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  •  -14% Verbeterde T-962 Infrarood reflow-oven (Elektor versie)

    Upgraded T-962 Infrared Reflow Oven (Elektor Version)


    This upgraded version (available exclusively from Elektor) contains the following improvements: Enhanced protective earthing (PE) for furnace chassis Extra thermal insulation layer around furnace to reduce odors The infrared IC heater T-962 is a microprocessor-controlled reflow oven that you can use for effectively soldering various SMD and BGA components. The whole soldering process can be completed automatically and it is very easy to use. This machine uses a powerful infrared emission and circulation of the hot air flow, so the temperature is being kept very accurate and evenly distributed. A windowed drawer is designed to hold the work-piece, and allows safe soldering techniques and the manipulation of SMDBGA and other small electronic parts mounted on a PCB assembly. The T-962 may be used to automatically rework solder to correct bad solder joints, remove / replace bad components and complete small engineering models or prototypes. Features Large infrared soldering area Effective soldering area: 180 x 235 mm; this increases the usage range of this machine drastically and makes it an economical investment. Choice of different soldering cycles Parameters of eight soldering cycles are pre defined and the entire soldering process can completed automatically from Preheat, Soak and Reflow through to cool down. Special heat up and temperature equalization with all designs Uses up to 800 Watts of energy efficient Infrared heating and air circulation to re-flow solder. Ergonomic design, practical and easily operated Good build quality but at the same time light weight and a small footprint allows the T-962 to be easily bench positioned transported or stored. Large number of available funtions The T-962 can solder most small parts of PCB boards, for example CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA etc. It is the ideal rework solution from single runs to on-demand small batch production. Specifications Max. soldering area 180 x 235 mm (7.1 x 9.3') Rated power 800 W Processing time 1~8 minutes Power supply 220 V AC/60 Hz Dimensions 31 x 29 x 17 cm (12.2 x 11.4 x 6.7') Weight 6.2 kg Downloads Manual GitHub


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  •  -14% Elektor CheatKard (Electrical Engineering Reference Cards)

    Elektor CheatKard (Electrical Engineering Reference Cards)

    Electrical Engineering Tools in your PocketA set of 8 credit card-size, flexible cards packed with reference data all electronics designers need easy and instant access to. Whether you reverse-engineer an SMD board, figure out component values, or decide your best way to have a PCB manufactured, these gold plated cards provide instant technical guidance at real-life size for all aspects of PCB design state and electronics in general.There are 7 cards covering over 16 measurement techniques, over 100 schematic symbols, 2 value calculators (C, R), over 132 SMD footprints, 8 electronics laws & theory, and a powerful PCB design aid showing actual copper thickness, plating and finishing methods, track widths, and more. Plus, there’s an Elektor card showing their distinctive and legacy schematic drawing style and component symbols. To complete the set, there’s an Elektor cover card magnifying card for close inspection of PCB traces and SMD parts.Set comprises: 9 cards (flexible, 80 x 50 x 0.6 mm, 18K gold-plating) 1 Magnifying card 1 Carabiner key ring 1 Leather sleeve / pouch

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  • Breadboard (830 Tie Points)

    Breadboard (830 Tie Points)

    Specifications Terminal strip, tie-point 630 Distribution strips, tie-point 200 Solderless breadboard (MB-102) Wire size: Suitable for 20-29 AWG wires, jumper wire of 0.8 mm diameter Material: ABS. Transparent material Size: 16.5 x 5.3 x 0.85 cm Brand new and high quality They allow electronic components to be interconnected in an almost endless number of ways to produce working circuits Because no soldering is required, modifying or revising the circuits can be done quite easily The breadboard consists of a set of formed metal sockets inserted into a durable plastic housing Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips Adhesive sheet on the bottom of the board

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  • Cleaning Nozzle Drill Kit (0.1-1.0 mm)

    Cleaning Nozzle Drill Kit (0.1-1.0 mm)

    Cleaning nozzle drill kit small box containing 10 carbide PCB drills from 0.1 mm to 1 mm all with 4 mm shaft. Ideal for drilling small precision holes in pcb's, plastic or soft metal.

