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    Diamex Diamex EXA-Prog Package

    EXA-Prog in housing EXA-Prog represents the new generation of ISP programmers, which are not limited to one specific microcontroller type, but support several different controller architectures and programming interfaces. Laser-cut plexiglass housing. Two built-in status LEDs signal the current state of the programmer. Features Function selection via DIP switch Signal level switchable, 3.3 V, 5 V Integrated high voltage generator for UPDI programming Automatic bit-rate adjustment in AVR-ISP mode Clock generator for AVR controller with fuse oscillator Button to reset the connected microcontroller 10-pin standard ISP connector Optional accessories: 10-pin to 6-pin adapter, ESP01 adapter Mini-USB connector for power supply and connection to PC Firmware can be updated via USB Windows PC tool for testing the signal levels at the programming port. Current consumption without microcontroller connected: approx. 30 mA Signal level at programming connector: 5 V (USB voltage) or 3.3 V Power supply for the external circuit: max. 300 mA (3.3 V), max. 500 mA (5 V) UPDI high voltage: approx. 12.3 V Weight: approx. 25 g Adapter 10-pin to 6-pin IS P and 6-pin UPDI The optimal solution for in-system programming (ISP) of AVR controllers. There are two different standards for the AVR-ISP interface, 6-pin and 10-pin. With this adapter kit, you can exchange the programming lines between both standards. For programming AVR-UPDI a 6-pin connector is also needed. This adapter supports 10-pin to 6-pin for AVR-ISP programming and 10-pin to 6-pin for AVR-UPDI programming. ESP adapter No buttons or switches are needed to activate the ESP bootloader. When ESPTOOL is used, the bootloader is automatically activated and the firmware is started after programming is complete. If another program is used that does not take over this control itself, the bootloader of the ESP can also be activated by a long press on the RESET button of the EXA-PROG and the firmware can be started by a short press after programming. AVR swivel lever High-quality module with swivel lever zero force socket for almost all AVR controllers in DIL package. No own board is required. DIL controllers are easy and fast to program. Can also be used for series production. The 10-pin ISP standard connector from Atmel is used. Additionally, pin 3 is designed as a clock connector if the controller is set to an external clock. 5x 10-pin ISP well connectors for AVR controller in DIL package Compatible with all signal levels Pin 3 for the clock generator High quality swing lever socket (zero force socket) for variable 4-18 mm pin spacing Included EXA-Prog in housing Adapter 10-pin to 6-pin ISP and 6-pin UPDI ESP adapter AVR swivel lever Mini-USB cable 10-pin connection cable 6-pin connection cable 6-pin jumper cable, male-female 6-pin jumper cable, female-female

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