAh battery, measurements can also be carried out on the road. The battery is charged with the help of a 5 V power supply unit (available separately) and the enclosed micro-USB cable.In addition, this measuring device can decode infrared signals and show them as a waveform on the display.Technical Specifications Measurable components Resistor, capacitor, inductor, thyristor, triac, (double) diode, Z-diode, field effect transistor, bipolar transistor, infrared decoder Display type 3.5' TFT LCD (160 x 128 p) Special features Automatic calibration, One key operation Built-in battery Lithium Ion rechargeable, 3,7 V, 350 mAh Dimensions 90 x 70 x 27 mm Items delivered Tester, Micro-USB cable, Test clip, LED, Capacitor Measuring Ranges Capacitance 25 pF - 100 mF Resistance 0.01 Ω - 50 MΩ Inductance 0.01 mH - 20 H Battery 0.1 V - 4.5 V, 300 mAh Z-diode breakdown voltage 0.01 V - 30 V Z-diode 0.01 V - 4.5 V Diode UF < 4,5 V Thyristor / Triac IGT < 6 mA DownloadManual

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  • JOY-iT RD6006 Labvoeding Bundel (360 W)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT RD6006 DC Power Supply Bundle (360 W)

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    The lab power supply JT-RD6006 provides up to 60 V and 6 A in combination with the powerful DC power source. Due to the keypad and a push and rotary encoder, the operation of the power supply unit is very comfortable. In addition, you can easily save and reload up to nine settings using the keypad. The high-resolution 2.4-inch colour display clearly shows all important information. The USB interface and an optional wireless network interface enable the device to be operated via PC or with an app from mobile devices. Moreover, the device has different protection and limit functions like constant voltage operation, constant current operation, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and replaceable fuses on the board itself (backside of the power supply). Specifications Input voltage 6-70 V Output voltage 0-60 V Output current 0-6 A Output power 0-360 W Voltage resolution 0.01 V Current resolution 0.001 A Capacity measuring range 0-9999.99 Ah Energy measuring range 0-9999.99 Wh Residual ripple 100 mV(pp) at maximal capacity Display 2.4 inch LCD Dimensions (housing) 172 x 86 x 310 mm Weight (incl. device, power supply and housing) 3 kg Included JT-RD6006 DC Power Supply Power Supply for JT-RD6006 (RD6006-NT) Large aluminium housing for JT-RD6006 (Case02) ESP-12F WiFi Module Downloads Datasheet JT-RD6006 Manual JT-RD6006 PC Software Windows driver Mac driver Linux driver

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  •  -18% Elektor Dual DC LISN (150 kHz – 200 MHz)

    Eurocircuits Elektor Dual DC LISN (150 kHz - 200 MHz)

    Measuring conducted emission is the simplest and most affordable method of getting some indication of whether a design can meet EMI/EMC requirements. A Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) is an indispensable part of an EMC pre-compliance test setup. In cooperation with Würth Elektronik, Elektor has developed a 5 µH, 50 Ω Dual DC LISN that supports voltages up to 60 V and currents up to 10 A. The instrument measures RF interferences on both channels (the power supply) by means of 5-μH blocking inductances. The internal 10-dB attenuation network – one in each channel – contains a 3rd-order high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 9 kHz to protect the input of instruments like a spectrum analyzer from potentially harmful DC voltages or low frequencies coming from the EUT (Equipment Under Test). Specifications RF path Channels 2 (with clamping diodes) Bandwidth 150 kHz – 200 MHz Inductance 5 μH || 50 Ω Internal attenuation 10 dB Connectors SMA DC path Max. current DC Max. voltage DC DC resistance PCB size 94.2 x 57.4 mm Connectors 4-mm banana Hammond enclosure Type 1590N Dimensions 121 x 66 x 40 mm Included 1x 4-layer PCB with all SMT parts fitted 1x pre-drilled enclosure with ready-printed front panel layout 5x gold-plated, insulated, 4-mm banana sockets, rated for 24 A, 1 kV 1x Hammond enclosure 1590N1, Aluminum (Die-Cast Alloy) More Info Project on Elektor Labs: Dual DC LISN for EMC pre-compliance testing Elektor 9-10/2021: EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 1) Elektor 11-12/2021: EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 2)

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  •  -37% LabNation SmartScope USB-oscilloscoop