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  • Pokit Meter – Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger

    Pokit Meter - Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger

    Pokit Meter is a revolutionary tool in the measurement industry. Its incredibly small size means you can put it on a keychain or in your pocket for unprecedented portability. Free yourself from the bench and take your creativity to new places! Pokit Meter harnesses the power of your smartphone, transforming it into an awesome measurement tool. The Pokit App measures a wide range of parameters, including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also provides continuity and a diode checker. Pokit Meter is ideal for low voltage electronics, automotive applications, home automation, and much more. Super Handy Retractable Leads: All-in-one multimeter, oscilloscope (one-time) and logger Highly Portable, it Fits in Your Pocket: Fits on your keychain so you can take it anywhere Wireless Connectivity: Connects to your phone via Bluetooth 60 V DC/42 V AC, 2 A Ultra-low Power and Long Battery Life: Suitable for low voltage electronics work (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), automotive applications etc. Full-Featured Multimeter Pokit Meter is a full-featured multimeter. The app brings all your favourite measurement modes into one seamless display. No knobs, no loose and bulky leads. Perfect for use in the home or on the go! True RMS measurement Auto ranging Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% Resistance: 1 to 1M Ohm, ±5% Ambient temperature: 0°C to 60°C, ±1°C Continuity and diode polarity checker Digital Storage Oscilloscope An oscilloscope that small? Never before has this much freedom been brought to your fingertips in the realm of electronic test equipment. Pokit Meter’s oscilloscope captures detailed voltage and current waveforms for real-time display on your smartphone. Simply pinch and drag to zoom and pan. Long-press on the graph to set cursors and trace your signals. Pokit Meter also functions as a spectrum analyser. Switch into DFT mode to view your waveforms in the frequency domain. Sampling: 1 Msample/sec, 12-bit Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% 1mS to 10s acquisition window Auto trigger or adjustable rising/falling trigger level Monitor Parameters Long Term Pokit Meter functions as a stand-alone data logger. It logs temperature, voltage, or current waveforms for periods of up to six months, without connection to a phone. Pokit Meter’s compact nature means it can be placed in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. Simply hook up your Pokit and walk away! 12-bit sampling Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% 1 to 8000 points memory Up to 6 months logging

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  • DER EE DE-5000 LCR Meter (100 kHz)

    DER EE DE-5000 LCR Meter (100 kHz)

    The DE-5000 is a smart, high-accurate, flexible and easy-to-use portable LCR meter. It features automatic LCR check, 4-wire Kelvin measurement, backlit display with 19999/1999 counts, multiple measurement modes and selectable test frequencies (100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz or 100 kHz). The DE-5000 LCR meter is a practical helper for engineers or technicians. Features Auto L.C.R. check Ls/Lp/Cs/Cp/Rs/Rp/DCR with D/Q/θ/ESR measurement 4-wire Kelvin measurement 20,000 / 2,000 counts display Backlight Relative mode Series / Parallel modes Components sorting function Low battery indication Auto power off Specifications Test frequency 100 Hz / 120 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz / 100 kHz Resistance range 20.000 Ω – 200.0 MΩ DCR range 200.00 Ω – 200.0 MΩ Capacitance range 200.00 pF – 20.00 mF Inductance range 20.000 µH – 2.000 KH Display (backlit LCD) 19999 / 1999 counts Selectable tolerance ±0.25%, ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%, ±20% Power supply 9 V battery Dimensions 188 x 95 x 52 mm Weight 350 g (excluding battery) Included DE-5000 LCR meter Alligator test lead case (TL-21) AC/DC adaptor Guard line (TL-23) TL-22 SMD tweezers 9 V battery Carrying case Manual Downloads Datasheet

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  • Set extra long (Arduino) pinheaders (pins 15 mm)

    Set extra-long Pin Headers (15 mm)

    Set of 4 extra long pin headers (pins 15 mm). 1x 6 pins 2x 8 pins 1x 10 pins Usable for Arduino and other projects.

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  • PCB Drill Kit 0.8 mm

    PCB Drill Kit 0.8 mm

    Cleaning nozzle drill kit small box containing 10 carbide PCB drills 0.8 mm all with 4 mm shaft. Ideal for drilling small precision holes in pcb's, plastic or soft metal.

