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  • Voltera Solder Wire

    Voltera Voltera Solder Wire

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    Done printing? Let’s add some components! Just be sure to use the Voltera recommended solder wire and plenty of flux to ensure a strong solder joint. Voltera has chemically tested it to be most compatible with their ink. Alloy: Sn42 Bi57 Ag1 Dia: 1.0 mm Flux: 2% Weight: 20g Recommended Temp: < 205°C (400°F) RoHS Compliant

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  • Voltera Flux

    Voltera Voltera Flux

    If you're hand soldering components with the provided solder wire, make sure to use flux to promote solder wetting. Out of solder wire? The wire in our store has been tested for best performance with the conductive ink and standard copper.

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  • Last stock! Voltera Rivet Tool (0.4 mm)

    Voltera Voltera Rivet Tool (0.4 mm)

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    Use the right tool for the right job. These steel stakes are used to press the rivets on the PCB after holes have been drilled. They have been designed for optimum performance on the ink and ensure an electrical connection between the top and bottom layers of your PCB. Learn how to use them here.

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  • Voltera Rivets (0.4 mm)

    Voltera Voltera Rivets (0.4 mm)

    Do you need a way to connect the top and bottom layers? Rivets are the key!Rivets are little copper tubes that make a mechanical connection between the top and bottom layer. We found rivets to be the easiest way to create vias. Be sure to pick up the corresponding rivet tool if you don't have one! Pack of 200 Inner Diameter - 0.4mm Head Diameter - 0.9mm Drill Size: 0.7mm Confused on how to use them? Checkout our tutorial here.

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  • Voltera Conductor 3 Ink Cartridge (2 ml)

    Voltera Voltera Conductor 3 Ink Cartridge (2 ml)

    The Conductor 3 ink is optimized for printing both rigid and flexible circuits. The printer lays down silver conductive ink to make the traces and pads that comprise your circuit board. After thermal curing, the ink is conductive and ready for reflow. Specificaties Recommended curing temperature is 90°C for 5 minutes, then 120°C for 20 minutes (temperature measured at ink surface). Compatible with FR1, FR4, and flexible substrates. For best results, cure immediately after printing. Solder with tin-bismuth-silver solder wire and flux at 180°C, or use preset profile for reflow soldering. Note: Cartridges must be kept refrigerated, and have a shelf life of 12 months.

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  • Voltera Rivets (1.0 mm)

    Voltera Voltera Rivets (1.0 mm)

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    Do you need a way to connect the top and bottom layers? Rivets are the key!Rivets are little copper tubes that make a mechanical connection between the top and bottom layer. We found rivets to be the easiest way to create vias. Be sure to pick up the corresponding rivet tool if you don't have one! Pack of 200 Inner Diameter - 1.0mm Head Diameter - 2.2mm Drill Size: 1.5mm (or 1.6mm) Confused on how to use them? Checkout our tutorial here.

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  • Voltera V-One Desktop PCB-printer

    Voltera Voltera V-One Desktop PCB Printer

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    Solder Paste Dispensing and Reflow All-in-One The Voltera V-One creates two-layer prototype circuit boards on your desk. Gerber files go in, printed circuit boards come out. The dispenser lays down a silver-based conductive ink to print your circuit right before your eyes. Assembling traditional and additive boards is easy with the V-One’s solder paste dispensing and reflow features. Simply mount your board on the print bed and import your Gerber file into Voltera’s software. No more stencils required Voltera’s software is designed to be understood easily. From importing your Gerber files to the moment you press print, the software safely walks you through each step. Compatible with EAGLE, Altium, KiCad, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, DipTrace, Upverter. The V­-One Desktop PCB Printer includes all accessories and consumables needed to get started: Consumables 1 Conductor 2 cartridge 1 Solder Paste cartridge 10 2'x3' FR4 substrates 6 3'x4' FR4 substrates 10 2'x3' FR1 substrates 6 3'x4' FR1 substrates 25 Disposable 230 micron nozzles 1 Burnishing pad 1 Solder wire spool 1 Drill bit set 200 0.4 mm rivets 200 1.0 mm rivets 2 Rivet tools 1 Sacrificial layer 1 Hello World starter kit 1 Punk Console starter kit Accessories 2 Substrate clamps and thumbscrews 2 Dispensers with caps 1 Probe 1 Drill 1 Set of safety glasses 1 Voltera anti-static tweezers Downloads Specifications V-One Software User Manuals Safety Datasheets Technical Datasheets Voltera CAM file for EAGLE Substrates and Templates More Info Frequently Asked Questions More from the Voltera community Technical Specifications Printing Specifications Minimum trace width 0.2 mm Minimum passive size 1005 Minimum pin-to-pin pitch (conductive ink) 0.8 mml Minimum pin-to-pin pitch (solder paste) 0.5 mml Resistivity 12 mΩ/sq @ 70 um height Substrate material FR4 Maximum board thickness 3 mm Soldering Specifications Solder paste alloy Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 Solder wire alloy SnBiAg1 Soldering iron temperature 180-210 °C Print Bed Print area 135 x 113.5 mm Max. heated bed temperature 240 °C Heated bed ramp rate ~2°C/s Footprint Dimensions 390 x 257 x 207 mm (L x W x H) Weight 7 kg Computing Requirements Compatible operating systems Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10.11 or higher Compatible file format Gerber Connection type Wired USB Certification EN 61326-1:2013 EMC requirements IEC 61010-1 Safety requirements CE Marking Affixed to the Voltera V-One printers delivered to European customers Designed and assembled in Canada. More technical information Quickstart Explore Flexible Printed Electronics on the V-One Voltera V-One Capabilities Reel Voltera V-One PCB Printer Walkthrough Unpacking V-One: Solder Paste Dispensing and Reflow All in One Voltera @ Stanford University's Bao Research Group: Robotic Skin and Stretchable Sensors Voltera @ Princeton: The Future of Aerospace Innovation

