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E-book: BBC micro:bit

35 Touch Develop & MicroPython Projects

This e-book is an introduction to the BBC micro:bit computer and it is aimed for the people who want to learn to program the BBC micro:bit computer using the Touch Develop or MicroPython programming languages. 35 tried and tested interesting projects are explored in the e-book. All the software examples for the projects are available for download.

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The BBC micro:bit is a credit sized computer based on a highly popular and high performance ARM processor. The device is designed by a group of 29 partners for use in computer education in the UK and will be given free of charge to every secondary school student in the UK.

The device is based on the Cortex-M0 processor and it measures 4 x 5 cm. It includes several important sensors and modules such as an accelerometer, magnetometer, 25 LEDs, 2 programmable push-button switches, Bluetooth connectivity, micro USB socket, 5 ring type connectors, and a 23-pin edge connector. The device can be powered from its micro USB port by connecting it to a PC, or two external AAA type batteries can be used.

This e-book is about the use of the BBC micro:bit computer in practical projects. The BBC micro:bit computer can be programmed using several different programming languages, such as Microsoft Block Editor, Microsoft Touch Develop, MicroPython, and JavaScript.

The e-book makes a brief introduction to the Touch Develop programming language and the MicroPython programming language. It then gives 35 example working and tested projects using these language. Readers who learn to program in Touch Develop and MicroPython should find it very easy to program using the Block Editor or any other languages.

The following are given for each project:
• Title of the project
• Description of the project
• Aim of the project
• Touch Develop and MicroPython program listings

Complete program listings are given for each project. In addition, working principles of the projects are described briefly in each section. Readers are encouraged to go through the projects in the order given in the e-book.

Also available:
Kit of parts for the experiments published in this book. This kit contains: 4 x LED, 4 x 270 ohm resistor, 5 x wire (male-female), 2 x wire (male-male), 3 x Button, 3 x 10 kilo-ohm resistor, 1 x TMP36 temperature sensor, 1 x Buzzer, 1 x Light dependent resistor, 1 x RGB LED, 1 x BC337 transistor, 1 x 680 ohm resistor, 1 x 3V DC motor, 1 x ML8511 UV sensor module, 1 x mini servo, 1 x small breadboard, 1 x BBC micro:bit edge connector, 1 x BBC micro:bit adapter board, 1 x mounting plate  

SKU 18202
Pages 160
Author(s) Dogan Ibrahim
Language English
Publication Medium Digital
Manufacturer Elektor Digital


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