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  • YDLIDAR X4Pro Lidar - 360-degree Laser Range Scanner (10 m)

    YDLIDAR YDLIDAR X4Pro Lidar - 360-degree Laser Range Scanner (10 m)

    YDLIDAR X4PRO is a 360 degrees two-dimensional rangefinder. Based on the principle of triangulation, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design to achieve high-frequency and high- accuracy distance measurement. The mechanical structure rotates 360 degrees to continuously output the angle information as well as the point cloud data of the scanning environment while ranging. Features 360 degrees omnidirectional scanning ranging distance measurement Small distance error, stable performance and high accuracy Wide ranging distance Strong resistance to ambient light interference Low power consumption, small size and long service life Laser power meets Class I laser safety standards Adjustable motor speed, scanning frequency is 6~12 Hz High-speed ranging, ranging frequency up to 5 kHz Applications Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance Robot ROS teaching and research Regional security Environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction Navigation and obstacle avoidance of robot vacuum cleaner/ROS Learning robot Specifications Range Frequency 5000 Hz Scan Frequency 6-12 Hz Range Distance 0.12 10 m Scan Angle 360° Angle Resolution 0.43-0.85° Dimensions 110.6 x 71.1 x 52.3 mm Downloads Datasheet User Manual Development Manual SDK Tool ROS

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