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  • JOY-iT Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with passive Cooling

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with passive Cooling

    This aluminium case in a precious design is very robust and protects your Raspberry Pi 4 perfectly against outer influences. There are cut-outs for all interfaces to make them accessible. The channel milling at the top side serves as a heat sink and inside the housing the case is in direct contact with the CPU and the RAM to maximize cooling results. Features Color: Matt black (gun-metal black) Material: High-quality, cast aluminium Special Features: Channel milling which serves as a heatsink, cut outs for all interfaces, heatsink in contact with CPU and RAM of the Raspberry Pi for better cooling performance Dimensions: 91 x 65 x 34 mm Items delivered Aluminium case Screws Heat conduction pads

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  •  -50% JOY-iT Magnetic Multimedia Case for Raspberry Pi 4

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Magnetic Multimedia Case for Raspberry Pi 4

    This multimedia case for all Raspberry Pi 4 models is characterized by high functionality, modern design and a sumptuous equipment: Integrated IR receiver, controllable with almost all IR remote controls Controllable LED lighting Switching on/off, controlling additional functions of the Raspberry Pi Active, quiet cooling Toolless, magnetic assembly All connections of the Raspberry Pi are on the backside GPIO port is accessible via separate lid Perfect as a multimedia platform in the living room, desktop device or for the use in digital signage. Specifications Material Acryl Color Black Compatible to Raspberry Pi 4 Power supply 5 VDC (USB-C) Microcontroller STM32F030F4P Infrared receiver TSOP4838 LEDs 4x WS2812Mini Led out connections 1x USB-C, 1x Aux, 2x microHDMIFrom Raspberry Pi: 2x USB-A 3.0, 2x USB-A 2.0, 1x RJ45 Weight 280 g Dimensions 113 x 100 x 38 mm Scope of delivery Multimedia case, adapter board, control board, Aux adapter cable Downloads Datasheet (177.9 KB) Manual (3.5 MB) Expert Guide (6.5 MB) Firmware v1.0.9-beta (11.2 KB) Addons for LibreElec 9 (2.6 MB) Code Examples Addon - Multimedia Case Configuration Addon - LED Configuration Addon - IR Control Configuration Prepared LibreElec Image Prepared LibreElec Image 10.BETA GitHub

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  •  -11% JOY-iT Armor Aluminium Heatsink Case with Dual Fan for Raspberry Pi 4

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Armor Aluminium Heatsink Case with Dual Fan for Raspberry Pi 4

    This aluminium-based Armor Case is perfect for your Raspberry Pi 4 if it gets hot, as this protects it against shocks and heat equally. Channel milling combined with dual fans offers best cooling performance. That‘s why it is suitable for extreme settings. Another benefit is that this case does not need more space than the Raspberry Pi itself and can be integrated in existing projects.Features Material: CNC milled aluminium alloy Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B Assembly: 4 included screws connect the case to the Raspberry Pi Special features: Large heat sink and dual fan each Ø24 mm, massive protection against heat and shocks, no additional space needed Wiring: Fan 5V (Red) - 5V (Pin4), Fan GND (Black) - GND (Pin6) Scope of delivery: Armor case “BLOCK ACTIVE”, screws, thermal tape Size top side: 69 x 56 x 15.5 mm Size bottom side: 87 x 56 x 7.5 mm DownloadsManual

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  • JOY-iT Magnetic Plastic Case with Dual Fan for Raspberry Pi 4

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Magnetic Plastic Case with Dual Fan for Raspberry Pi 4

    The robust plastic housing made of acrylic convinces by modern design and technical innovation. The only distinguishing feature is the new locking mechanism of this housing. It can be assembled in a few steps and the magnetic lock provides easy access to the GPIO pins and the Raspberry Pi 4 B at any time. Thanks to the strong magnets in the upper, middle and lower part of this housing, screw-less mounting is possible. So the cover can be removed at any time. The two integrated fans and the included heat sinks provide a constant cooling of the Raspberry PI 4B. The JOY-iT Acrylic Case with Dual Fan will protect your Raspberry Pi 4 B against exterior impacts and excessive heat development. You can assemble the screwless case in just 4 clicks. The silent twin fans work reliably under high load. Features Material: Plastic Colour: Black and transparent Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 B Special Features: Built-in dual fan Dimensions: 67 x 97 x 27 mm Weight: 154 g Downloads Datasheet Manual

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  •  -46% Case for 7` RGB-Touch-Display for Raspberry Pi