    LabNation LabNation SmartScope USB Oscilloscope

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    Smartscope is the only scope in the world that runs on all major platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS (with WiFi bridge). Connect the SmartScope to pretty much any device! Even more, you can get mobile with it: take the SmartScope on the road, thanks to the single-cable connectivity. Everything is going to be intuitive: pointing, pinching and swiping finally replaces the clunky interfaces of old scopes. With the SmartScope you develop your digital interfaces using the 100 MS/s logic analyzer. With this tool you can design any signal you want using Excel, then upload it to the built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG). At the end capture the voltage at any point of your design at 100 million times each second. The Software for the support of Windows / macOS) / Linux / Android and Export formats (Excel .csv / Matlab .mat) are given. Features Channel sampled at 100 MHz/s each AC/DC coupling on analog inputs 100% silent 64 Mbit RAM: x10000 zoom Arbitrary Waveform Generator 8 digital inputs at 100 MS/s each 4 digital outputs at 100 MS/s each Externally power your scope in case your mobile can't supply the juice. Specifications Oscilloscope Bandwidth 30 MHz (-3 dB point) Sample rate 2x 100 MS/s Channels 2 Max pre-trigger position 16x full scale Max post-trigger position Full scale Max full voltage scale 10 V/div (±35 V input range) Min full voltage scale 20 mV/div Analog input range -35 V, +35 V Max input peak-to-peak 40 V Signal coupling AC / DC Precision 8 bit Input impedance 1 MΩ // 10 pF Waverforms 200 waveforms/s Data delay to host Sample depth Up to 4 million samples per channel External trigger Yes Logic Analyzer Input channels 8 Input impedance 100 kOhm // 2 pF to GND Sample rate 100 MS/s Logic level 1.8 V to 5.0 V Diode protection Bidirectional Input data buffer 4 million samples Waverforms 200 waveforms/s Data delay to host Protocol decoders I²C, SPI, UART, I²S integrated User extensible Wave Generator (Analog Output) Output channels 1 Data rate Up to 50 MS/s Output level 0-3.3 V (Opamp driven) Output buffer Up to 2048 samples Max slew rate 30 ns/V Step 13 mV Wave Generator (Digital Output) Channels 4 Data rate Up to 100 MS/s Output level 3.3 V or 5 V (selectable) Output buffer Up to 2048 samples Diode protected Yes Programmable Logic USB controller MicroChip PIC18F14K50 USB interface PicKit3 or USB flashable FPGA Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA interface JTAG and USB flashable Size & Weight Dimensions (L x W x D) 4.33 x 2.52 x 0.95" (110 x 64 x 24.2 mm) Weight 158 g Case Aluminium Connectivity Device/Host mini USB included Record waveforms Store Matlab (.mat) or Excel (.csv) files through Dropbox Analog BNC 2 probes included Digital 8x 0.1" pitch, probes (included) Sync USB micro B-B Power USB micro B (optional) Included 1x SmartScope USB Oscilloscope 2x Analog probes 1x Digital probe cable 1x Mini-B USB cable Downloads User manual Software GitHub Wiki

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  • JOY-iT 3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscoop, Signaalgenerator en Multimeter (DMSO2D72)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT 3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscope, Signal Generator and Multimeter (DMSO2D72)

    The JOY-iT DMSO2D72 is your ideal companion for the workshop and outdoor use. It combines a 2-channel oscilloscope, a signal generator for any wave type as well as a multimeter with 6 different measurement types in one device and serves all functions you expect from individual devices. JOY-iT has placed particular emphasis on simple, clear and practical handling in order to make work as pleasant as possible for the user. For this the DMSOD72 is equipped with a "one-button" auto measuring function and a "one-button" page out. In addition, 2 signals can be compared directly on the 2.8" 65K colour LCD display. The power supply is provided by two 18650 lithium batteries, which are included in the scope of supply and allow a continuous operation of one day as well as a standby time of up to 8 weeks. Furthermore, operation via the USB-C interface is also possible, during which the batteries are charged simultaneously. In order to protect the device perfectly in "outdoor use", the DMSO2D72 was equipped with a silicone sheath, which offers protection against shocks, dirt and heat. The extensive and very user-friendly software is available in English, German and French and can be switched easily on the device. You will also be impressed by the PC software, which provides you with a multitude of functions with very high ease of use. General Specifications Display type 2.8" 64K color TFT-LCD Display resolution 320 x 240 Display settings Adjustable background brightness, backlight duration, auto power off time Protective case Silicon cover, good impact resistance, outstanding heat resistance, easy to disassemble Special features Mobile use through battery operation, 3-in-1 device (oscilloscope, signal generator, multimeter), 3 languages (German, English, French) Assembly / Stand function 45° suspension bracket Interface USB Type C for power/data Rechargeable battery 2x 16850 Lithium Charging current 5 V / 2 A Battery life In use: A full dayIn standby: Up to 8 weeks PC software Windows 7 and higher Operating temperature 0-50°C Dimensions 199 x 98 x 40 mm Weight 624 g Oscilloscope Channels 2 + DMM + AWG Bandwidth 70 MHz Sampling Rate 250 MSa/s Single channel125 MSa/s Dual channel Vertical resolution 10 mV - 10 V Automatic measurement of Frequency and amplitude Manual cursor measurement Voltage and time Output impedance (DC) 25 pF ±3 pF; 1 MΩ ±2% Maximum input voltage 150 V RMS Signal Generator Sampling rate 250 MSa/s Vertical resolution 12 bits Waveforms Sine, square, triangle, trapezoid, and many more Sine 1 Hz - 25 MHz Square 1 Hz - 10 MHz Triangle 1 Hz - 1 MHz Trapezoid 1 Hz - 5 MHz Frequency resolution 1 Hz Output impedance 50 Ω Digital Multimeter 6 Multimeter measuring modes Voltage, current, resistance, capacity, diode, on-off Max. resolution 4000 Counts Ranges Voltage 0 µV - 600 V DC0 mV - 600 V AC, 40-400 Hz Current 0 µA - 10 A Resistance 0 mΩ - 40 MΩ Capacity 0 pF - 100 µF Diode 0-2 V On-off Included JOY-iT 3-in-1 Handheld DMSO2D72 2 rechargeable batteries (18650, 2600 mAh) Passive 80 MHz Probe + accessories 2x BNC to crocodile clip coaxial cable 2x DMM test lead USB to USB-C cable USB power supply (5 V, 2 A) Downloads JT-DMSO2D72 Datasheet JT-DMSO2D72 PC Software 1.1.10 JT-DMSO2D72 Manual Flash Manual 28-07-2021 Flash Software Latest firmware version (08-06-2021)

