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  •  -20% Mendocino Solar Motor Kit

    Mendocino Solar Motor Kit

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    When you see a Mendocino motor for the first time, you can't help but be fascinated. It floats in the air and spins by itself, seemingly without any source of energy. The functional principle is actually quite simple. The Mendocino motor is a magnetically levitating electric motor powered by solar energy. The solar panels supply current to the coils mounted on the shaft, which generates a magnetic field. The strong magnet attached to the base (the housing) provides a magnetic force that causes rotation. Thanks to the unique magnetic suspension, there is almost no friction. Make sure you have enough light! The stronger the light source, the faster it spins! Specifications Rotation speed 300-1,500 r/min Dimensions 5.31 x 2.76 x 2.76' (13.5 x 7 x 7 cm) Weight approx. 300 g

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  •  -33% Useless Box

    Useless Box

    You've seen them online or in hilarious video's your colleagues sent you and now you can build one yourself, as a simple solderless kit! Including all you need except the batteries. Don't know it? There is a lot you can say about this kit, but actually all you need to do is watch a video and fall in love! A must have for each office!

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  • TV-B-Gone Kit – Universal TV Remote

    TV-B-Gone Kit - Universal TV Remote

    The TV-B-Gone universal remote control allows you to turn virtually any TV On or OFF. You control when you see TV, rather than what you see. The TV-B-Gone Keychain remote is so small that it easily fits in your pocket so that you have it handy whenever you need it, wherever you go: bars, restaurants, laundromats, ballparks, arenas, etc.The TV-B-Gone Kit is a great way to teach about electronics. When soldered together, it allows you to turn off almost any television within 150 feet or more. It works on over 230 total power codes – 115 American/Asian and another 115 European codes. You can select which zone you want during kit assembly.This is an unassembled kit which means that soldering and assembly is required – but it’s very easy and a great introduction to soldering in general.This kit makes the popular TV-B-Gone remote more fun because you created it yourself with some basic soldering and assembly! Show your friends and family how technologically savvy you are, and entertain them with the power of the TV-B-Gone!The kit is powered by 2x AA batteries and the output comes from 2x narrow beam IR LEDs and 2x wide-beam IR LEDs.IncludedAll required parts/componentsRequiredTools, soldering iron, and batteriesDownloadsGitHub

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  • Mendocino Motor AR O-8

    Mendocino Motor AR O-8

    The Mendocino Motor AR O-8 is a magnetically levitated, solar powered electric motor as a kit.Light Becomes MovementThe solar-powered Mendocino motor seems to float in the air. At first glance, you can't see why the rotor is turning at all. This is the magic of the motor.The Lorentz force is a very small electrical force. In a classroom setting, it is detected by a current swing in the magnetic field. With the Mendocino motor, we have succeeded in developing a beautiful application that uses this weak force for propulsion. Due to its concealed base magnet, the motor will fascinate technically inclined observers.In bright sunlight, the motor can reach a speed of up to 1,000 rpm. More impressive, however, is that even the faint glow of an ample tea light (D = 6 cm with a flame height of about 2 cm) is sufficient to drive the motor. The motor is not yet an alternative source of energy, even though it looks tempting. Presumably, it will remain an attractive model until a resourceful mind disproves this assumption.Dimensions All solar cells 65 x 20 mm Mirror diameter: 25 mm Rotor weight: approx. 150 g Model length: 160 mm Model width: 85 mm Frame height: approx. 85 mm Frame material: black acrylic Tube made of highly polished aluminum Mirror color: silver The Mendocino motor’s easy-to-follow instruction manual includes more than 70 illustrations. It describes a safe and practical approach to construction but also gives you the freedom to try your solutions.Partly Pre-Assembled KitA portion of the kit comes pre-assembled. Bonding the borosilicate glass pane to the acrylic surface requires specialized knowledge and aids. We do not want to impose this on the hobbyist. For instance, the base magnet is attached to the aluminum tube.As a hobbyist, you will need some know-how and appropriate tools: carpet knife, soldering iron and tin, hot glue, pliers, and a clamp or ferrule to fix the supplied assembly aid. A lot of fun is guaranteed!