    JOY-iT Case for 7" RGB-Touch-Display for Raspberry Pi

    Case for 7' RGB-Touch-Display for Raspberry Pi

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  • Passive Cooling for Raspberry Pi (Heatsink)

    JOY-iT Passive Cooling for Raspberry Pi (Heatsink)

    Aluminium Heatsink Set for Raspberry Pi with pre-applied tape for easy installation 1 piece: 14 x 15 x 5 mm 2 pieces: 8 x 8 x 5 mm

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  • USB-A to Micro USB-B Cable with Switch

    JOY-iT USB-A to Micro USB-B Cable with Switch

    USB-A to Micro USB-B power cable (power supply only) 1.5 m length with ON/OFF switch Add the ability to control the power to your USB-powered project simply by plugging a cable with a switch between the USB power port and the USB cable. There's no more need to pull the cable to restart or reboot your devices, just press the button to turn on and off, which helps to prevent the USB connector from wear and tear due to frequent pulling and inserting the USB cable. It can be used as a power supply up to 2 A. Not applicable for data transfer.

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  • StromPi 3 – Power Solution voor Single Board Computers

    JOY-iT StromPi 3 - Power Solution for Single Board Computers

    With the StromPi 3, JOY-iT has now released the next expansion board that's going to meet your power requirements. With a voltage range of 6-61 V and a current of up to 3 A, even larger projects can be supplied with sufficient current. The individual inputs can now be prioritised in various ways, allowing the StromPi 3 to be perfectly customised to your project. In addition to the voltage inputs already available, the new StromPi 3 can now be supplemented with an optional plug-in battery unit that adds a rechargeable emergency power source to your Raspberry Pi with a LiFePO4 battery. As a result, unexpected power outages are in the past! Along with that, the StromPi 3 now has its own configurable and autonomously acting microsystem unit, which can be used for a programmable start-stop behaviour. Let your system run up and down at preset times to perform measurements or to switch devices on and off (also ideal for digital signage or machine control). The RTC (real-time clock) contained in the microsystem can also be used to synchronize the operating Raspberry Pi without Internet access. With the new StromPi 3 you are perfectly equipped for all kinds of projects! Specifications Voltage Input Micro-USB, Wide-Range: 6-61 V Voltage Output 5 V, 3 A / RPi-PinHeader + USB Compatible to Raspberry Pi (A+, B+, 2B, 3, 3B, 3B+, 4B), Banana Pi M2, via USB output: many more single board computers like Arduino, pcDuino, Red Pitaya and many more Optional Extensions Plug-in battery pack (sold separately) with a 1000 mAh LiFePO4 battery unit Microcontroller Control Programming option by prioritizing the individual inputs in an emergency (Power Path) Addional Features RTC real-time clock (programmable start/stop behaviour), control via serial interface (data output, control), optional rechargeable battery is charged immediately during operation Dimensions 55 x 54 x 20 mm Downloads Manuals, scripts and firmware

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  • Tower-Case for Raspberry Pi Server Cluster

    JOY-iT Tower-Case for Raspberry Pi Server Cluster

    Tower-Case for Raspberry Pi Server Cluster Material Acryl, brass Capacity up to 7 boards Color Transparent Dimensions 75 mm x 104 mm x 202 mm Weight 226 g

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  • JOY-iT Raspberry Pi Controllerboard for RGB-LED Matrix

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Raspberry Pi Controllerboard for RGB-LED Matrix

    FUNCTION Logic level converter from 3.3 V to 5V for controlling of up to 3 LED matrix rows PASSIVE AND ACTIVE COOLING Aluminium heatsink with a 25x25mm sized fan COMPATIBLE WITH Raspberry Pi 3A/B/A+/B+, 4B INPUT VOLTAGE 5 Volt INTERFACES 3x HUB75 plugs DATA LINE E SWITCHABLE with jumpers to Pin 4 or 8 DIMENSIONS 65 x 56 x 26 mm WEIGHT 40 g ITEMS SHIPPED Controller, heatsink, fan, 2 spacers, 6 screws and nuts, 4 flat washers, 2 jumpers EAN 4250236819631 ARTICLE NO. RB-MatrixCtrl

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  • JOY-iT Tasta-Mini – Mini Wireless Keyboard

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Tasta-Mini - Mini Wireless Keyboard