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  • JOY-iT JDS6600 signaalgenerator & frequentieteller

    JOY-iT JOY-iT JDS6600 Signal Generator & Frequency Counter

    The JDS6600 is a 2-channel signal generator that generates signals up to 60 MHz. With its different waveforms, such as sine, square, triangle, pulse, half-wave and many more, it can be used in all areas of measurement technology. In addition, a 1-channel frequency counter is integrated. With a frequency accuracy of ±20 ppm and stability of ±1 ppm/3 h, it offers excellent signal quality and flexibility. The 2.4" TFT color display also ensures optimum user-friendliness, resulting in a wide range of possible applications. Features 2-channel signal generator (60 MHz) 1-channel frequency counter (100 MHz) Signal forms: Sine, square, triangle, pulse, halfwave, noise, Lorenz pulse, exponential rise/fall, CMOS and more Specifications Frequency range (Sine) 0 - 60 MHz Frequency range (Square, Triangle) 0 - 15 MHz Frequency range (PWM, CMOS, TTL, Arbitrary) 0 - 6 MHz Min. Frequency Resolution 0.1 µHz Frequency accuracy ±20 ppm Frequency stability ±1 ppm / 3 h Display TFT color LCD Display size 2.4" Operating temperature & humidity T: 0 - 40 °C / H: Dimensions 194 x 178 x 69 mm Included 1x JOY-iT JDS6600 signal generator 2x BNC signal terminals 1x Power supply Downloads Communication Protocol Datasheet Manual Software

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  • Sensepeek 4019 PCBite Kit met 2x 200 MHz en 4x SP10 handsfree Probe

    Sensepeek Sensepeek 4019 PCBite Kit with 2x 200 MHz and 4x SP10 handsfree Probe

    PCBite holds your circuit board during soldering, inspection and test. SP200: 200 MHz hands-free oscilloscope probe The first truly hands-free 200-MHz 10:1 oscilloscope probe! Makes instant measurements or long triggering sessions a breeze. No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to set up. Just position the probe needle on any test point or component in the signal path and release. Saves time and frustration during development, verification and repairs. The minimalist design and the spring-loaded test needle makes it possible to simultaneously measure on fine pitch components and nearby signals. The ground probe connection has a detachable quality hook and the cable fits directly on a 2.54 mm (0.100ʺ) pitch pin header. The SP200 comes with a powerful magnet in the base, as for all PCBite probes and holders, which makes the probe easy to place and reposition. This probe is perfect for those who already has a metal base plate and holders which is a must for the function. SP10: Passive 1:1 hands-free probe A truly hands-free probe! Makes instant measurements or long triggering sessions simple. No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to setup. Just position the probe needle on any test point or component in the signal path and release. Saves time and frustration during development, verification and repairs. The minimalist design and the spring loaded test needle makes it possible to simultaneously measure on fine pitch components and nearby signals. The probe is steady but yet flexible made for instant measurements or total hands-free operations together with your multimeter, logic analyzer or prefered tool. The dual pin header connector fits directly on a 2.54 mm (0.100”) connector. The SP10 comes with a powerful magnet in the base, as for all PCBite probes and holders, which makes the probe easy to place and reposition. Included 4x PCBite holder 1x Large Base plate (A4) 4x SP10 probes with pin tipped test needles 4x Extra test needles 1x Set of yellow insulation washers 5x Dupont-to-dupont test wires 2x Banana-to-dupont test wires 1x Micro fiber cloth 2x SP200 (200-MHz hands-free oscilloscope probe) 2x Testhook with detachable cable for ground connection 4x Ground cables (5 cm and 10 cm) 2x Set of color coded cable holders (4 colors) 2x Extra test needle Downloads (User Guides) PCBite Kit SP200 SP10

