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  •  -14% YDLIDAR OS30A 3D Depth Camera

    YDLIDAR YDLIDAR OS30A 3D Depth Camera

    This camera adopts binocular structured light 3D imaging technology to obtain depth images and realize the function of depth information modeling. It is equipped with a dedicated depth computing chip and is specially optimized for robot obstacle avoidance.The camera is compact in size, easy to integrate, with USB2.0 standard output interface, providing users with a high degree of flexibility. It can be adapted to complex environments such as all-black environment, indoors with strong light or weak light, backlight or smooth light, even semi-outdoors, which has a wide range of applications.Features Offers 1280 x 920 high-resolution image output Uses the binocular structured light 3D imaging technology Fearless ambient light interference Deep calculation processors use high-performance dedicated chips USB2.0 standard output interface Specifications Detection distance: 20-250 cm Accuracy Error: <1.5 cm Resolution: 1280 x 920 Pixel HFOV: 78 ±3° VFOV: 60 ±3° Power: 1.5 W Active Light Source: Spectrum: 830-850 nm | Power: <1.5 W Dust-proof and Waterproof: IP65 ESD: Contact Discharge: ±8 KV | Antiaircraft: ±12 KV Interface: USB2.0 Operating Temperature: -10~50 °C Operating Humidity: 0~80 RH Storage Temperature: -20~80 °C Weight: 96 g Downloads Datasheet User Manual Development Manual SDK Tool ROS

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