    This small 14.1 x 8.2 cm Mini Wireless Keyboard is a practical universal tool with an integrated touchpad that saves you the hassle of using a separate mouse. If you use your Raspberry as a multimedia platform, this keyboard is a must. The large range of 10 metres allows you to take control from the comfort of your sofa. Due to the integrated RGB lighting, operation in the dark is no problem. Beside many special keys all keys of a conventional keyboard are also present. The integrated rechargeable battery can be recharged conveniently via the existing Micro USB connection with any commercially available power supply unit. Features Full functionality of a large keyboard Many additional function keys Wireless connection with 10-meter range Integrated rechargeable battery / charging via Micro-USB Adjustable RGB illumination Touchpad Technical details Number of keys: 80 Keyboard layout: QWERTZ with ä, ü, ö Frequency: 2.4 GHz Transmission power: +5 db max. Operating voltage: 3.7 V Charge current: < 200 mA Current in idle state: < 30 µA Battery type: BL-5B Battery capacity: 300 mAh Special functions: Adjustable RGB backlight, media buttons, integrated touchpad, rechargeable battery Dimensions: 141 x 82 x 13 mm Weight: 105 g

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  • JOY-iT Port Doubler for Raspberry Pi

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Port Doubler for Raspberry Pi

    MODEL Port-Doubler FUNCTION Provides 4 GPIO bars CONNECTIVITY Attaches directly to the existing GPIO bar of the Raspberry Pi DIMENSIONS 55 x 66 mm WEIGHT 30 g ITEMS SHIPPED Port-Doubler, Mounting material EAN 4250236817057 ARTICLE NO. RB-Port-Doubler

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  • Last stock! Joy-Pi Note – 11,6` Raspberry Pi 4-gebaseerde Notebook

    JOY-iT Joy-Pi Note - 11.6” Raspberry Pi 4-based Notebook

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    3-in-1 Solution: Notebook, Learning Platform and Experiment Center The Joy-Pi Note is the new flagship in the Joy-Pi family. With its 11.6' IPS screen and a detachable, wireless keyboard, it takes the Joy-Pi‘s basic concept in a new, high-quality and attractive format. With 46 courses and 18 projects, the Joy-Pi Note is not only suitable as an experiment center, but is also ideal for use in the education sector. With over 22 integrated sensors and modules, there are no limits to the user‘s own joy of experimentation. This simplifies the introduction to electrical engineering and programming. Due to the installed learning platform, which was developed especially for the Joy-Pi Note, the installed units can be operated and learned independently of one‘s own previous knowledge. It is also possible to connect additional sensors and modules via the pins of the Raspberry Pi, which are routed to the outside, and thus also carry out more complex projects. Of course, the Joy-Pi Note can also be used as a „classic“ notebook. All programs compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 can be installed. The integrated 2 MP camera also makes video conferencing possible, for example. All Raspberry Pi 4 models can be used (we recommend 4 GB RAM or higher). On the bottom of the device, you will find a compartment where you can insert a power bank to also operate the Joy-Pi Note mobile. Specifications Main Features Screen 11.6' 1920x1080 IPS LCD Camera 2 MP Special features Fully equipped set, completely integrated experiment center, pre-installed learning platform, detachable wireless keyboard, integrated compartment for powerbank & accessories Lessons of the learning platform 46 courses & 18 projects for Python and Scratch Power supply 12 V hollow plug, 5 V USB Compatible to Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB and 8 GB RAM) Keyboard layouts DE (default) + US, UK, FR, IT, PT and Nordic Dimensions 291 x 190 x 46 mm Weight 1.3 kg Included sensors, modules & accessories Display 7-segment display, 16x2 LCD module, 8x8 RGB Matrix Sensors DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor, tilt sensor, motion sensor, sound sensor, touch sensor, RFID module, light sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor Motors Servo interface, stepper motor interface, vibration motor Control Joystick, 4x4 button matrix, Raspberry Pi & PCB connection switch, motion sensor, sensitivity controller, sound sensor sensitivity controller, 16x2 LCD module brightness controller Others Relay, fan, GPIO extension, GPIO LED indicator, breadboard, IO/ADC/I²C/UART expansion interface, infrared sensor interface, buzzer, display driver Accessories RFID chip, RFID card, 12 V power supply, servo motor, stepper motor, infrared receiver, infrared remote control, DC motor with fan attachment, HDMI connector, screwdriver, microSD card (32 GB), SD card reader, electronic accessories, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard Included Joy-Pi Note Accessories Quick guide Required Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB or 8 GB RAM)

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  • JOY-iT Explorer 700 Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Explorer 700 Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

