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  • QuantAsylum QA403 24-bit Audio Analyzer

    QuantAsylum QuantAsylum QA403 24-bit Audio Analyzer

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    The QA403 is QuantAsylum's fourth-generation audio analyzer. The QA403 extends the functionality of the QA402 with improved noise and distortion performance, in addition to a flatter response at band edges. The compact size of the QA403 means you can take it just about anywhere. Features 24-bit ADC/DAC Up to 192 kSPS Fully isolated from PC Differential Input/Output USB powered Built-in Attenuator Fast Bootup and Driverless The QA403 is a driverless USB device, meaning it’s ready as soon as you plug it in. The software is free and it is quick and easy to move the hardware from one machine to the next. So, if you need to head to the factory to troubleshoot a problem or take the QA403 home for a work-from-home day, you can do it without hassle. No-Cal Design The QA403 comes with a factory calibration in its flash memory, ensuring consistent unit-to-unit performance. On your manufacturing line you can install another QA403 and be confident what you read on one unit will be very similar to the next unit. It is not expected that re-calibration will be required at regular intervals. Measurements Making basic measurements is quick and easy. In a few clicks you will understand the frequency response, THD(+N), gain, SNR and more of your device-under test. Dynamic Range The QA403 offers 8 gain ranges on the input (0 to +42 dBV in 6 steps), and 4 gain ranges on the output (-12 to +18 dBV in 10 dB steps). This ensures consistent performance over very wide ranges of input and output levels. The maximum AC input to the QA403 is +32 dBV = 40 Vrms. The maximum DC is ±40 V, and the maximum ACPEAK + DC = ±56 V. Easy Programmability The QA403 supports a REST interface, making it easy to automate measurements in just about any language you might anticipate. From Python to C++ to Visual Basic—if you know how to load a web page in your favorite language, you can control the QA403 remotely. Measurements are fast and responsive, usually with dozens of commands being processed per second. Isolated and USB Powered The QA403 is isolated from the PC, meaning you are measuring your DUT and not chasing some phantom ground loop. The QA403 is USB powered, like nearly all our instruments. If you are setting up remotely, throw a powered hub in your bag and your entire test setup can be running with a minimum of cables. Goodbye Soundcard, Hello QA403 Tired of trying to make a soundcard work? The calibration nightmare? The lack of gain stages? The limited drive? Are you tired of dealing with the fixed input ranges? The worry that you might destroy it with too much DC or AC? Tired of the ground loops? That’s why QuantAsylum built the QA403. Specifications Dimensions 177 x 44 x 97 mm (W x H x D) Weight 435 g Case Material Powder-coating Aluminum (2 mm thick front panel, 1.6 mm thick top/bottom) Downloads Datasheet User Manual GitHub

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  • QuantAsylum QA451 Programmable Load (8 Ohm/4 Ohm)

    QuantAsylum QuantAsylum QA451 Programmable Load (8 Ohm/4 Ohm)

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    The QA451 is designed for high-speed testing of amplifiers. If you are testing at the module level (with modules designed for single supply operation), the QA451 allows the on/off control and current measurement of the supply rail. The QA451 is a companion product to the QA403 audio analyzer. When combined, the products work together to ensure fast, repeatable automated measurements of audio power amplifiers up to several hundred watts. Features Programmable 4/8 Ω load Fully isolated from PC USB powered Up to 200 W for 220 mS DC Current Sensing Integrated 6th order LPF REST Interface The QA451 can be controlled manually from a PC application or controlled using a web-based REST interface. Measuring Current The QA451 allows low-cost external fixed-voltage supplies to be used to power your amplifier during test – dramatically reducing your investment per test bay. The QA451 integrates a high-side switch, enabling on/off control of the supply to the amplifier. When turning on the supply, a momentary soft-start circuit ensures the amplifier-under-test isn’t exposed to high currents that might overstress components. And during operation, the QA451 provides an isolated current measurement, allowing up to 15 A (peak) of DC current to be measured with 10-20 mA of resolution. This permits automated efficiency measurements to be easily made – a primary predictor of whether the amplifier was assembled correctly. 4 and 8 Ω Loads The QA451 provides both 4 and 8 ohm resistive loads. The loads are thermally protected using fast, high-accuracy digital thermal sensors ensuring that fault conditions won’t damage the QA451. Downloads Datasheet Wiki Software

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