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    Elektor Bundles Arduino Uno Experimenting Bundle

    The project book, written by well-known Elektor author Dogan Ibrahim, holds many software- and hardware-based projects especially developed for the Arduino Uno Experimenting Kit. The kit comes with an Arduino Uno board, several LEDs, sensors, actuators, and other components. The purpose of the kit is to make a flying start with hardware and software aspects of projects designed around the Arduino Uno microcontroller system. The projects given in this guide are fully evaluated and working and fully employ all the supplied components. A block diagram, a circuit diagram, an extensive program listing, and a complete program description is given for every project in the guide. Included in the kit 1x Arduino Uno Rev3 board 1x RFID reader module 1x DS1302 clock module 1x 5 V stepper motor 1x '2003' stepper motor drive board 5x Green LED 5x Yellow LED 5x Red LED 2x Rocker switch 1x Flame sensor 1x LM35 sensor module 1x Infrared receiver 3x Light-dependent resistors (LDRs) 1x IR remote controller 1x Breadboard 4x Pushbutton (with four caps) 1x Buzzer 1x Piezo sounder 1x Adjustable resistor (potentiometer) 1x 74HC595 shift register 1x 7-segment display 1x 4-digit 7-segment display 1x 8x8 Dot-matrix display 1x 1602 / I²C LCD module 1x DHT11 Temperature and humidity module 1x Relay module 1x Sound module Set of Dupont cables Set of Breadboard cables 1x Water sensor 1x PS2 Joystick 5x 1 k-ohm resistor 5x 10 k-ohm resistor 5x 220-ohm resistor 1x 4x4 keypad module 1x 9g Servo (25 cm) 1x RFID card 1x RGB module 1x 9 V battery DC jack Project book (237 pages) Over 60 Projects in the Book Hardware Projects with LEDs Blinking LED – using the onboard LED Blinking LED – using an external LED LED flashing SOS Alternately-blinking LEDs Chasing LEDs Chasing LEDs 2 Binary counting LEDs Random flashing LEDs – Christmas lights Button controlled LED Controlling the LED flashing rate – external interrupts Reaction timer LED color wand RGB fixed colors Traffic lights Traffic lights with pedestrian crossings Using the 74HC595 shift register – binary up counter Using the 74HC595 shift register – randomly flashing 8 LEDs Using the 74HC595 shift register – chasing LEDs Using the 74HC595 shift register – turn ON a specified LED Using the 74HC595 shift register – turn ON specified LEDs 7-Segment LED Displays 7-Segment 1-digit LED counter 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display counter – timer interrupts 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display counter – eliminating the leading zeroes 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display – reaction timer Timer interrupt blinking onboard LED Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) Display text on the LCD Scrolling text on the LCD Display custom characters on the LCD LCD based conveyor belt goods counter LCD-based accurate clock using timer interrupts LCD dice Sensors Analog temperature sensor Voltmeter On/Off temperature controller Darkness reminder using a light-dependent resistor (LDR) Tilt detection Water-level sensor Displaying water levels Water level controller Flooding detector with buzzer Sound detection sensor – relay control by hand clapping Flame sensor – fire detection with relay output Temperature and humidity display Generating musical tones with the melody maker The RFID Reader Finding the Tag ID RFID door lock access control with relay The 4x4 Keypad Display the pressed key code on the Serial Monitor Integer calculator with LCD Keypad door security lock with relay The Real-Time Clock (RTC) Module RTC with Serial Monitor RTC with LCD Temperature and humidity display with time stamping The Joystick Reading joystick analog values 8x8 LED Matrix Displaying shapes Motors Test-rotate the servo Servo sweep Joystick-controlled servo Rotate the motor clockwise and then anticlockwise Infrared Receiver and Remote Controller Unit Decoding the IR remote control codes Remote relay activation/deactivation Infrared remote stepper motor control

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