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  • Velleman Solder Sn 60% Pb 40% (0.6 mm, 100 g)

    Velleman Velleman Solder Sn 60% Pb 40% (0.6 mm, 100 g)

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    Specifications Weight: 100 g Ø: 0.6 mm Remark: - Sn 60% Pb 40% With resin core Melting point: 185 °C

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  • Velleman Solder Sn 60% Pb 40% (1 mm, 100 g)

    Velleman Velleman Solder Sn 60% Pb 40% (1 mm, 100 g)

    Specifications Weight: 100 g Ø: 1.0 mm Remark: - Sn 60% Pb 40% With resin core Melting point: 185 °C

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  • Velleman Soldering Flux (10 g)

    Velleman Velleman Soldering Flux (10 g)

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    Specifications Appearance and colour: transparency liquid Odour: slightly pungent smell PH value: 4-5 Flammability: non combustible Density (g/cm³): 0.77-0.795 Boiling point: 235-255 °C Melting point: 130-150 °C Decomposition temperature: does not decompose easily Solubility: insoluble in water Weight: 10 g

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  • Velleman Antistatic Working Mat with Grounding Cord (70 x 100 cm)

    Velleman Velleman Antistatic Working Mat with Grounding Cord (70 x 100 cm)

    Specifications Surface: matte Thickness: 2 mm Conducting layer: 1.8 mm Electrostatic dissipation layer: 0.2 mm Material: Top: static dissipative rubber Bottom: conductive rubber Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm Surface resistance: Top layer: 10^6 - 10^9 Ohm Bottom layer: 10^3 - 10^5 Ohm Volume resistance: 10^5 - 10^8 Ohm Attrition rate: < 0.02 g / cm² Charge decay: < 0.1 S Strength: Tear strength: 20.6 KN / m Tensile strength: 3.6 Mpa Fracture elongation: 188% High temperature resistance: 200 - 300 °C Softness: 103 - 109

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  • Velleman Powerful Desoldering Pump

    Velleman Velleman Powerful Desoldering Pump

    Features Material: ABS Specifications Length: 194 mm Ø: 20 mm

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  • Velleman Antistatic Adjustable Elastic Wrist Strap (Blue)

    Velleman Velleman Antistatic Adjustable Elastic Wrist Strap (Blue)

    Specifications Material: Conductive fastener tape: nylon Interior surface: conductive carbon Grounding cord: PU coil cord with resistor of 1 Mohm Band size: 2 x 23 cm Band resistivity: < 50 Ohm Color: blue

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  • Velleman Helping Hand with Magnifier, LED Light and Soldering Stand

    Velleman Velleman Helping Hand with Magnifier, LED Light and Soldering Stand

    Specifications Lens diameter: 90 mm / 3.54' Dioptre: lens Ø 90 mm: dioptre 3 – magnification: 1.75 Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AAA battery Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 110 mm / 8.3 x 6.7 x 4.3' Weight: 615 g Material: Stand: stainless steel Lens: glass Connecting parts: copper

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  •  -13% Velleman Start to Solder (Christmas Edition)

    Velleman Velleman Start to Solder (Christmas Edition)

    This set includes all necessary tools to start soldering, plus two festive minikits to put your skills to the test.The basic tools for soldering are a soldering iron (110 VAC version) and a support piece. We also included lead-free solder which is pretty easy to work with and its fumes are not harmful! Lastly, you’ll need some side cutters to trim the component’s leads.The first minikit is the electronic candle, it has a warm yellow LED that mimics a real candle! This little solder kit only has 6 components to solder, which makes it the ideal starter kit.Then it’s time to expand your skills with the original electronic Christmas tree kit. Solder more advanced components and a whopping 16 red LEDs.Each kit is accompanied by an illustrated and comprehensive manual to make sure that anyone can master the art of soldering.Features Soldering iron and support (230 VAC version) Lead-free solder Side cutters 2 minikits

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  • Velleman K8115 Component Tester Kit