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  • RTL-SDR V4 (Software Defined Radio) with Dipole Antenna Kit

    RTL-SDR RTL-SDR V4 (Software Defined Radio) with Dipole Antenna Kit

    Best value RTL-SDR on the market RTL-SDR is an affordable dongle that can be used as a computer-based radio scanner for receiving live radio signals between 500 kHz and 1.75 GHz in your area. The new RTL-SDR V4 offers several improvements over generic brands including use of the R828D tuner chip, triplexed input filter, notch filter, improved component tolerances, a 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO), SMA F connector, aluminium case with passive cooling, bias tee circuit, improved power supply, and a built in HF upconverter. RTL-SDR V4 comes with the portable dipole antenna kit. It is great for beginners as it allows for terrestrial and satellite reception and easy to mount outdoors and designed for portable and temporary outside usage. Features Improved HF reception: V4 now uses a built-in upconverter instead of using a direct sampling circuit. This means no more Nyquist folding of signals around 14.4 MHz, improved sensitivity, and adjustable gain on HF. Like the V3, the lower tuning range remains at 500 kHz and very strong reception may still require front end attenuation/filtering. Improved filtering: The V4 makes use of the R828D tuner chip, which has three inputs. The SMA input has been triplexed input into 3 bands: HF, VHF and UHF. This provides some isolation between the 3 bands, meaning out of band interference from strong broadcast stations is less likely to cause desensitization or imaging. Improved filtering x2: In addition to the triplexing, the open drain pin on the R828D can be also used, which allows to add simple notch filters for common interference bands such as broadcast AM, broadcast FM and the DAB bands. These only attenuate by a few dB, but may still help. Improved phase noise on strong signals: Due to an improved power supply design, phase noise from power supply noise has been significantly reduced. Less heat: Another advantage of the improved power supply is low power consumption and less heat generation compared to the V3. Contents 1x RTL-SDR V4 dongle (R828D RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA) 2x 23 cm to 1 m telescopic antenna 2x 5 cm to 13 cm telescopic antenna 1x Dipole antenna base with 60 cm RG174 1x 3 m RG174 extension cable 1x Flexible tripod mount 1x Suction cup mount Links User Guide Quick Start Guide SDR# User Guide Dipole Antenna Guide

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  • HT-03 warmtebeeldcamera (120x90)

    HT-03 Thermal Imaging Camera (120x90)

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    The HT-03 infrared camera integrates surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. The traditional inferred thermometer needs to measure every component one by one while it is not necessary for infrared imaging camera, thus saving time. The potential problems may be displayed on color display screen clearly. Moreover, the central point measurement cursor is used to locale quickly and accurately to measure the temperature of the target object. In order to increase the differentiation, the HT-03 is provided with a visible light camera. The thermal images and visible images are stored in the device and can be read through USB. The HT-03 is easy to operate and it is the ideal selection for electric power, electronic manufacturing, industrial inspection and other fields. The following major functions increase the product's accuracy and usability: The radiation coefficient may be adjusted to increase the measurement accuracy of objects with half reflection surface. The highest temperature and lowest termperature cursor may guide the users to the areas with highest and lowest temperature of the thermal images. The selectable color palette. Specifications Display size 2.8" (240 x 320) color TFT Infrared resolution 120 x 90 Field angle 26° x 19° Cell size 12 μm NETD ≤50 mK @25°C, @F/1.1 Thermal imaging frame rate ≤25 Hz Lens focal length 3.2 mm Emissivity setting Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.00 IFOV 3.75 mrad Temperature measurement resolution 0.1°C Infrared response band 8 to 14 μm Focus mode Free focus Temperature measurement range -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F) Measuring accuracy ±2°C (35.6°F) or ±2% Temperature measurement mode Center point/hot and cold spot tracking Color palette Rainbow, iron, cold color, white hot, black hot Image display mode Infrared/visible light/dual light fusion Lighting system LED fill light Device storage Built-in 4 GB eMMC (user available storage space is about 3 GB) Storage Image/Video Format JPG/MP4 Image/video export method USB connection to computer export Menu language English, German, Italian, Chinese Power supply Rechargeable and removable Lithium battery (18650) Battery capacity 2000 mAh Working time 2 to 3 hours Power interface Micro USB Power configuration 5 minutes / 20 minutes / no automatic shutdown Operating temperature -10°C to +45°C (14°F to 122°F) Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F) Relative humidity 10% to 85% RH (non-condensing) Dimensions 22.6 x 9.6 x 7.2 cm (8.9 x 3.8 x 2.3") Weight 375 g Included HT-03 thermal imaging camera with wrist strap Manual Micro USB cable 5 W USB power supply (EU)

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  • OWON XDM1041 Digital Multimeter

