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FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB (110553-91)

Ready-built module of the USB-to-Serial interface, as described in Elektor Magazine, September 2011 edition.

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You'll be surprised first and foremost by the size of this USB/serial converter no larger than the moulded plug on a USB cable!

And you're also bound to appreciate that fact that it's practical, quick to implement, reusable, and multi-platform (Windows, Linux, etc.) and yet for all that, not too expensive.


We don't think much of the various commercially-available FT232R-based modules. Too expensive, too bulky, badly designed, ... That's why this project got designed in the form of a breakout board (BOB).


This product uses a mini-USB-B-cable to connect to your PC (not included).

SKU 15435
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Editorial Number 110553-91

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