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HDMI Digital Microscope Andonstar ADSM201 with USB

There are three ways to use this microscope:
-as stand alone monitor, watching the enlarged views on the built-in LCD
-with a PC connect via USB 2.0, in capture mode
-with an external stand-alone HDMI display
Besides that you can record pictures and/or video on an optional SD card.

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HDMI Digital Microscope Andonstar ADSM201

There are three ways to use this microscope:

  • as stand alone monitor, watching ther enlarged views on the built-in LCD
  • with a PC connect via USB 2.0, in capture mode
  • with an external stand-alone HDMI display

Besides that you can record pictures and/or video on an optional SD card.

Normal mode without PC or HDMI display

Magnify & Capture (on memory card) & Playback (from card)

HDMI display output mode
Visual effect with HDMI is amazing
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080

USB 2.0 output mode
Microscope functions as Windows PC camera.
Capture video or still.
Maximum resolution: 1080x720


  • Ample working distance: 4-15 cm
  • Reasonable depth of field
  • Exclusive lens: reduce veiling glare and prevent from harm of smudging which produced in the process of soldering
  • Real time imagery, no smear
  • 300 times magnification, 1920x1080p, 30fps, HDMI out and high quality non-interpolate Large CMOS sensor
  • Digital zoom (4x)
  • Metal stand, sturdy and durable
  • USB2.0, & HDMI | HD video & LCD3.0 
  • Dual LED lamps (with own power supply)
  • No driver needed: compatible with Windows (10 and earlier) and with Android (not compatible with OS X)
Image sensor 3 Mega Pixels
Video output 1080p Full HD
Video format MOV
Photo format JPEG
Focus Range Manual focus from 10mm to 150mm
Frame Rate Max 30f/s under 600 Lus Brightness
Magnification Ratio 10x to 300x
Video-output Interface HDMI, to 1080P monitor with HDMI-In
Storage MicroSD card, up to 32G (Not included)
Power source 5VDC

User Manual

Packaging includes

  • 1x USB Digital microscope ADSM201
  • 1x Mini Metal stand base include 2 LEDs
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x DC adapter
SKU 18063
Manufacturer Andonstar




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  1. 1. I bought this microscope some 3 months ago. The mount is much more rigid and satisfactory than the cheaper microscopes that are available. 2. The carriage is a slack fit on the vertical column. Tightening the lock screw moves the microscope body and throws the image out of focus. 3. The specifications quoted by the manufacturer are questiuonable. Using the (very convenient) screen that is part of the microscope, the max magnification is 14x to 56x (using the 4x "digital zoom") and the working distance is only 25mm. If you set the working distance to a more convenient 50mm, then the magnification range available is 5x to 20x. If you set the microscope to the top of its column, the working distance is 122mm, but the magnification range is 2x to 8x. 4. The image on a large HDMI monitor is spectacular, but the monitor has to have the same aspect ratio as the microscope's little screen, else the image will be compressed or stretched. There appears to be no way of correcting that. 5. The specifications claim a magnification of up to 300x. To achieve that, you will need an HDMI screen 350mm wide, you will need to hold your eye as close to the the big screen as you would to the microscope's little screen, you will have to put up with a working distance of 25 mm, and use the full 4x digital zoom. 6. I was able to use the USB connection on one Windows XP computer with AmCap imaging software, but unable to get it to work on two Windows 7 computers, with AmCap, Oasis nor Debut. A search of the web showed that many people were having trouble with the USB connection. 7. The distance between the optical axis and the base of the column is about 65mm, which limits the ability to work with large circuit boards. This can be overcome by turning the base upside down, clamping it to a bookshelf then re-attaching the microscope. Details can be found on the web. 8. To use the microscope, you need a USB cable to power the microscope, a second USB cable to power the lights, plus an HDMI cable if using an external monitor. On a crowded workbench, they are a pain. At the very least, the two USB cables could have been combined. Having said all that, it IS a useful instrument, it is far better than the cheap non-rigid plastic units available, but with a bit more care in the machining and design it could be very much better.

    (Posted on 8/22/2017) - Review by Mike

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