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  • Last stock! SparkFun MicroMod Artemis Processor

    SparkFun SparkFun MicroMod Artemis Processor

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    With a Cortex-M4F with BLE 5.0 running up to 96MHz and with as low power as 6uA per MHz (less than 5mW), the M.2 MicroMod connector allows you to plug in a MicroMod Carrier Board with any number of peripherals. Let's have a look at what this processor board has to offer! If you need Machine Learning capabilities, Bluetooth, I²C functionality to connect to all our amazing Qwiic boards, and more the Artemis Processor is the perfect choice for your MicroMod Carrier Board. At the heart of SparkFun's Artemis Module is Ambiq Micro's Apollo3 processor, whose ultra-efficient ARM Cortex-M4F processor is spec’d to run TensorFlow Lite using only 6uA/MHz. We've routed two I²C buses, eight GPIO, dedicated digital, analogue, and PWM pins, multiple SPI as well as QuadSPI, and Bluetooth to boot. You really can't go wrong with this processor. Grab one today, pick up a compatible carrier board, and get hacking! Features 1 M Flash / 384 k RAM 48 MHz / 96 MHz turbo available 6uA/MHz (operates less than 5mW at full operation) 48 GPIO - all interrupt capable 31 PWM channels Built-in BLE radio and antenna 10 ADC channels with 14-bit precision with up to 2.67 million samples per second effective continuous, multi-slot sampling rate 2 channel differential ADC 2 UARTs 6 I²C buses 6 SPI buses 2/4/8-bit SPI bus PDM interface I²S Interface Secure 'Smart Card' interface FCC/IC/CE Certified (ID Number 2ASW8-ART3MIS) 1x USB dedicated for programming and debugging 1x UART with flow control 2 x I²C 1 x SPI 1 x Quad-SPI 8 x Fast GPIO 2 x Digital Pins 2 x Analog Pins 2 x PWM 1 x Differential ADC pair Status LED VIN Level ADC

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  • SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro – USB-C (ATmega32U4)

    SparkFun SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro - USB-C (ATmega32U4)

    This tiny little board does all of the neat Arduino tricks that you're familiar with: nine channels of 10-bit ADC, five PWM pins, 12 DIOs as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx. Running at 5 V and 16 MHz, this board will remind you a lot of your other favourite Arduino-compatible boards, but this little guy can go just about anywhere. There is a voltage regulator on board so it can accept voltage up to 6 VDC. If you're supplying unregulated power to the board, be sure to connect to the 'RAW' pin on not VCC. The reset button's benefit is to quickly reset the board or place it into bootloader mode without the need to take out a piece of the jumper wire. The USB micro-b connector has been replaced with the USB type C connector. The through-hole pads have castellated edges for each pin to add a lower profile in your projects should you decide to build it into another assembly during production. Finally, a Qwiic connector is populated on the board's bottom to add Qwiic enabled I²C devices to your projects easily! Features ATmega32U4 running at 5 V / 16 MHz AP2112 3.3 V Voltage Regulator Supported under Arduino IDE v1.0.1+ On-Board USB-C connector for programming PTH Pads w/ Castellated Edges 9 x 10-bit ADC pins 12 x Digital I/Os (5 are PWM capable) Hardware Serial Connections UART (i.e. Rx and Tx) Qwiic Connector for I²C SPI Small Arduino-Compatible Board Reset Button Dimensions: 1.3in x 0.7in

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  • SparkFun Artemis Module – Low Power Machine Learning BLE Cortex-M4F

    SparkFun SparkFun Artemis Module - Low Power Machine Learning BLE Cortex-M4F

    The flexibility of the Artemis module starts with SparkFun's Arduino core. You can program and use the Artemis module just like you would an Uno or any other Arduino. The time to first blink is just 5 minutes away! We built the core from the ground up, making it fast and as lightweight as possible. Next is the module itself. Measuring 10 mm x 15 mm, the Artemis module has all the support circuitry you need to use the fantastic Ambiq Apollo3 processor in your next project. We're proud to say the SparkFun Artemis module is the first open-source hardware module with the design files freely and easily available. We've carefully designed the module so that implementing Artemis into your design can be done with low-cost 2-layer PCBs and 8mil trace/space. Made in the USA at SparkFun's Boulder production line, the Artemis module is designed for consumer-grade products. This truly differentiates the Artemis from its Arduino brethren. Ready to scale your product? The Artemis will grow with you beyond the Uno footprint and Arduino IDE. Additionally, the Artemis has an advanced HAL (hardware abstraction layer), allowing users to push the modern Cortex-M4F architecture to its limit. The SparkFun Artemis Module is fully FCC/IC/CE certified and is available in full tape and reel quantities. With 1M flash and 384k RAM, you'll have plenty of room for your code. The Artemis module runs at 48MHz with a 96MHz turbo mode available and with Bluetooth to boot!

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