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  •  -30% The Elektor Circuit Collection (USB Stick)

    Elektor Classics The Elektor Circuit Collection (USB Stick)

    3K5 Noteworthy Designs (1975-2023) This USB archive stick contains over 3500 noteworthy circuits from all areas of electronics (audio & video, computers & microcontrollers, radio, hobby & modelling, home & garden, power supplies & batteries, test & measurement) published in Elektor Magazine since 1975. You can use the article search function to find specific content in the full text. The results are always shown as preformatted PDF documents. Adobe Reader may be used to browse articles as well as find individual words and expressions using the program’s integrated Search functions.

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  •  -47% The Complete Linear Audio Library (USB Stick)

    Elektor Classics The Complete Linear Audio Library (USB Stick)

    Jan Didden created Linear Audio in 2010 and published 14 Volumes between 2010 and 2017. Each 200-page Volume contains on average 10 articles by expert authors in the field of audio, acoustics, and instrumentation. Whether you are interested in tube amplifiers, solid-state equipment, loudspeaker design, capacitor and resistor distortion or distortion measurement, you are certain to find helpful advice and interesting discussions. From beginner to advanced level, for the audio professional or the serious hobbyist, this ExpertCollection will advance your understanding and offer new perspectives on common issues. Bonus material included with this collection is a 5-part YouTube series on negative feedback as applied to audio by renowned author Jan Didden, and nine additional landmark audio articles and presentations. If you are seriously interested in audio, acoustics, and instrumentation, you can’t afford to miss this! The published material is indexed and fully searchable and will provide an almost limitless resource for many years to come. You can read about Linear Audio’s authors, and the Table of Contents of each Volume, at

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  •  -43% Elektor Audio Collection (USB-stick)

    Elektor Classics Elektor Audio Collection (USB Stick)

    Some Highlights from the contents Surround-sound decoder Compact amp Sampling rate converter Battery powered preamplifier Titan 2000 amplifier Crescendo Millennium amplifier Audio-DAC/ADC IR-S/PDFI receiver and transmitter High-End Power Amp Hi-fi Wireless Headset Paraphase Tone Control and more… Using Adobe Reader you are able to browse and search the articles on your computer, as well as print texts, circuit diagrams and PCB layouts.

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  •  -30% The Elektor Power Supply Collection (USB-stick)

    Elektor Classics The Elektor Power Supply Collection (USB Stick)

    More than 200 power supply designs for home construction This USB Stick contains over 200 different power supply circuits from the volumes 2001-2022 of Elektor. The article search feature allows you to search full-text content. The results are always displayed as pre-formatted PDF documents. Highlights Cuk Converter Automatic Battery Switchover Battery Voltage LED Digital Benchtop Power Supply Lithium-Ion Charger Solar Cell Charger Electronic Fuse High Voltage Regulator Power Supply for USB Devices Step-up Converter for LEDs Battery Management and much more... On the Stick you will also find a folder with additional material such as PCB layouts, Gerber files and software.

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  •  -50% Elektor Archive 1961-2023 (USB Stick) NL

    Elektor Classics Elektor Archive 1961-2023 (USB Stick) NL

    6 Elektor decennia (jaren '60, '70, '80, '90, '2000 en '2010) op USB-stick Deze USB-stick (32 GB, USB 3.0) bevat de complete jaargangen 1961-2023 (alle nummers) van het elektronica-vakblad Elektor. Elektor wil mensen inspireren om zich elektronica en computertechniek eigen te maken door het presenteren van nabouwvriendelijke, professioneel ontworpen schakelingen op alle terreinen van de elektronica: Audio & Video Basiskennis Computer & apparatuur Hobby & modelbouw Hoogfrequent Huis & tuin Meten & testen Microcontrollers Stroomvoorziening Al dat andere dat niet zo gemakkelijk in een van deze categorieën kan worden ondergebracht. De meer dan 10.000 afzonderlijke artikelen zijn chronologisch op publicatiedatum (maand/jaar) geordend. Systeemeisen Computer geschikt voor Adobe Reader vanaf versie 7 Webbrowser

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  •  -70% Make Magazine 2020-2021 (USB-stick)

    Elektor Classics Make Magazine 2020-2021 (USB-stick)

    Het tijdschrift Make bevat bouwinstructies voor coole projecten (Arduino, Raspberry Pi en meer), die zowel door leken als gevorderden nagebouwd kunnen worden. Make laat niet alleen zien hoe het project werkt, maar publiceert ook basisartikelen, tutorials en informatieve reviews over bijvoorbeeld 3D-printers, oscilloscopen of soldeerbouten. Deze USB-stick bevat alle 10 gepubliceerde Make uitgaven van de jaargangen 2020 en 2021.

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  •  -50% Elektor Archive 1974-2023 (USB Stick) EN

    Elektor Classics Elektor Archive 1974-2023 (USB Stick) EN

    NEW: Now incl. volume 2023! 5 Elektor Decades (’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s) on a USB Stick This handy USB stick (32 GB, USB 3.0) is loaded with all the Elektor magazine English editions (as PDFs) from 1974 to 2023. Elektor engineers, authors, and editors aim to inspire you to master electronics and computer technology by presenting professionally designed circuits that are easy to build. We also cover the latest developments in electronics and information technology. With the Elektor Archive on a USB stick, you can browse our previous English editions at your convenience and learn about MCU-based projects, robotics, electronics testing, embedded programming, analog techniques, and much more. All the Elektor magazine editions are stored as PDFs on a 32-GB USB stick (USB 3.0). The 10,000+ articles have been classified by date of publication (month/year), and a comprehensive index enables you to search the entire USB stick. Subject areas include: Audio & video Computers & microcontrollers Radio, hobby & modelling Home & garden Power supplies & batteries Test & measurement Software And everything else that doesn’t fit in one of these categories. System requirements PC with Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher Web browser

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  •  -29% MagPi Archive 2018-2024 (USB Stick)

    MagPi Archive 2018-2024 (USB Stick)

    Meer dan 6 MagPi jaargangen (2018 tot 2024) op USB-stick Deze USB-stick bevat alle MagPi-nummers van 2018 tot editie januari-februari 2024 in PDF-formaat. De laatste editie kan wel nu gratis voor iedereen worden gedownload. MagPi is het officiële magazine van de Raspberry Pi Foundation en bevat reviews, tutorials en DIY-projecten over en met de Raspberry Pi.

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  •  -25% The RF & Communications Collection (USB Stick)

    The RF & Communications Collection (USB Stick)

    This USB stick holds a selection of more than 350 articles on RF, Radio and Communication published in Elektor Magazine. The content consists of both background articles and projects with the following topics: Basic radio-related circuits as well as more complex circuits like filters, oscillators, and amplifiers. Design, construction, and theory of antennas for transmitting and receiving radio signals efficiently. Design and analysis of RF circuits including filters, mixers, PLLs, and frequency synthesizers. Tools and techniques for predicting radio wave propagation paths and measuring RF signal strength. Techniques for processing digital signals in RF systems, including modulation and demodulation methods. Projects on radio receivers, AM, FM, SSB, CW, DRM, DAB, DAB+, Software Defined Radio, and more. Projects on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, and more. You can use the article search function to locate specific content in the full text. The results are always shown as preformatted PDF documents. You can use Adobe Reader to browse articles, and you can use Adobe Reader’s integrated search functions to find instances of individual words and expressions.

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