    The JOY-iT Explorer 700 Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi expansion board has the following functions: Pin-Header to put directly on the Raspberry Pi B+, 2B, 3B or 4B UART interface: connect easily UART modules like for example RS232, RS485, USB to UART (TTL-cable) AD/DA IO interface: connected cable via screws definable 1-WIRE interface: to connect a 1-WIRE device Sensor interface: digital and analogue sensors can be connected 0.96 inch OLED display: SSD1306 Driver, 128 x 64 Pixel, SPI interface Buzzer USB to UART, converter with CP2102 chipset (mini USB-Port) PCF8591: 8-bit analog / digital converter, I²C interface BMP180: sensor for atmospheric pressure, temperature and height over normal zero, I²C interface PCF8574: I/O Chip for I²C interface DS3231: high precision RTC chip, I²C interface Power LED Programmable LED Joystick LFN0038K IR infrared receiver Interfaces UART, AD/DA: connected cables can be fixed with screws, 1-Wire, Sensor Display 0.96“ OLED Display (SSD1306 Driver, 128x64 Pixel) Dimensions 85 mm x 56 mm x 17 mm Weight 30 g For more information, check out the user manual here.

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  • JOY-iT 3.5' Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

    JOY-iT JOY-iT 3.5" Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

    With the 3.5 inch large TFT touch screen display, you can build a mini tablet PC based on a Raspberry Pi. The display, with a maximum resolution of 480x320 pixels, is simply plugged into the existing GPIO connectors. Specifications Display: 3.5' (8.89 cm) Resolution: 480x320 pixels Touchscreen Type: Resistive Touch screen controller: XPT2046 Colors: 65536 Backlight: LED Connection: GPIO header Aspect ratio: 8:5 Display Size: 85 x 56 mm

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  • JOY-iT Aluminium Case for StromPi 3

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Aluminium Case for StromPi 3

    Material: Aluminium Color: Matt black Compatible with: Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4 with attached StromPi 3 and Battery Hat Options of Mounting: DIN rail, M4 threaded holes on the bottom of the case Amounts of M4 threads: 4 Active cooling Low-profile heatsink and PCB for fan control and power button included Dimensions: 59 mm x 64 mm x 105 mm

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  • JOY-iT Extra Large Battery Pack for StromPi 3

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Extra Large Battery Pack for StromPi 3

    This battery hat with LiFePO4 battery turns the StromPi V3 into a full-featured UPS solution. The replacement battery is provided as third current source, is surveilled and will be recharged automatically. With the doubling of the rated capacity, the lifespan is nearly twice as long as well in comparison to the 1000 mAh battery. It is based of the LiFePo4 technoloy and offers more essential advantages compared to the standard lithium-ION structures: increased security because there can not be a chemical spontaneous combustion a longer life time as lithium ION technology more charge cycles the battery gets automatically charged if it runs with a external voltage source In the battery electronic, protection circuits against overload, short-circuits and deep discharging are integrated. SPECIFICATIONS TYPE Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) CAPACITY 2000 mAh VOLTAGE 3.2 V SPECIAL FEATURES directly attachable to the StromPi 3, will be charged immediately, pin header lead-through, own protection- and charge electronic, More Security: no chemical self ignition possible, Essentially longer Lifespan than Lithium-Ion technology DIMENSIONS 65 x 56 x 22 mm ITEMS SHIPPED Battery Pack EAN 4250236819891 ARTICLE NO. RB-StromPi3BAT-XL

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  • JOY-iT 64x64 RGB-LED Matrix Module

    JOY-iT JOY-iT 64x64 RGB-LED Matrix Module

    Display RGB-LED Resolution 64 x 64 Amount of LED 4096 LEDs LED Size 3 mm Pitch Supply Voltage 5 V Max. Power Input 40 W Control 1/32 Scan Operating Temperature -20 °C - 55 °C Viewing Angle 140° Pixel Density 111111 Pixel / m² Dimensions 192 mm x 192 mm x 14 mm Weight 246 g Items Shipped LED-Matrix, Kabel For more information, check out the user manual here.