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  • Permanent Markers for the EggBot (Pack of 6)

    Markers for the EggBot (Pack of 6)

    Features: Universal pen for use on almost all surfaces Suitable for overhead projection Also suitable for use on CDs/DVDs Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on almost all surfaces Dries in seconds, therefore ideal for left-handed users Permanent, low-odour ink Lightfast colours: black, brown Weatherproof colour black Stand-up STAEDTLER box PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up (Standard atmosphere according to ISO 554) Airplane-safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft Xylene and toluene-free ink Superb colour brilliancy Line width superfine approx. 0.4 mm Refillable

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  • Fumetractor with LED Light

    Fumetractor with LED Light

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    The soldering fume is sucked in by a 60 mm fan and released upwards through an easily replaceable activated carbon filter. All SMD components are already assembled; the user must assemble the rest. Features Small, compact design Quiet operation Enhanced LED lighting Easy to change the activated carbon filter Dimensions: 130 x 83 x 74mm 1-button usability Short press: turn the fan on or off Longer press (>0,5 s): turn the fan and the LED light on Extra long press (>1 s): turn everything on and change the brightness of LED-light Included in the kit: 1 x Board (all SMD parts pre-assembled, tested, with firmware, depending on variant) 1 x Fan (60 mm, >60.000 h) 1 x Fan guard grille 1 x Plug/socket for fan 1 x Short-travel pushbutton, angled 1 x LED light kit 4 x M4 screws (fan mounting) 4 x Nuts M4 + fuse 8 x Screws M3 (housing) 8 x Square nuts M3 2 x Activated carbon filter For more information, please visit the eHajo Dokuwiki.

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  • Magnet Driver Space Rocket Precision Screwing Kit

    Magnet Driver Space Rocket Precision Screwing Kit

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    Included 1 Precision Screwdriver 1 Magnetic organizer mat 1 Extensor

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  • Aoyue 8486 Fume Extractor

    Aoyue 8486 Fume Extractor

    The Aoyue 8486 fume extractor utilizes 3 filters including HEPA and activated carbon beads for the max. extraction efficiency. It removes 97% of particles greater than 0.3 um. Easily position the fume extractor soldering hose exactly where you need it over the work. Dial in the perfect amount of fume extraction power using the large front panel readout and control dial. Aoyue 8486 redirects soldering smoke caused by burning flux and other fumes away from your face so you can breathe. Features Desktop fume extraction system with HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air filter) for removing the dust particles and enhanced activated carbon filtration system. With actual carbon filter beads. Powerful suction, quiet operation. Electronic control panel with variable airflow adjustment. Sub-filters extend the life of main filters. Free standing arms. Arms can be bent as desired and maintain their shape after adjustment. Unit has mount holes so it can be attached to walls to free up desk space. Specifications Voltage input 220 V DC voltage 12 V Suction fan 3.59 m/s Suction power 18-100% HEPA filter H11 class Carbon filter Activated carbon 800 IV (cylinder type) Dimensions 184 x 184 x 152 mm (W x H x D) Weight 1.8 kg Included Main unit Flexible extractor tube Filter hood HEPA filter Activated carbon filter Sub air filter DC power brick Instruction manual

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  • Fumetractor – USB-Charge-Addon

    Fumetractor - USB-Charge-Addon

    Fumetractor – USB-Charge-Addon

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  • Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station (1000 W)

    Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station (1000 W)

    The Quick 861DW is an advanced Hot Air Rework Station with a 1000 W heating power. It is designed for professional soldering electronic SMD components using lead-free solders. Features Three programmable channels CH1, CH2 and CH3 (for air volume and temperature parameters). Password protection and button lock function available. Magnetic switch in a stand can automatically puts the station into sleep mode when not in use. Easy real-time operation, auto sleeping function available, parameters can be set in sleeping mode. Closed loop sensor, temperature controlled by micro-computer zero trigger, large power, rapid temperature rising, temperature can be easily and accurately adjusted, not affected by airflow. Brushless vortex fan, wide range of airflow adjustable, suitable for many applications. Auto cooling function available, long lifetime ceramic heater. Specifications Power 1000 W Operating voltage AC 200~240 V Temperature range 100-500°C Air volume 1-120 class Air flow 50 l/min (Max) Dimensions 188 x 245 x 135 mm Weight 3.65 kg Downloads Manual

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  •  -10%Last stock! Qoitech Otii Arc – Power Supply, Power Meter and Data Acquisition