    OWON OWON XDM1041 Multimeter

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    Specifications   Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy ±(% of reading + % of range) DC Voltage 50.000mV 0.001mV 0.1%+10 500.00mV 0.01mV 0.05%+5 5.0000V 0.0001V 0.05%+5 50.000V 0.001V 0.05%+5 500.00V 0.01V 0.1%+5 1000.0V 0.1V 0.1%+10 AC Voltage 500mv-750v 20Hz~45Hz 1% + 30 45Hz~65Hz 0.5% + 30 65Hz~1KHz 0.7% + 30 DC Current 500uA 0.01uA 0.15%+20 5000uA 0.1uA 0.15%+10 50mA 0.001mA 0.15%+20 500mA 0.01mA 0.15%+10 5A 0.0001A 0.5%+10 10A 0.001A 0.5%+10 AC Current 500uA-500mA / 0.5%+20 5A-10A 1.5%+20 Resistance 500Ω 0.01Ω 0.15%+10 5KΩ 0.0001KΩ 0.15%+5 50KΩ 0.001KΩ 0.15%+5 500KΩ 0.01KΩ 0.15%+5 5MΩ 0.0001MΩ 0.3%+5 50MΩ 0.001MΩ 1%+10   Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy ±(% of reading + % of range) Frequency 10.000Hz–60MHz / ±(0.2%+10) Capacitance 50nF-500uF / 2.5%+5 5mF-50mF 5%+10 Diode 3.0000 V 0.0001V / Continuity 1000 Ω 0.1Ω Adjustable threshold Temperature K type,PT100 Max Display 55,000 counts Data-logging Function Logging Duration 15ms-9999.999s Logging Length 1,000 points

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  • Last stock! FNIRSI DPOX180H (2-in-1) 2-ch Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (180 MHz) & Signal Generator

    FNIRSI FNIRSI DPOX180H (2-in-1) 2-ch Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (180 MHz) & Signal Generator

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    The FNIRSI DPOX180H is a cost-effective handheld dual-channel digital phosphor oscilloscope and signal generator. The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 500 MS/s and an analog bandwidth of 180 MHz. The measurement results are displayed on the high-contrast 2.8-inch IPS full-view LCD screen with digital fluorescence technology. Features 2-ch handheld oscilloscope & DDS signal generator 180 MHz bandwidth 500 MS/s sampling rate 20 MHz signal generator Innovative digital trigger system Cursor measurement function 5 mV sensitivity 50000 wfm/s waveform refresh rate 2.8" IPS full-vision high-definition display Built-in 4.2 V/3000 mAh lithium battery Automatic shutdown setting High-voltage anti-burning protection Specifications Nummer of channels 2 Analog bandwidth 180 MHz Maximum sampling rate 500 MS/s Input coupling DC/AC Rise time 2.5s Storage depth 120 Kpts Input impedance 1 MQ-18 PF Vertical sensitivity 5 mV-10 V (1X) Time base range 5 nS~50 S DC accuracy ±2% Time accuracy +0.01% Trigger detection Digital trigger Trigger mode Auto/Single/Normal Trigger edge Rising/Falling Measurement range 40 mV~80 V (1X) Screenshot storage 90 Capture signal 500 Screen size 2.8 inch Screen resolution 320 x 240 Display technology IPS full view Expansion interface USB transmission interface Auto power off 5 minutes - 2 hours Firmware upgrade Supported iso image upgrade Charging requirements 5 V/2 A Battery capacity 3000 mAh Standby time 3.5 hours at full charge Signal Generator 14 standard function signals Waveform storage 250 groups Parameter measurement 12 kinds Dimensions 135 x 90 x 40 mm Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope FNIRSI DPOX180H Oscilloscope uses the latest digital phosphor technology to overcome the traditional oscilloscope due to noise caused by the waveform burr feeling. Color temperature display function can more clearly see the distribution of the signal, probability characteristics and the rise and fall time of the step signal fast and slow. X-Y mode with digital phosphor technology for comparison of amplitude, frequency and phase of two groups of signals. DDS Function Signal Generator Built-in 20 MHz DDS function signal generator, with 14 kinds of standard function signals, output amplitude fixed at 1 VPP, sine wave frequency of 20 MHz, other waveform frequency of 10 MHz, adjustable frequency step of 1 Hz. Contains the original chopping technology, intercept part of the oscilloscope measurement of complex signals as the output signal of the signal generator, than the traditional signal generator hand-drawn signal more objective and realistic. Included 1x FNIRSI DPOX180H phosphor oscilloscope 2x Probes (200 MHz) 1x USB power supply 1x USB cable 1x Manual Downloads Manual Firmware V40

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  • Peak Atlas DCA75 Pro – Intelligente halfgeleider-analyser

