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  • OzzMaker QWIIC Connector and Cable for Raspberry Pi

    OzzMaker OzzMaker QWIIC Connector and Cable for Raspberry Pi

    This QWIIC connector allows you to easily connect QWIIC enabled modules to a Raspberry Pi, without the need for soldering. It uses a 2x3 pin female header which sits on top of the first 6 GPIO pins and breaks out the 3.3v, GND and the two I²C pins (SDA, SCL) on a 4 pin JST connector which sits on top.

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  •  -5% OzzMaker BerryGPS-GSM for Raspberry Pi

    OzzMaker OzzMaker BerryGPS-GSM for Raspberry Pi

    Add global GSM connectivity and GPS tracking to your project with a BerryGPS-GSM. This is an all in one module which can provide location tracking and GSM services such as data, text and SMS to your project. It comes in the same form factor as a Raspberry Pi Zero, which makes it nice and compact when used with a Raspberry Pi Zero. The two main components that make this board great are; uBlox CAM-M8 GPS module (Same GPS found on BerryGPS-IMU V3) uBlox SARA-U201 GSM for GSM connectivity, which has global coverage. Both of these modules working together results in obtaining a GPS fix in secs, using Assisted GPS. Typically, a GPS module can take a few minutes to get Time To First Fix(TTFF), or even longer if you are in built up areas. This is because the Almanac needs to be downloaded from satellites before a GPS fix can be acquired and only a small portion of the Almanac is sent in each GPS update. Assisted GPS speeds this up significantly by downloading ephemeris, almanac, accurate time and satellite status over the network, resulting in faster TTTF, in a few seconds. This is very similar how to GPS works on a smartphone. BerryGPS-GSM has been designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero, however it works with all versions of Raspberry Pi. We have created a USB-to-USB PCB connector to be used with a Raspberry Pi Zero, which is designed to make your project more compact. GPS Specific Datasheets CAM-M8-FW3_DataSheet_(UBX-15031574) CAM-M8-FW3_HardwareIntegrationManual_(UBX-15030063) GSM Specific Datasheets SARA-U201 DataSheet (UBX-13005287) SARA-U201 SysIntegrationManual_(UBX-13000995) u-blox CEL_ATCommands_(UBX-13002752)

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