    Qoitech Otii Arc - Power Supply, Power Meter and Data Acquisition

    1 in stock

    Otii Arc is the ultimate developer tool for designing highly energy-efficient devices. It is an easy-to-use, all-in-one, featured-packed tool for every developer's table.It records currents and voltages and displays them in real-time as charts and interactive measurements for analysis and comparisons. Recordings can be synchronized with UART debug logs, giving insights into what drains the energy.Otii Arc is compact, portable, and powered via USB from your laptop (DC supply is optional). It comes with a lifetime subscription of Otii software (standard version), a powerful and easy-to-use desktop application for Ubuntu, Windows & macOS, download here. Channels 10 Sampling Rate 4 kSa/s Main Current (<19.5mA) 1 kSa/s other channels Power Supply Voltage 5 V USB optional 7 V - 9 V DC, up to 5 A Power Consumption < 1 W Operating Temperature 15 °C – 25 °C Storage Temperature -20 °C - 60 °C Cooling Method Convection Dimensions 145 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm Weight 500 g Maximum Measurement Length No limits Testing Modes Main Voltage, Main Current, ADC Voltage, ADC Current, Sense+ Voltage, Sense- Voltage, GPI1 level, GPI2 level, UART RX, UART TX Maximum Output Voltage 3.75 V (USB supply, auto range) 4.20 V (USB supply, high range) 4.55 V (DC supply, auto range) 5.00 V (DC supply, high range) Maximum Output Current 5.0 A peak 2.5 A continuous Maximum Input Voltage 5 V on any pin Maximum Input Current 2.5 A sink capability Range Accuracy Resolution Voltage 5 V ±(0.1% + 1.5 mV) 1 mV Current ±19.5 mA±2.7 A2.7 A - 5.0 A ±(0.1% + 50 nA)±(0.1% + 150 uA)±(1%) 5 nA82 uA1.5 mA For more information, click here.Included Qoitech OTii ARC USB to micro-USB cable

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  • Inventables X-Carve V2 CNC Machine (1000 mm fully loaded Kit)

    Inventables X-Carve V2 CNC Machine (1000 mm fully loaded Kit)

    The X-Carve CNC machine is great for Makers looking to start their CNC journey. Reliable, customizable, and expandable: X-Carve is also the best-selling machine for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Start producing, no CNC knowledge required. X-Carve and Easel simplify 3D carving so you can begin working with wood, plastics and other materials in minutes. Features Carves wood, plastics, and materials like aluminum, Corian®️, and linoleum up to 37 inches wide. Easy-to-follow assembly instructions will help familiarize you with your machine. This model V2 is 3x faster, more rigid, and more accurate than the original X-Carve. Design -> Carve -> Sell Design: Sketch out your own idea and upload to Easel software, or browse from the library of over 3 million designs. Carve: Easel controls the spindle and makes calculations so there's no guesswork. Sell: X-Carve + Easel speeds up production so you can take on more jobs and get them out faster. The bundle pays for itself in no time. Carvable Materials Wood/Wood Composites: Hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, plywoods, etc. Plastics: HDPE, Delrin®️, polycarbonate, acrylic, Corian®️, etc. Non-Ferrous Metals: Aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Import File Types: G-Code, SVG, or DXF files from any software Software Compatible with standard g-code and GRBL 1 Year of Easel Pro Included (world’s easiest CAD/CAM software) Size & Weight Work Area: 750 x 750 x 114 mm (29.5 x 29.5 x 4.5') Machine Footprint: 1041 x 1321 x 559 mm (41 x 52 x 22') Maximum Passthrough Sheet Width: 940 mm (37') Finish: Anodized Aluminum Product Weight: 45 kg Shipping Weight: 50 kg Included X-Carve Base & Hardware Rail Kit DeWalt 26200 Spindle X-Controller Kit Nema 23 Motors Kit Waste Board Drag Chain Toolkit Homing Kit Z-Probe Kit Side Board Dust Control System Clamp Set Digital Calipers 1 Year Easel Pro Software Downloads Instructions Support 3D Models and Drawings

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Elektor is the place for professionals and enthusiasts involved in electronics. We not only offer a source of education and inspiration, but also an extensive range of measuring instruments. These tools are essential for anyone who wants to take their projects to the next level of precision. Whether you are working on a complex design or testing a basic component, Elektor measuring instruments guarantee reliability and quality.

Essential measuring tools for your Projects

Elektor understands that good measuring instruments are the heart of every electronics project. That is why we have a wide range of oscilloscopes, multimeters, signal generators and more in our range. These tools have been carefully selected to meet the needs of both the hobbyist and the professional. With our measuring instruments you can tackle any electronics challenge with confidence.

In the rapidly changing world of electronics, it is crucial to have access to the latest technology. Our measuring instruments are equipped with the latest developments in electronics, so that you are always ahead of the curve. At Elektor you will find everything you need to support your electronics projects, from simple tools to advanced measuring equipment.

More than just measuring instruments

At Elektor it is more than just offering tools; we provide a community and a platform for knowledge sharing. In addition to measuring instruments, Elektor magazine offers ideas, information and inspiration for your next project. We are a source of innovation for electronics designers, both for professional use and for hobby projects.

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