    Peak Peak Atlas DCA75 Pro Advanced Semiconductor Analyser

    The DCA75 Pro is a great instrument that combines ease-of-use with amazing features. It can automatically identify a huge range of semiconductors, automatically identify pinouts and measure detailed parameters. Features Built-in graphics display (now backlit) to show detailed schematic of the component you're testing as well as pinout and measurement data. USB connectivity to allow curve tracing, data storage/retrieval and device matching on your Windows PC (Windows 7 and higher). Single internal AAA alkaline cell for standalone operation. Component Support Bipolar transistors (NPN/PNP inc Silicon/Germanium) Darlington transistors (NPN/PNP) Enhancement mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Depletion mode MOSFETs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Junction FETs (N-Ch and P-Ch). Both symmetrical and asymmetrical types Enhancement IGBTs (N-Ch and P-Ch) Diodes and diode networks (2 and 3 lead types) Zener diodes (up to about 9 V) Voltage regulators (up to about 8 V) LEDs and bi-colour LEDs (2 lead and 3 lead types) Low power sensitive Triacs and Thyristors (<10 mA trigger and hold) Measurements BJT current gain (hFE) BJT base emitter voltage (Vbe) BJT collector leakage current MOSFET on and off gate threshold voltages MOSFET transconductance JFET pinch-off voltage JFET transconductance JFET IDSS (drain current for Vgs=0) IGBT on and off gate threshold voltages IGBT transconductance Voltage regulator output voltage Voltage regulator quiescent current consumption Voltage regulator drop-out voltage Zener voltage Diode forward voltage drop Specifications Analyser type Semiconductor components Component detection Automatic Pinout detection Automatic, connect any way round Display type Graphic LCD (now backlit) Interface type USB for optional PC connection PC functions Curve tracing (Windows 7 and higher) Software Included on USB drive for Windows 7 and higher Battery Single AAA cell (supplied) Included DCA75 Semiconductor Component Analyser PC software on a USB Flash Drive for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP Micro USB cable Fitted universal premium hook probes AAA Alkaline battery Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (FR) User Guide (DE) User Guide (IT) Software Installation Guide (EN) Software and Firmware Package

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  • UNI-T UT603 LCR Meter

    Uni-Trend UNI-T UT603 LCR Meter

    The UT603 is a handheld digital inductance capacitance meter for testing resistors, capacitors and inductors. It can also be used to measure transistor parameters. This accurate meter (with 2000 counts) can be used to check electronic components in labs, production lines and maintenance facilities. Features Manual range Continuity buzzer Diode and transistor test Low battery indication Specifications Resistance (Ω) 200 Ω / 2 kΩ / 20 kΩ / 200 kΩ / 2 MΩ / 20 MΩ ±(0.8%+1) Capacitance (F) 2 nF / 20 nF / 200 nF / 2uF / 20 uF / 200 uF / 600uF ±(1%+5) Inductance (H) 2 mH / 20 mH / 200 mH / 2 H / 20 H ±(2%+8) Display counts 2000 Power 9 V battery (6F22) Display 61 x 32 mm Dimensions 172 x 83 x 38 mm Weight 312 g Included 1x UNI-T UT603 LCR meter 1x 9 V block battery 2x Test leads with alligator clips 1x Manual Downloads User manual Datasheet

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  • JOY-iT RD6006 DC Power Supply (360 W)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT RD6006 DC Power Supply (360 W)

    The JT-RD6006 is a buck step down direct voltage power supply unit which can be used in different operation modes (f.i. Constant current or constant voltage mode, etc.). Due to the keypad and a push and rotary encoder, the operation of the power supply unit is very comfortable. In addition, you can easily save and reload up to nine settings using the keypad. The high-resolution 2.4-inch colour display clearly shows all important information. The USB interface and an optional wireless network interface enable the device to be operated via PC or with an app from mobile devices. It has also diverse protection and limitation functions like f. i. Constant voltage, constant current operation mode or Overvoltage and Overcurrent protection and switchable fuses on the board (back side). Features Battery charging function Value input comfortable via keypad Overcurrent /overvoltage protection adjustable Specifications Input Voltage 6 - 70 V Output Voltage 0 - 60 V Output Current 0 - 6 A Output Power 0 - 360 W Voltage Resolution 0.01 V Current Resolution 0.001 A Capacity Measurement Range 0 - 9999.99 Ah Energy Measurement Range 0 - 9999.99 Wh Residual Ripple 100 mV(pp) (at maximal capacity) Display 2.4 Inch LCD Working Temperature Range -10 to 40 °C Dimensions 167 x 81 x 65 mm Weight 607 g Downloads Datasheet JT-RD6006 Manual JT-RD6006 PC Software Windows driver Mac driver Linux driver

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  • FNIRSI 2C23T (3-in-1) 2-ch Oscilloscope (10 MHz) + Multimeter + Signal Generator

    FNIRSI FNIRSI 2C23T (3-in-1) 2-ch Oscilloscope (10 MHz) + Multimeter + Signal Generator