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  • Voltera Nozzles (225 micron)

    Voltera Voltera Nozzles (225 micron)

    Keep printing with a pack of 4 nozzles (225 micron inner diameter). These metal dispensing tips offer excellent resolution and accurate deposition of ink and solder paste.

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  •  -17% Anycubic Photon Mono X – UV Resin SLA 3D Printer

    Anycubic Anycubic Photon Mono X - UV Resin SLA 3D Printer

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    Features Safe Design: Pinter will be immediately shut off if the top cover has been removed. This feature is turned off by default. Anycubic Slicer Software: New features are added to the software. Supports up to 8x anti-aliasing: Fast slicing, Hollowing, Split Model, Text Paste. Fast Printing Speed: The time of exposure is as low as 1.5-2 seconds, and the max print speed is 60 mm/h, making printing speed 3x faster than the Photon. High Performance Z-axis: The Z-axis is supported by dual linear rails,stepper motor and clearance nut combination which dramatically improves stability while in motion and reduces the risk of layer shifting. New Matrix UV Light Source: High quality quartz lamp bead and new matrix design for uniform UV light energy. 4K monochrome LCD delivers high-quality prints Anycubic APP Remote Control: Remote control of print operations,monitor printing progress,adjust the print settings UV Cooling System: Cooling device for stable printing performance and longer service life. Large Build Volume: A large build area for your 3D-printed creations: 192 mm (L) x 120 mm (W) x 245 mm (H) 8.9″ 4K Monochrome LCD: Monochrome screens can last several thousand hours. Monochrome screens allow for very short layer exposure times for faster print times. Specifications System: ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X Operation: 3.5 inch Touch Screen Software: ANYCUBIC Photon workshop Connectivity: USB Technology: LCD-based SLA Light-source: high-quality filament(wavelength 405 nm) XY Res.: 0.050 mm 3840 x 2400 (4K) Z Axis Res.: 0.01 mm Layer Res.: 0.01-0.15 mm Printing Speed: Max 60 mm/h Rated Power: 120 W Printer Size: 270 mm (L) x 290 mm (W) x 475 mm (H) Build Volume: 192 mm (L) x 120 mm (W) x 245 mm (H) Material: 405 nm UV Resin Net Weight: ~10.75 kg Parts List User Manual SD-Card Tool set SD-Card Reader Scraper Resin Vat Platform Power Cord Service Card Wifi Antenna Glove

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  • Last stock! Voltera Nozzles (100 micron)

    Voltera Voltera Nozzles (100 micron)

    2 in stock

    Looking to dispense materials with a lower viscosity? These are the nozzles for you. Don't use this with our standard ink or solder paste... that will result in poor performance.This pack contains 4 extra fine nozzles with an internal diameter of 0.100 mm (4 mil)

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  • Voltera Empty Cartridge Pack (clear)

    Voltera Voltera Empty Cartridge Pack (clear)

    3 in stock

    Get creative and dispense your own fluids with this pack of cartridges.

