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SunFounder Sensor Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi

New in our line of Sensor Kits: the Raspberry Pi 37 Sensor Kit version 2.0 from SunFounder. It comes feature packed complete with perfect documentation / tutorial complete with 35 lessons including sourcecode to help you get the most out of your favorite projects. All you need to bring is your own RPi (3, 2 or 1B+).

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This is the updated Sensor Kit for RPi 3, 2 and 1B+ from SunFounder based on the previous version Sensor Kit for Raspberry Pi B+. The kit has improved the code and the Fritzing breadboard have been changed greatly in the new version.
There are 35 lessons in the 168-page User Manual, included in the package. Also the detailed materials of each module, including the code in Python and C and Fritzing images, are provided for you to learn its applications easily.

Please note that the Raspberry Pi itself is NOT included, the 40-Pin GPIO Extension Board is for RPi B+.

This all new Raspberry Pi 37 Sensor Kit 2.0 contains:
• 1x Dual-Color LED Module
• 1x RGB LED Module
• 1x Auto Flash LED Module
• 1x Relay Module
• 1x Laser Emitter Module
• 1x Button Module
• 1x Tilt-Switch Module
• 1x Mercury Switch Module (not included due to EU regulations)
• 1x IR Receiver Module
• 1x Active Buzzer Module
• 1x Passive Buzzer Module
• 1x Reed Switch Module
• 1x Photo-interrupter Module
• 1x AD/DA Converter PCF8591 Module
• 1x Rain detection board Module
• 1x Joystick PS2 Module
• 1x Potentiometer Module
• 1x Analog Hall Sensor Module
• 1x Switch Hall Module
• 1x Analog Temperature Sensor Module
• 1x Thermistor Module
• 1x Sound Sensor Module
• 1x Photoresistor Module
• 1x Flame Sensor Module
• 1x Gas Sensor Module
• 1x IR Remote Control Module
• 1x Touch Switch Module
• 1x Ultrasonic Ranging Module
• 1x Temperature DS18B20 Module
• 1x Rotary Encoder Module
• 1x Humiture Sensor Module
• 1x IR Obstacle Module
• 1x I²C LCD1602 Module
• 1x Barometer-BMP180 Module
• 1x MPU6050 Module
• 1x RTC-DS1302 Module
• 1x Tracking Module
• 1x Breadboard
• 1x T-Cobbler
• 1x 40-pin Ribbon Cable for T-Cobbler
• 2x 2-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
• 5x 3-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
• 5x 4-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
• 5x 5-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
• 1x 2-Pin Ribbon Cable (Female to Female)
• 20x Jumper wires (Male to Female)

The 168 pages thick book contains these 35 Experiments
Dual-Color LED
2. RGB LED Module
3. 7-Color Auto-flash LED
4. Relay Module
5. Laser Emitter Module
6. Button Module
7. Tilt-Switch Module
8. Mercury Switch
9. IR Receiver Module
10. Buzzer Module
11. Reed Switch
12. Photo-interrupter
13. PCF8591
14. Rain Detection Module
15. Joystick PS2
16. Potentiometer Module
17. Hall Sensor
18. Thermistor Module
19. Sound Sensor
20. Photoresistor Module
21. Flame Sensor
22. Gas Sensor
23. IR Remote control
24. Touch Switch
25. Ultrasonic Ranging Module
26. DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
27. Rotary Encoder Module
28. Humiture Sensor
29. IR Obstacle Avoidance Module
30. I²C LCD1602
31. Barometer
32. MPU6050 Gyro Acceleration Sensor
33. RTC DS1302
34. Tracking Sensor
35. Intelligent Temperature Measurement System

You can download the Tutorial from our site. Just scroll down or click here.

SKU 17416
Manufacturer Sunfounder
Version 2.0
Product range Hardware
Pages 168

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