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    The FNIRSI 2C23T is a fully functional, highly practical 3-in-1 dual channel digital oscilloscope with a high resolution 2.8-inch LCD display (320 x 240 pixels) designed for the maintenance and development industry. This device is equipped with 3 main functions: oscilloscope, multimeter and signal generator. The oscilloscope has an FPGA+MCU+ADC hardware architecture with a sampling rate of 50 MS/s, an analog bandwidth of 10 MHz and a built-in high-voltage protection module that supports the measurement of peak voltages of ±400 V maximum. The multimeter has a 4-digit 10000-point RMS value and supports AC/DC voltage and current measurements, as well as capacitance, resistance, diode, on/off and other measurement functions. Equipped with a built-in DDS function signal generator, it can output 7 kinds of function signals, with a maximum output of 2 MHz for all signals and a step of 1 Hz; the output frequency, amplitude and duty cycle are adjustable. The built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery achieves a standby time of up to 6 hours. Features 2-ch oscilloscope 10 MHz bandwidth 50 MS/s real-time sampling rate 7 signal waveforms 10000 counts 2.8" HD color display (320 x 240 pixels) Dimensions: 167 x 89 x 35 mm Weight: 300 g Specifications Oscilloscope Dual channel, 2x 10 MHz bandwidth, 50 MS/s real-time sampling rate Maximum measured voltage: ±400 V FPGA+ADC+MCU high-performance hardware architecture, capturing waveform details without loss Equipped with complete triggering functions (auto, single, normal) Equipped with efficient automatic adjustment, the measured waveform can be displayed without complicated adjustment Save waveform screenshots, supports exporting images to a computer, facilitate secondary waveform analysis Multimeter 4-bit integer 9999 counting True RMS measurement Identification of voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, diode, on/off, and zero live wire Maximum input voltage: AC 750 V, DC 1000 V Automatic range, intelligent anti burning Data retention, color screen digital display Signal Generator 7 signal waveforms: sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, full wave, half wave, noise wave, DC Output frequency: 1 Hz-2 MHz Output amplituade: 0.1-3.3 V Output duty cycle: 0-100% Included 1x FNIRSI 2C23T (3-in-1) 2-ch Oscilloscope 1x P6100 oscilloscope probes (10X) 1x Multimeter probe 1x Crocodile clip probe 1x USB-C charging cable 1x Manual Downloads Manual Firmware V2.0.2

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  • Last stock! LCR-T4 Mega328 Transistor Tester / ESR Meter

    Kuongshun LCR-T4 Component Tester (ESR Meter)

    2 in stock

    With this device, you'll be able to automatically to detect NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs, diodes, thyristors, resistors, capacitors and many other components. It is also possible to measure certain characteristics of these devices as, for example, the current amplification factor of BJT or the gate threshold voltage of a MOSFET and much more.Features Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs, diodes (including double diode), thyristors, resistor and capacitor and other components Automatic testing of the pins of a component, and displaying on the LCD Detection of the transistor, MOSFET protection diode amplification coefficient and the base to determine the emitter transistor forward biased voltage Measurement of the gate threshold voltage and the gate capacitance of the MOSFET Simultaneous measurement of the of two resistors while displaying resistor symbol Measurement of a single diode reverse capacitance Measurements of capacitance, resolution 1 pF Identification of Darlington transistors via the base-emitter threshold voltage and current amplification factor Measurement of the bipolar transistor current amplification factor and the base-emitter threshold voltage 2x16 Characters LCD-Display (12864 LCD with green backlight) Test ranges Resistance: Max. 50 MΩ, resolution 0.1 Ω Capacitance: 25 pF – 100000 µF Inductance: 0.01 mH – 20 H Specifications One-button operation Automatic shutdown for improved battery life Shutdown current less than 20 nA