    Velleman Velleman K8115 Component Tester Kit

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    Features Supported components: BJT JFET E-IGBT D-IGBT E-MOS D-MOS resistors coils capacitors diodes Auto shutdown Shows pin layout Specifications Dimensions: 137 x 60 x 30 (W x L x H) Resistance resolution: 0.1 Ohm (max. 50 MOhm) Capacitance range: 28 pF to 100 mF Inductance range: 0.01 mH to 20 H Standby current: 20 nA Power supply: 9 V battery Test current approx.: 20 mA Test speed: 2 seconds

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  • Last stock! Velleman EDU08 Educational LCD Oscilloscope

    Velleman Velleman EDU08 Educational LCD Oscilloscope

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    Specifications High contrast LCD: 64 x 128 pixels with white LED backlight Maximum sample rate: 1MS/s for repetitive signals, 100kS/s in real time Input amplifier bandwidth: 200kHz (-3 dB) Measurements can be performed up to: 100kHz Input impedance: 100kohm // 20pF Maximum input voltage: 30Vpeak (AC + DC) Input coupling: DC and AC AD resolution: 8 bits Run modes: run, single Trigger level adjustable: in 16 steps Timebase range: in 15 steps, 10µs/division to 500ms/division Input sensitivity range: in 6 steps, 100mV/division to 5V/division Test output: 1.95kHz / 3.3Vpp Full auto set up for: Volt/div and time/div (or manual) Sensitivity down to 10mV Readouts: DC, AC+DC, true RMS, dBm, Vpp, min. & max. Time and voltage markers readout Frequency readout (through markers) Battery operated: 4 x AAA batteries (max. 100mA) Power save mode Dimensions: 80 x 115 x 40 mm (3.14 x 4.52 x 1.57') Weight: 190g (6.70 oz) with batteries

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  • Last stock! Whadda WTS100 Soldering Starter Set

    Velleman Whadda WTS100 Soldering Starter Set

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    Get ready to start soldering kits thanks to this all-inclusive tool set!Want to start soldering gadgets, or do you want to fix some home appliances, but you don't know what tools to get? Then this is the perfect set for you! It includes all the basic tools and practical necessities to start your journey as an electronics engineer or maker!Included AS19: Silicone soldering mat (350 x 250 mm) Lead-free solder Sn 99.3% – Cu 0.7% with dispenser (1.0 mm, 15 g) Desolder: Desoldering braid Stand20: Universal soldering iron stand VT281: Side cutter pliers VTD7: Powerful desoldering pump VTHHN: Helping hand with magnifier VTSI30C: High-Q ceramic soldering iron 30 W / 220-240 VAC

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Discover Elektor's measuring instruments collection

Elektor is the place for professionals and enthusiasts involved in electronics. We not only offer a source of education and inspiration, but also an extensive range of measuring instruments. These tools are essential for anyone who wants to take their projects to the next level of precision. Whether you are working on a complex design or testing a basic component, Elektor measuring instruments guarantee reliability and quality.

Essential measuring tools for your Projects

Elektor understands that good measuring instruments are the heart of every electronics project. That is why we have a wide range of oscilloscopes, multimeters, signal generators and more in our range. These tools have been carefully selected to meet the needs of both the hobbyist and the professional. With our measuring instruments you can tackle any electronics challenge with confidence.

In the rapidly changing world of electronics, it is crucial to have access to the latest technology. Our measuring instruments are equipped with the latest developments in electronics, so that you are always ahead of the curve. At Elektor you will find everything you need to support your electronics projects, from simple tools to advanced measuring equipment.

More than just measuring instruments

At Elektor it is more than just offering tools; we provide a community and a platform for knowledge sharing. In addition to measuring instruments, Elektor magazine offers ideas, information and inspiration for your next project. We are a source of innovation for electronics designers, both for professional use and for hobby projects.

Order your measuring instruments from Elektor

  • Quality and Diversity: An extensive range of high-quality measuring instruments.
  • Competitive Prices: Competitive prices with extra benefits for Elektor members.
  • Expertise and Support: Years of experience in electronics and a reliable source of knowledge and inspiration.

Prepare for success in your electronics projects with Elektor measuring instruments. Visit our collection today and find the perfect tools to suit your needs. With Elektor you choose quality, innovation and a community that is as passionate about electronics as you are.


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