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  • Last stock! Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer

    Creality Creality Ender-3 S1 3D Printer

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    Features 96% pre-installed 6-step fast assembly Silent Motherboard, Decibel ≤50 dB Resumed Printing, Save Time and Filament Take out the Model in an Easier Way New UI Interaction with LCD Knob Screen 4.3-inch HD Color Screen Specifications Modeling technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Printer size 487 x 453 x 622 mm Build size 220 x 220 x 270 mm Supported filament PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS Printing layer thickness 0.05-0.35 mm Printing speed 150 mm/s at the maximum Printing precision ±0.1 mm Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm Number of nozzles 1 Filament diameter 1.75 mm Machine net weight 9.1 kg EXtruder gear ratio 1:3.5 Automatic bed leveling CR touch Printing platform PC spring steel sheet Screen Knob color screen Rated voltage 115/230 V | 50/60 Hz | 4.5/2.5 A Printing method Type-C USB /SD card Supported file format STL/OBJ/AMF Supported software Slicer/Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify3D Downloads Quick Installation Guide Firmware Z-axis Limit Firmware

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  • Voltera Punk Console Component Kit

    Voltera Voltera Punk Console Component Kit

    The Punk Console circuit is an advanced tutorial to get you familiar with the V-One Drill attachment. Learn how to create a double sided board and turn the knobs to create music! The kit contains: 2x Green LEDs 8x 1k Resistors 3x 0.01uF Capacitor 2x 500K Trimpots 1x 556 Timer 1x Piezo Buzzer 1x 9 V Battery 1x 9 V Battery Connector Rivets and a V-One Drill are required.

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  • Voltera Hello World Component Kit

    Voltera Voltera Hello World Component Kit

    The Hello World circuit is the first circuit you print with your V-One. Have more than one person using your V-One? Then you might want more Hello World kits!The Hello World kit contains: 6x Green LEDs 3x 47k Resistors 3x 180R Resistors 3x 100k Resistors 3x 4.7UF Capacitor 1x 555 timer 1x 9V battery

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  • Last stock! Voltera Sacrificial Layer

    Voltera Voltera Sacrificial Layer

    2 in stock

    To protect the V-One from any damage during drilling, mount this piece of FR1 on the heated bed and clamp your substrate on top. The V-One Drill attachment will perforate your substrate but won't make it through this layer so your heated bed stays intact. Only one is included, but don't worry, the sacrifical layer can be reused plenty of times.

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  • Last stock! Voltera 3' x 4' FR1 Substrates

    Voltera "Voltera 3\" x 4\" FR1 Substrates"

    2 in stock

    When you start to run out of space in your design, migrate over from the small substrates to these. These substrates are made of FR1 – which means they don't contain fibreglass. There is less wear on the drill bits. Download the template and incorporate them into your design here. 6 substrates included.

    2 in stock

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  • Last stock! Voltera 2' x 3' FR1 Substrates

    Voltera "Voltera 2\" x 3\" FR1 Substrates"

    1 in stock

    If you are going to be drilling, we recommend drilling on FR1 substrates. Unlike FR4, FR1 dust does not contain fiber glass. It is also a softer material, which means a less wear and tear on the drill bits. Download the template and incorporate them into your design here. 10 substrates included.

    1 in stock

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  • Last stock! Voltera Cartridge Pack (UV Blocking)

    Voltera Voltera Cartridge Pack (UV Blocking)

    2 in stock

    Need to dispense your own UV sensitive fluids (up to 550nm)?The pack includes: 4x 5cc UV-Blocking Syringe Barrels 4x Standard Fit Pistons (white) 4x High Viscosity Fit Pistons (red) 4x Tip Caps 4x End Caps 2x Female to Female Luer couplers

    2 in stock

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  • Last stock! Voltera V-One Drill Attachment

    Voltera Voltera V-One Drill Attachment

    2 in stock

    The V-One Drill includes everything you need to start making double sided boards right away: Drill Bit set (0.7 m, 0.8 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.6 mm) Sacrificial Layer (Black FR1) Copper Rivets (2 sizes, 200 pcs) Safety Glasses (clear) Rivet Tools (2 sizes) Hey Key Also included Power Supply (12 V, 25 W) Power Cable (1.8 m) Power Adapter Zip Ties (2 pcs) 4 Long Thumbscrews (10 mm) 2' x 3' FR1 Substrates (10 pcs) 3' x 4' FR1 Substrates (6 pcs) Zip Tie Mount

    2 in stock

    € 749,00

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  • Voltera Advanced Bundle

    Voltera Voltera Advanced Bundle

    Kit Contents 1x Conductor 2 Ink Cartridge 1x Nozzles - 225 micron (pack of 4) 1x Burnishing Pads (pack of 3) 2x 2'x3' Substrates (pack of 10) 2x 3'x4' Substrates (pack of 6)