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  • OWON XDM1141 Multimeter

    OWON OWON XDM1141 Multimeter

    The OWON XDM1141 is a fast, high-precision digital True RMS benchtop multimeter with a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD and 50,000 counts. Its DC voltage accuracy is up to 0.05% and it can measure up to 65 values per second. Features 3.5" high-resolution LCD (480x320 pixels) 55000 counts, DC voltage accuracy up to 0.05% Up to 65 readings per second Dual line display supported Trend analysis accessible in chart mode AC True RMS measurements (bandwidth: 20 Hz – 1 kHz) SCPI support: Remote control the multimeter through PC software via USB port Data record function, you can record the measured data into internal memory, and then read and process the recorded data with your computer. Specifications   Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy DC Voltage 50.000 mV 0.001 mV 0.1% +10 500.00 mV 0.01 mV 0.05% +5 5.0000 V 0.0001 V 0.05% +5 50.000 V 0.001 V 0.05% +5 500.00 V 0.01 V 0.1% +5 1000.0 V 0.1 V 0.1% +10 AC Voltage 500 mV~750 V 20 Hz~45 Hz 1% +30 45 Hz~65 Hz 0.5% +30 65 Hz~1 KHz 0.7% +30 DC Current 500 uA 0.01 uA 0.15% +20 5000 uA 0.1 uA 0.15% +10 50 mA 0.001 mA 0.15% +20 500 mA 0.01 mA 0.15% +10 5 A 0.0001 A 0.5% +10 10 A 0.001 A 0.5% +10 AC Current 500 uA~500 mA 20 Hz~1 KHz 0.5% +20 5 A-10 A 1.5% +20 Resistance 500 Ω 0.01 Ω 0.15% +10 5 KΩ 0.0001 KΩ 0.15% +5 50 KΩ 0.001 KΩ 0.15% +5 500 KΩ 0.01 KΩ 0.15% +5 5 MΩ 0.0001 MΩ 0.3% +5 50 MΩ 0.001 MΩ 1% +10 Frequency 10.000 Hz~60 MHz / ±(0.2% +10) Capacitance 50 nF~500 uF / 2.5% +10 5 mF~50 mF 5% +10 Diode 3.0000 V 0.0001 V / Continuity 1000 Ω 0.1 Ω Adjustable threshold Temperature K type, PT100 Max Display 55,000 counts Data-logging Function Logging Duration 15ms~9999.999s Logging Length 1,000 points Display 3.5" TFT LCD (480x320 pixels) Dimensions 200 x 88 x 150 mm Weight approx. 0.5 kg Included 1x OWON XDM1141 Multimeter 1x Power cord 2x Test leads 1x Fuse 1x USB cable 1x Manual Downloads Programming Manual PC Software

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  • FNIRSI 1014D (2-in-1) 2-ch Oscilloscope (100 MHz) & Signal Generator

    FNIRSI FNIRSI 1014D (2-in-1) 2-ch Oscilloscope (100 MHz) & Signal Generator

    The FNIRSI 1014D is a 2-in-1 oscilloscope and signal generator with comprehensive functions and high practicality. It is a cost-effective 2-channel desktop oscilloscope for the maintenance industry and R&D industry. The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s and an analog bandwidth of 100 MHz. The built-in DDS signal generator supports 12 types of function signals. Specifications Channels 2 Display size 7 inch LCD LCD resolution 800 x 480 Bandwidth 100 MHz Sampling rate 1 GSa/s Rise time Storage depth 240 Kbit Input resistance 1 MΩ Sensitivity 50 mV ~ 500 V Time base 50s ~ 10nS Trigger mode Single/Normal/Auto Trigger edge Rising/Falling Coupling AC/DC Highest test voltage 1X : 40V, 10X : 400V Cursor Position XY, Trigger Y Waveform storage 1000 pictures + 1000 waveforms Roll mode Yes One-button AUTO Yes Waveform manager Yes Capture output Yes Voltage accuracy ±5% Frequency precision ±0.01% high precision Parameter 12 kinds in total Generator 14 kinds in total Extension USB export Power supply 5 V/2 A, 3 A, 4 A Dimensions 310 x 145 x 70 mm Included 1x FNIRSI 1014D Oscilloscope 2x Oscilloscope probes (100 MHz) 1x USB charger 1x Manual Downloads User Guide

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  • Last stock! JOY-iT PSG9080 Programmable Signal Generator (80 MHz)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT PSG9080 Programmable Signal Generator (80 MHz)

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    The PSG9080 programmable signal generator can generate many different waveforms such as sine, square, triangle, pulse and custom waves. The signal generator has a wide frequency range from 1 nHz to 80 MHz and a sampling rate of 300 MSa/s. The housing is of high quality and offers non-slip feet for comfortable working. Different signal modulation methods, such as frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation, pulse width modulation, frequency shift keying, are no longer a challenge with this device. The integrated measuring function also makes it possible to measure the frequency, period and duty cycle of external signals and display them on the screen in real time. The signal generator is very easy to operate with its intuitive key layout and high-resolution 3.5-inch colour LCD. Different settings can be saved in groups and thus recalled very quickly. In addition, the menu can be displayed in English, German and French. Features Modulation functions AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM, Burst Sample rate 300 MSa/s Vertical wave resolution 14 bit Signal forms Lorentz pulse, pulse, half-wave, noise, exponential rise/fall, etc. Frequency rangesSineSquare, PulseTriangle, arbitraryTTL 1 nHz - 80 MHz1 nHz - 30 MHz1 nHz - 50 MHz1 nHz - 20 MHz Min. Frequency resolution 1 nHz Frequency accuracy ± 5 ppm Frequency stability ± 3 ppm / 1 year Permis. operation temp. 0 - 40°C Permis. operation humidity Permis. operation temp. 0 - 40°C Voltage / input 85 V - 264 VAC / 47 - 63 Hz Display 3.5" TFT colour LCD Connection BNC signal clips Dimensions 219 x 240 x 160 mm Scope of delivery JOY-iT PSG9080 signal generator 2x BNC signal clips Connection cable

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