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  •  -10% 6-cijferige Nixie klok met IN-14 buizen

    Six Digit Nixie Clock with IN-14 Tubes

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    Features Fully assembled and tested Nixie clock Six tested IN-14 Nixie tubes mounted to the clock base Two neon colon tubes installed into the clock base 12 V DC power adapter IR remote control Built-in proximity sensor User manual This clock is a combination of modern technologies and vintage Nixie tubes. It is a perfect gift for your friend and definitely will fit into any interior. Warm glowing of the neon will fill your house with soft orange light at night and will serve as a night light. The clock is built with 6 numeric IN-14 Nixie tubes. A built-in RGB LED backlight (with 10 levels for each channel) allow you to set your favorite color. Time accuracy is provided with built-in RTC (Real Time Clock DS3231) module and backuped with CR2032 battery while the clock is powered off. At the end of each minute (could be configured to be set from 1-5 minutes period or completely disabled) starts 'Slot Machine' feature that helps to prevent cathode poisoning effect. It scrolls over all numbers from 0 to 9. It is necessary to prolong tubes lifespan. Current date is shown each 1-5-th minute in 3 various formats: DD:MM:YY, MM:DD:YY or YY:MM:DD. The current time could be configured to 12 or 24 hour format. There are also three modes for colon tubes: Blinks once a second (is set as a default option) Permanently OFF Permanently ON The clock could be set to beep once an hour (when hour starts). The clock also has an alarm feature. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory (settings are restored after power-offs). Dimensions Height: 20 mm Width: 175 mm Length: 70 mm Tube height: 45 mm

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  • Naturebytes Wildlife Camera Case for Raspberry Pi

    Naturebytes Wildlife Camera Case for Raspberry Pi

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    Weatherproof (certified IP55) Fresnel IR lens to optimize motion detection Mount compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi (all A, B, and Zero models) Easy access to the Raspberry Pi’s internal components and ports Can be secured with a padlock Nylon camera attachment strap for securing outside Rear cable access Fasteners and spacers for attaching electronics No soldering required Rear attachments for modular upgrades Please note, you need to provide a Raspberry Pi.

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  • Arduboy FX

    Arduboy FX

    Arduboy is a miniture game development system the size of a credit card based on the popular open source Arduino platform. Learn to program/code with lots of tutorials and an active community of developers, develop and share your own games using Arduino software via the USB-Cable. Use your PC/Mac/Linux machine to download over 200 unique games created by members of the Arduboy Community.Features Processor: ATmega32u4 (same as Arduino Leonardo & Micro) Memory: 32 KB Flash, 2.5 KB RAM, 1 KB EEPROM Inputs: 6 Momentary Tactile Buttons Outputs: 128 x 64 1-bit OLED, 4 Ch. Piezo Speaker & Blinky LED Battery: 180 mAh Thin-Film Lithium Polymer Connectivity: Micro-USB 2.0 with built-in HID profile Programming: Arduino IDE, Arduboy Game Loader, GCC & AVRDude Open source gamingAnyone can make games for the Arduboy! Free online tutorials guide you through a step by step process on how to develop your own software! There are already plenty of examples to learn from. Ever wanted to create a level or map for your favorite game, or make your favorite character jump higher? Now is your chance!Super retroDesigned to remind you of a more simple time in the world of gaming, the Arduboy brings true 8-bit gaming into the 21st century with style. The black and white screen invites you to involve your imagination once again while gaming.Durable constructionA polycarbonate front, ultra thin circuit board, and stamped aluminum metal back is the ultimate combination. A rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides over 8 hours of battery life, and the same cable you use to charge can be used to upload new games! At only 5 mm thick, Arduboy can live in your pocket (or even wallet) and is thinner than nearly any mobile phone!Downloads Schematics GitHub Documentation

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  • HuskyLens AI Camera met Silicone Case