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  • Last stock! Active Cooling for Raspberry Pi (Mini Fan)

    JOY-iT Active Cooling for Raspberry Pi (Mini Fan)

    1 in stock

    If you are searching for a possibility to keep your Raspberry Pi cool, than this mini fan is the perfect possibility for this. The active cooler is ready to use right after pluging in the two GPIO pins into the 5V and GND GPI-O port. The cooler is compatible to all Raspberry Pis and is perfect to keep them cool, even under full load. Voltage: 5 V Current: 0.2 A Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 7 mm

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  • JOY-iT BME680 Environmental Gas Sensor

    JOY-iT JOY-iT BME680 Environmental Gas Sensor

    The BME680 from Bosch Sensortec is the new, compact ambient sensor with integrated sensor technology for humidity, pressure, temperature and air quality. The I²C and SPI digital interfaces also enable simple and fast readout of the measured values. Specifications Digital interfaces I²C, SPI Operating voltage 3-5 V Compatible to Arduino, Raspberry Pi Dimensions 30 x 14 x 10 mm Weight 10 g Humidity sensor Response time 8s Accuracy tolerance ± 3% Hysteresis ≤ 1.5% Pressure sensor Pressure range 300-1100 hPa Relative accuracy ± 0.12 hPa Absolute accuracy ± 1 hPa Temperature sensor Operating range -40°C - 85°C Full accuracy 0°C - 65°C Air quality sensor Response time 1s Downloads Datasheet Manual

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  • JOY-iT 84x48 LCD Display

    JOY-iT JOY-iT 84x48 LCD Display

    This display correspond to the Nokia 5110 norm which makes it perfectly to display data or graphs of measured values on a microcontroller or a single-board computer. Additionally, the display is compatible to all Raspberry Pi, Arduino, CubieBoard, Banana Pi and microcontroller without additional effort. Specifications Chipset Philips PCD8544 Interface SPI Resolution 84 x 48 Pixels Power supply 2.7-3.3 V Special features Backlight Compatible to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, CubieBoard, Banana Pi and microcontroller Dimensions 45 x 45 x 14 mm Weight 14 g

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  • Last stock! "\"JOY-iT 10\"Touchscreen voor RPi incl. metalen behuizing en stand (HDMI/VGA/BNC/AV)\"\"\""

    JOY-iT JOY-iT 10" Touchscreen for RPi incl. Metal Case and Stand (HDMI/VGA/BNC/AV)

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    The 10' Touch-Display from JOY-iT is housed in a sleek metal case making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. The case is robust and has a smooth matt black finish which blends well with the hard-coated (3H) screen. Included with the display is an adapter plate which can be used to mount any of the standard single board computers on the rear of the unit. The USB socket can power the display when it’s used with an SBC so there will be no need to use the included mains adapter. The display can also be used as a monitor for standard PC systems via the HDMI and VGA connectors. A BNC and AV connector provide analog inputs for CCTV etc. Features Includes an adapter plate for mounting all the standard Single Board Computers (SBC) such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, CubieBoard etc. Needs no separate mains adapter when used with an SBC Robust metal case Anti-glare display Hard coated (3H) display surface Specifications Display size 10.1” (25.65 cm) Visible display surface 217 x 135.6 mm Resolution 1280(RGB) x 800(WXGA) pixel Contrast ratio 800:1 Bracket and stand Included HDMI connector 1x VGA connector 1x AV connector 1x BNC connector 1x USB connector 2x Integrated loudspeaker Yes Mains adapter 12 V / 2000 mA Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50°C Brightness 350 cd/m² Displayed colors 16.7 million Special features Hard coated (3H) anti-glare display Weight 1.20 kg Dimensions without stand 244 x 163 x 32 mm (B x H x T) Included Display (10.1”) Stand Adapter plate for mounting an SBC HDMI cable USB cable (Type A) USB cable (Type A to Micro-USB) Mains adapter Remote controller Downloads Pre-installed Raspbian System for Raspberry Pi 4 Pre-installed Raspbian System for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and older

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  • JOY-iT ProtoShield+ for Raspberry Pi

    JOY-iT JOY-iT ProtoShield+ for Raspberry Pi

    With our Proto+ prototype circuit board your own designs and projects can be implemented easily. The board is equipped with all popular connectors and also has a built-in breadboard for quick implementation of your ideas and developments.The built-in GPIO bar allows the expansion board to be easily plugged onto a Raspberry Pi and can be used immediately. The supplied screws and spacers allow the PCB to be connected directly to the Raspberry Pi. The screw terminals are already installed and facilitate the use and fast experimenting. MODEL Proto+ Prototyp-Board AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS GPIO (40-pole), SOIC16, Breadboard, 2x 3,3V, 2x 5V, UART, I2C, SPI NOTICE The outter screw terminals are connected to the GPIO connectors. COMPATIBLE TO Raspberry Pi B+, 2, 3 DIMENSIONS 55 x 85 mm WEIGHT 44 g ITEMS SHIPPED Proto+ Board, Screws, Spacers EAN 4250236814797 ARTICLE NO. RB-Proto+

