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RGB Digit 7-Segment display - 160100-71

RGB Digit 7-Segment Display

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RGB Digit 1" 7-Segment full RGB color. Adafruit NeoPixel ARDUINO library driven. Only 3 wires in and out RGB Digit’s are a full color 1” 7-segment display with a RGB LED in every single segment. The digit’s and controller will be connected with only three wires which makes using and connecting them very simple, the Adafruit NeoPixel Arduino library does the job.

Each segment can be one of the 16581375 colors and all the segments can have a clarity up to 255 average use is 30 out of 255. The RGB Digit’s can be used on a breadboard or you can join them (up to 4) on a RGB digit UNO shield. 

The picture color’s are real life with a clarity of 30 out of 255.


  • Arduino driven
  • 16581375 colors each segment
  • Clarity up to 255 steps
  • Power max 5V
  • Up to 10 Digit’s cascade
SKU 17789
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Editorial Number 160100-71




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