    € 199,95

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  • Voltera 4' x 5' Substrates (Pack of 6)

    Voltera "Voltera 4\" x 5\" Substrates (Pack of 6)"

    These boards are the maximum substrate size the V-One can handle. Just clamp them to the printing platform and press print to dispense the ink. Pack of 6 Exact size is 4” x 5.3”

    € 21,95

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  • Voltera Drill Bit Set

    Voltera Voltera Drill Bit Set

    A set of high precision drill bits, covering the most common drill bit sizes. Just pop them in the V-One Drill with a 2.5 mm hex key (not included) and start drilling. The following sizes are included (2 of each): 0.70 mm 0.80 mm 0.90 mm 1.00 mm 1.60 mm

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  • Voltera Starter Bundle

    Voltera Voltera Starter Bundle

    Kit Contents 1x Standard Nozzles (pack of 4) 1x Burnishing Pads (pack of 3) 1x 2'x3' Substrates (pack of 10) 1x 3'x4' Substrates (pack of 6) 1x 'Hello World' Kit

    € 89,95

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  • Voltera Arduino Uno Templates (Pack of 6)

    Voltera Voltera Arduino Uno Templates (Pack of 6)

    Build a custom Arduino Uno shield using the the Arduino Uno templates. Each pack contains six Arduino Uno templates. Downloads Gerber files

    € 19,95

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Wat is 3D Printen? Wat zijn de voordelen van een 3D Printer?

3D-printen of additieve fabricage is het proces waarbij driedimensionale vaste voorwerpen worden gemaakt van een digitaal 3D-printbaar model. Bij additieve fabricage wordt een voorwerp gemaakt door opeenvolgende lagen materiaal neer te leggen tot een voorwerp ontstaat. Elk van deze lagen kan gezien worden als een dun gesneden doorsnede van het voorwerp. Dit is het tegendeel van subtractieve fabricage, waarbij een stuk metaal of plastic wordt uitgesneden (bv. met een freesmachine).

Het 3D-printbare model kan gemaakt worden met computer-aided design (CAD) software, via een 3D scanner, of met een digitale camera die gebruikt wordt met fotogrammetrie software. 3D-geprinte modellen die met CAD gemaakt zijn hebben meestal minder fouten dan andere methoden, maar er zijn veel verschillende software programma's beschikbaar, van industriële kwaliteit tot open-source.

Met een 3D printer kun je complexe vormen maken met minder materiaal dan bij traditionele fabricagemethoden. In het verleden was het materiaal dat voor deze technologie gebruikt werd polymeer, maar tegenwoordig is het printen ook mogelijk geworden voor andere materialen, zoals metalen en keramiek. Bovendien hebben 3D printers het niveau van kwaliteit en prijs bereikt dat de meeste mensen in staat stelt de wereld van 3D printen binnen te stappen.

Wat kun je met een 3D printer doen?

In dit zelfbouw-tijdperk gebruiken steeds meer mensen 3D printers om zelf voorwerpen te maken. De meest voorkomende 3D afdrukmaterialen zijn plastic en grondstoffen zoals metaal, grafiet, en koolstofvezel. Daarom kun je een 3D printer gebruiken om op bestelling voorwerpen te printen, waaronder telefoonhoesjes, miniaturen, fotolijstjes, en veel andere gepersonaliseerde voorwerpen.

Welke 3D printing toepassingen biedt Elektor?

Elektor biedt producten aan van de bekende firma Creality, zoals de populaire Ender-3 V2 3D Printer of de HALOT-ONE CL-60 Resin 3D Printer. De resin 3D printer is de ideale 3D printer voor het maken van kleine modellen met een hoge detaillering en uitstekende kwaliteit. Het resolutieniveau dat een resin printer kan brengen is van een ander niveau. Behalve 3D printers verkoopt Elektor ook een verscheidenheid aan filaments, zoals de hoogwaardige Creality CR-PLA filaments.

Waarom zou je 3D printers en toebehoren bij Elektor kopen?

Elektor klanten zijn o.a. elektrotechnische technici, maker professionals, en elektronica enthousiastelingen die geïnteresseerd zijn in 3D printen, elektronica ontwerpen, en algemene techniek. We hebben een assortiment producten voor 3D printen in voorraad om aan de verschillende behoeften van onze klanten te voldoen.

Wanneer u vanaf € 100 bestelt, betaalt u binnen Nederland geen verzendkosten. Leden van Elektor Magazine krijgen bovendien 10% extra korting, dus word vandaag nog lid!


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