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  •  -25% Elektor SDR-shield 2.0

    Elektor Labs Elektor SDR Shield 2.0

    This board is a newer version of the Elektor SDR Reloaded, the difference is that on this new version with two PLL outputs and two LF-outputs, which are accessible via additional connectors on the board (not included in the kit). This allows the user to use this Arduino shield as a signal generator, SW transmitter or even transceiver. Specifications Operating Voltage 5 V and 3.3 V from Arduino Frequency Range 150 kHz to 30 MHz Sensitivity 1 µV Overall Gain 40 dB Maximum signal level at antenna 10 mV Dynamic Range 80 dB Please note: The module doesn't come pre-soldered. Links Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (1) Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (2) Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (3)

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