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  • Siglent SDG1032X 2-ch Signal Generator (30 MHz)

    Siglent Siglent SDG1032X 2-ch Signal Generator (30 MHz)

    The Siglent SDG1032X is a dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generator with 30 MHz bandwidth, 150 MSa/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution. The proprietary EasyPulse & TrueArb technique helps to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating pulse and arbitrary waveforms, and the special square generator is capable of generating square waveforms at a frequency of 30 MHz with low jitter. With these advantages, the SDG1032X can provide users with a variety of high fidelity / low jitter signals while meeting the growing requirements of a wide range of complex and varied applications. Features Special circuit for Square wave function, can generate Square waves up to 30 MHz with jitter less than 300 ps+0.05 ppm of period Plenty of analog and digital modulation types: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK and PWM Sweep and Burst functions Harmonics Generator function Waveform Combining function High precision Frequency Counter Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN (VXI-11) Optional interface: GPIB 4.3” TFT-LCD display Specifications Bandwidth 30 MHz Channels 2 Sampling rate 150 MSa/s Vertical resolution 14-bit Waveform length 16 kpts Max. amplitude ±10 V Display 4.3' (480 x 272 x RGB) Interface Standard: USB Host, USB Device, LAN Included 1x Siglent SDG1032X Arbitrary Function Generator 1x Guarantee Card 1x Power Cord 1x USB Cable 1x Quick Start Guide Downloads Datasheet User manual Service manual Programming guide Software

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  • Last stock! Siglent SDG2042X Arbitrary Waveform Generator (40 MHz)

    Siglent Siglent SDG2042X Arbitrary Waveform Generator (40 MHz)

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    Siglent's SDG2000X is a series of dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generators with specifications of up to 120 MHz maximum bandwidth, 1.2 GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution. The proprietary TrueArb & EasyPulse techniques help to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating arbitrary, square and pulse waveforms. With advantages above, SDG2000X can provide users with a variety of high fidelity and low jitter signals, which can meet the growing requirements of complex and extensive applications. Dual-channel, 40 MHz bandwidth, 20Vpp maximum output amplitude, high fidelity output with 80dB dynamic range. High-performance sampling system with 1.2GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution. No detail in your waveforms will be lost. Innovative TrueArb technology, based on a point-by-point architecture, supports any 8pts~8Mpts Arb waveform with a sampling rate in range of 1μSa/s~75MSa/s. Innovative EasyPulse technology, capable of generating lower jitter Square or Pulse waveforms, brings a wide range and extremely high precision in pulse width and rise/fall times adjustment. Plenty of analog and digital modulation types: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK and PWM. Sweep and Burst functions. High precision Frequency Counter. Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB DeviceUSBTMC, LAN (VXI-11) Optional interface: GPIB. 4.3” touch screen display for easier operation. Maximum output frequency 40 MHz Output channels 2 Sampling rate 1.2 GSa/s (4X Interpolation) Wave length CH1:16Kpts,CH2:512Kpts Frequency resolution 1μHz Vertical resolution 16bit Standard interfaces Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN (VXI-11) High-performance Sampling SystemBenefiting from a 1.2GSa/s and 16-bit sampling system, SDG2000X achieves extremely high accuracy performance in both time domain and amplitude, which results in more accurately reconstructed waveforms and lower distortion.Innovative EasyPulse TechnologyWhen a Square/Pulse waveform is generated by DDS, there will be a one-clock-jitter if the sampling rate is not an integer-related multiple of the output frequency. SDG2000X EasyPulse technology successfully overcomes this weakness in DDS designs and helps to produce low jitter Square/Pulse waveforms. Innovative TrueArb TechnologyFor arbitrary waveforms, TrueArb not only has all the advantages of traditional DDS, but also eliminates the probability that DDS may cause serious jitter and distortion. Easy controll with 4.3” Touch Screen Display and Arbitrary Waveform Software EasyWaveThe 4.3” touch screen display, makes operation much more convenient. And EasyWave is a powerful arbitrary waveform editing software that supports several ways to generate arbitrary waveform such as manual drawing, line-drawing, equation-drawing, coordinate-drawing, etc. It is quite convenient for users to edit their own arbitrary waveforms through EasyWave.Included Siglent SDG2042X Arbitrary Function Generator User Manual Guarantee Card CD (including EasyWave 1.0 computer software system) Power Cord USB Cable Quick Start Guide

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What is a signal generator or function generator? Why are signal generators necessary?

A signal generator or function generator is an analog or digital device that generates voltage waveforms at a predetermined frequency and applies them to a device under test. A signal generator is an essential tool for testing circuits. A signal generator is easy to operate thanks to the buttons and switches on the main panel, which allow you to adjust the most important aspects of a waveform, such as its speed, amplitude, and offset, as well as add simple distortion and modulation.

What are the most common signal generators?

When it comes to possible applications, we'll go through some of the most common signal generators, each serving a different function. To generate simple repetitive waveforms – and to improve, test and repair electronic equipment – you can use a function generator.

The sine wave is the most common waveform, but sawtooth, step (pulse), square, and triangle waveform oscillators are also common. You can also use them to test amplifiers or to introduce an error signal into a control loop. The ability to add a DC offset is another feature found on many function generators. Function generators are usually used with analog circuits.

Although function generators cover both audio and RF frequencies, they are rarely used in applications that require low distortion or stable frequency signals. Other signal generators are better suited when those features are needed.

A complex signal generator, an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG or ARB), creates arbitrary waveforms within a certain frequency range, accuracy, and output level. Unlike a function generator, which can only output a limited number of waveforms, an AWG allows you to select a waveform as a source in several ways. If you want an application with a higher design and testing level, you use an AWG.

RF signal generators are used in wireless communications applications. They usually support analog modulation such as AM, FM, and PM. RF signal generators are therefore intended for anyone involved in RF or microwave testing and development.

Audio signal generators are signal generators used for the sound range, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and above. They produce sine waves for audio applications. In addition, their most striking features are the audio measurements of frequency response and distortion measurements. Audio signal generators should have a flat response and low levels of harmonic distortion.

Looking for signal generators? What does Elektor have to offer?

A signal generator is one of the most important and flexible test equipment for your electronics workbench. Elektor offers both function and arbitrary waveform generators that offer excellent quality and flexibility, such as the Siglent SDG1032X 2-channel Signal Generator (30 MHz) and the OWON XDG3102 2-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

The signal shapes range from the most common, such as sine wave, to Lorenz pulse or exponential rise/fall, and more. The frequency ranges serve special purposes, so there is a solution for every electrical engineer, maker and electronics enthusiast. Elektor also offers a variety of DIY kits.

Elektor has accessories for signal generators in stock. In addition to the signal generator itself, test leads with alligator clips and probes and patch leads of different lengths can further improve the quality. For even better results you have the option of a memory storage upgrade and bandwidth expansion.

Why should you buy a signal generator from Elektor?

Ready to start looking for a signal generator? Elektor stocks a wide variety of signal generators to meet the different needs of a wide range of customers. With some of the products we include helpful reviews that detail the specifications and features of the generators.


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