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TAPIR – E-smog detector (120354-71)

Kit with all components and PCB included

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This ultrasensitive wideband E-smog detector offers you two extra senses to track down noise that’s normally inaudible. TAPIR – short for Totally Archaic but Practical Interceptor of Radiation – also makes a nice project to build: the kit comprises everything you need — even the enclosure, ingeniously consisting of the PCB proper.

Using the TAPIR is dead easy. Connect the headphones and an antenna and switch it on. Move it around any electrical device and you’ll hear different noises with each device, depending on the type and frequency of the emitted field.

Be sure to download and read the construction manual (see attachments/downloads section on this page)!

SKU 15604
Editorial Number 120354-71


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  1. Cannot believe how noisy those new LED lights I bought for my kitchen are! This is a very nice and complete kit, but a challenge to build. The 3D PCB inspired me to try the same with one of my projects, so I thought I'd give building my original inspiration a go. My advice is to take it very slowly and carefully because there is no way back from most mistakes. Use a very hot iron for the inter-board solder bridges particularly if you are using lead-free solder. Do not attempt to solder the battery spring - it's hopeless and I just damaged the spring trying. Pity it does not have some mechanical retention feature. I had two soldering problems which I'd not have corrected without a well-equipped soldering lab. It is very easy to create bridges between components and inter-board bridges and very hard to fix this. Also I had a bizarre short directly across the battery even when switched off causing the unit to get VERY hot! This needed de-solder braid, some flux and a lot of patience to fix! One thing could be improved on the PCB: leave larger clearance holes for the lid screws: it is difficult to position the M2 stand-offs accurately enough at present (though they are surprisingly easy to solder). Also these holes should be plated so the screws makes electrical contact to the lid ground plane.

    (Posted on 7/28/2016) - Review by John Hind

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