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  • PoE Splitter (5 V) – Power over Ethernet for Single Board Computers

    JOY-iT PoE Splitter (5 V) - Power over Ethernet for Single Board Computers

    Features Jack: 1x Micro USB power plug + 1x RJ45 output port Input Voltage: 36~57 V (standard PoE voltage 48 V, 52 V) Output Voltage: DC 5 V Output Current: 2 A Transmission Distance: 10~100 m PoE Protocol: IEEE802.3af Network Bandwidth: 10/100 Mbps Weight: 40 g Product Dimension: 82 x 28 x 23 mm Cable Length: 205 mm Operation Temperature: -50 °C up to +75 °C

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Buy a Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi? Why do you need a Raspberry Pi board? What are the benefits?

Raspberry Pi is a minicomputer or a so-called Single Board Computer (or SBC for short) from the Raspberry Pi Foundation from Cambridge (GB). In a single-board computer, all important components such as the processor, RAM and GPU are mounted on one board.

The foundation published the first Raspberry Pi version in 2012 with the idea of promoting computer science as a school and study subject. The main goal to achieve this was a retail price of $35 that should be affordable for everyone.

Elektor also wanted to arouse early interest in computer science and electronics among pupils and students. As an official Raspberry Pi reseller, Elektor has direct personal contact with the Raspberry Pi developers in Cambridge and with the actual intellectual father of the Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton. Elektor not only offers official Raspberry Pi hardware, but also offers its customers interesting first-hand projects, reviews, tutorials and specialist books. Elektor thus occupies a special position among all Raspberry Pi dealers.

Our Raspberry Pi range

In addition to the currently available Raspberry Pi boards Elektor offers you official Raspberry Pi accessories and a carefully selected selection tested third party products (construction kits, HATs, power supplies, cases, displays, cameras, books and miscellaneous. We also have an extensive range of RP2040 products based on the RP2040 microcontroller chip developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Buying a Raspberry Pi board: what can you do with it?

What makes the Raspberry Pi so special? This small, full-fledged, credit card-sized computer has won the hearts of software and hardware developers around the world and continues to reinvent itself with each new hardware version. With more than 20 million boards sold, Raspberry Pi has turned the electronics world upside down. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional developer, Raspberry Pi is the universal tool for every electronics technician! Use the Raspberry Pi for your own developments, control your smart home products with it or use it as a media player in the living room for streaming. Raspberry Pi cuts a fine figure in every area. The application possibilities are almost endless. The steadily growing community develops fun, but above all useful projects that are easy to make yourself.

Raspberry Pi accessories

Buying a Raspberry Pi is just the first step. As an official Raspberry Pi reseller, Elektor not only offers the Raspberry Pi, but also the necessary accessories and extensions to benefit as much as possible from the compact Raspberry Pi. At Elektor you will find power supplies, housings (with or without fans), kits, sensors, robots, cameras, displays, books, HATs and other expansion cards to help realize your projects.

Smart Home projects with Raspberry Pi

Today, a Smart Home is one of the most used applications for the Raspberry Pi. The reason for this is logical because a Smart Home provides more comfort in the home and makes saving on energy costs easy. Below you will find three of the most commonly used applications of Raspberry Pi in a Smart Home environment

Home automation system

The Raspberry Pi can be used to build a home automation system that allows you to perform tasks automatically. This includes controlling lighting, heating, entertainment and air conditioning.

Home monitoring

Home monitoring is a system that uses sensors to take measurements of your home environment and transmit this information to a central device. The system can take measurements of: temperatures, humidity, light intensity and movement. Use home monitoring to monitor your home environment, allowing you to use alarm systems, security cameras and other devices to protect your home.

A good example of this is when you close your roller shutters automatically as soon as it threatens to get too hot. This way you can easily restore the heat in your home.

Smart switches

A smart switch is a device used to turn electrical appliances on and off remotely. It is a wireless device that is connected to your home network and can be controlled with a mobile app, a remote control or a voice assistant.

A good example of smart switches combined with Raspberry Pi is turning off lights when you watch a movie via Kodi. You can even go so far that when you pause the movie, the lights come back on.

Buy your Raspberry Pi from Elektor

Elektor is an official reseller approved by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We only obtain the Raspberry Pi directly from the manufacturer/developer and not from a distributor. New products are immediately available from stock on the day of publication. By eliminating the middleman, we can offer the Raspberry Pi and other official accessories at the lowest possible price.


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