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  • Waveshare SC3336 3 MP Camera Module (B)

    Waveshare Waveshare SC3336 3 MP Camera Module (B)

    This camera module adopts a SmartSens SC3336 sensor chip with 3 MP resolution. It features high sensitivity, high SNR, and low light performance and it is capable of a more delicate and vivid night vision imaging effect, and can better adapt to ambient light changes. Also, it is compatible with Luckfox Pico series boards. Specifications Sensor Sensor: SC3336 CMOS size: 1/2.8" Pixels: 3 MP Static resolution: 2304x1296 Maximum video frame rate: 30fps Shutter: Rolling shutter Lens Focal length: 3.95 mm Aperture: F2.0 FOV: 98.3° (diagonal) Distortion: <33% Focusing: Manual focus Downloads Wiki

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  • Waveshare DVK600 FGPA CPLD Core Board

    Waveshare Waveshare DVK600 FGPA CPLD Core Board

    Waveshare DVK600 is an FPGA CPLD mother board that features expansion connectors for connecting FPGA CPLD core board and accessory boards. DVK600 provides an easy way to set up FPGA CPLD development system. Features FPGA CPLD core board connector: for easily connecting core boards which integrate an FPGA CPLD chip onboard 8I/Os_1 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules 8I/Os_2 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules 16I/Os_1 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules 16I/Os_2 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules 32I/Os_1 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules 32I/Os_2 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules 32I/Os_3 interface, for connecting accessory boards/modules SDRAM interface for connecting SDRAM accessory board also works as FPGA CPLD pins expansion connectors LCD interface, for connecting LCD22, LCD12864, LCD1602 ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc. 5 V DC jack Joystick: five positions Buzzer Potentiometer: for LCD22 backlight adjustment, or LCD12864, LCD1602 contrast adjustment Power switch Buzzer jumper ONE-WIRE jumper Joystick jumper Downloads Schematics

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