    HuskyLens AI Camera

    Do you need a simple AI camera to enhance your projects?  The HuskyLens AI Camera intuitive design allows the user to control different aspects of the camera just by pressing buttons. You can start and stop learning new objects and even switch between algorithms from the device. To further reduce the need to be connected to a PC the HuskyLens AI Camera comes with a 2-inch display so you can see what's going on in real time. Specifications Processor: Kendryte K210 Image Sensor: OV2640 (2.0 Megapixel Camera) Supply Voltage: 3.3~5.0 V Current Consumption (TYP): 320 mA @ 3.3 V, 230 mA @ 5.0 V (face recognition mode; 80% backlight brightness; fill light off) Connection Interface: UART, I²C Display: 2.0-inch IPS screen with 320x240 resolution Built-in Algorithms: Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Object Recognition, Line Tracking, Color Recognition, Tag Recognition  Dimension: 52 x 44.5 mm (2.05 x 1.75') Included 1x HuskyLens Mainboard 6x M3 Screws 6x M3 Nuts 1x Small Mounting Bracket 1x Heightening Bracket 1x Gravity 4-Pin Sensor Cable

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  •  -30% Guiding Light

    Guiding Light

    This smart plinth lighting automatically switches on and off when you get up at night. The motion sensor sees you get out of bed and the light turns on! There is an illuminated path from bed to toilet. Obstacles on the way to the toilet are immediately visible and tripping hazards are prevented. Scientific research shows that the fear of falling is significantly reduced when using a Guide Light. The LED lighting has a perfect light intensity. The light is subtle enough not to wake you up, but bright enough for a reliable orientation. The Guiding Light is much more than just a night light.

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  • Ulanzi TC001 ESP32-based Smart Pixel Clock

    Ulanzi TC001 ESP32-based Smart Pixel Clock

    Ulanzi TC001 is an LED pixel clock consisting of 256 individual addressable RGB LEDs (8x32) with built-in battery, buzzer, light, temperature and humidity sensor. The integrated rechargeable battery offers a runtime of up to 5 hours. The WiFi connection to the clock is made via an ESP32 chip. Ulanzi TC001 uses an ESP32-WROOM-32D module. Features Pixelated message display Simultaneous Display of the Number of Followers: Fan growth is immediately visible, suitable for YouTube, Bilibili, and Weibo. Pomodoro Clock Design: Manage your own time more scientifically. Explore unlimited possibilities: Multiple programs need to be installed through the control server to achieve more functions. Awtrix Makes it Better: Awtrix simulator in TC001’s firmware simulates an Awtrix matrix and allows you to control the clock using a standard Awtrix host. Hi-tech and stunning appearance: Modeling simple atmosphere, LED full-color pixel screen with better imaging. Built-in 4400 mAh battery with up to 5 hours of battery life. Specifications Number of LEDs: 256 (8x32) Operating voltage: 3.7 V Power: 3 W Battery capacity: 4400 mAh Interface: USB-C Dimensions: 200.6 x 70.3 x 31.9 mm Weight: 283 g Inbegrepen Ulanzi TC001 Smart Pixel Clock USB cable Manual Downloads Firmware

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  • Make your own Dasduino Solder Kit

    Make your own Dasduino Solder Kit

    If you’re looking for a simple way to start soldering or just want to make your own Dasduino, this soldering set is a great opportunity. "Make your own Dasduino CORE" is an educational set for learning the skill of soldering, with which you end up with a functional microcontroller board. As with the other SMD versions of the Dasduino CORE boards we offer, the possibilities are endless. It is based on the ATmega328P microcontroller, and all SMD components are already soldered on the board. The set also includes a THT socket for the microcontroller, which simplifies the replacement of the microcontroller should it ever become necessary. Included 1x PCB 7x Capacitors (100nF) 4x Capacitors (2.2uF) 2x Capacitors (22pF) 5x Resistors (2.2 kOhm) 5x Resistors (10 kOhm) 3x Resistors (1 kOhm) 1x Resistor (100 kOhm) 1x Resistor (100 ohm) 1x JST battery connector 1x LED (purple) 1x LED (white) 1x LED (blue) 1x LED (red) 1x LED (orange) 1x Socket for ATmega328P 1x ATmega328P microcontroller

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