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  • JOY-iT Robot Car Kit 01 voor Arduino

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Robot Car Kit 01 for Arduino

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    Enter the world of robotics without any complications and at a reasonable price with the Car Kit 01 for Arduino. This is a kit that can be used as a basic framework for a car/robot. The set is very easy to assemble and ready to go in no time. The supplied geared motors (with double-ended shaft) can be operated in a voltage range of 3 to 9 volts. The speed varies between 90 and 300 revolutions per minute. The torque (gf/cm) between 800 and 1200. The Car Kit is compatible with all Arduino boards. Note: You will also need to add other components such as a power source (batteries) and a controller such as an Arduino with a motor controller. The base plate already contains the holes for mounting an Arduino. User Manual

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  • Joy-Car Robot for BBC micro:bit

    JOY-iT Joy-Car Robot for BBC micro:bit

    The Joy-Car is an autonomous robot based on micro:bit and offers a modular robotics learning kit. With the help of the detailed manual, all assemblies and their functions as a whole machine are explained, as well as details of programming and codes.Sensors such as line tracking, ultra sonic, infrared and wheel speed sensors provide functions such as autonomous driving and even the control via Bluetooth via a second, separate micro:bit.The additional equipment simulates indicators, lights, reversing light and horn, thus complement the experience of an autonomous robot car. With addressable LEDs, individual lighting scenarios can also be realized.SpecificationsPower Supply 4x AA batteries Alternatively: 4.5-9 VDC Functions & Features Learning the individual components as a whole machine Suitable from 9 years on, ideal for school purposes Detailed instructions for programming including codes Programming languages: Micro:Python and MakeCode Autonomous driving by line finder, ultrasonic and infrared BT-control via separate 2nd micro:bit possible Simulation of indicators, lights, reversing light and horn Compatible with micro:bit v1 and v2 Included sensors 2x Speed sensor 3x Line tracking sensor 1x Ultrasonic sensor 2x Obstacle sensor Included electronic assembly 1x Joy-Car mainboard 2x Gear motor 2x Servo motor 4x LED board 1x Battery case Dimensions189 x 171 x 77 mmIncluded items Joy-Car Acryl Kit Sensors Electronics assembly Mounting material Connection cables RequiredBBC micro:bit v1 or v2Downloads Manual MakeCode Tutorials Website

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  • JOY-iT Grab-it Robot Arm Kit

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Grab-it Robot Arm Kit

    The Grab-it Robot arm is produced in a special solid model. The frame of the arm exists of very solid, black anodized aluminium. Included in delivery are 6 PWN controlled servo motors, that are constructed for a pressure of 20 kg/cm. So there is a high range of usage and enough power reserves for your projects. The pressure range of the precision claw is adjusted to the arm and able to work under the same pressure. The arm will be delivered with a rotary plate (360°) where it has to be mounted. The rotary plate will fixed on a 28.5 x 16 cm base plate. There are already bores for all current single-board computers and development boards (Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Arduino,…). For an easy and accurate controlling, we recommend MotorPi (for Raspberry Pi) or Motorino (for Arduino). Highlights & Details Material: robust aluminium, black anodized incl. 6 pieces 20 kg/cm PWM/servo motors Voltage range 5 to 7.4 V DC Metal gear incl. base plate with bores for all current single-board computers and development boards incl. high-quality precision claw Motors 21.5 kg/ cm torque at 7.4V5V-7.4 V DC voltage360° mechanical angle, 180° operating rangemetal gearcontrolable via PWMCurrent intake 5 mA to 2 A (per motor) Frame Aluminum profile Dimensions Base plate 28.5 x 16 cmHeight: depending on the position of the arm, up to 42 cm Range About 30 cm from the center of the rotary plate Base plate 4.5 mm acrylic with mounting possiblity for Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3, CubieBoard, Arduino Mega, Banana Pi M2, pcDuino and many more.Holes with spacers allowing the attachment to a ground plate Components Robot arm in single plarts incl. rotary-plate, claw, base-plate and mounting-material, 6 motors Recommended accessories MotoPi (motor control for Raspberry Pi)Motorino (motor control for Arduino)

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