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Elektor Magazine September/Oktober 2016 (EN)

The printed September & October 2016 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics! SmartScope Meets LabVIEW, SDR, UniLab, Swiss Army Knife for RPi, LEDitron, and Lots More!

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• Tips and Tricks

From readers for readers

• Home automation

Ten platforms examined

• Magic Eye Indicators

Peculiar Parts, the series

• CircuitMaker Tips & Tricks (3)

• PIC Assembler Crash Course 2.2

Indirect addressing

• LED Control Tabletized using Flowcode and E-blocks

• Mercury Relays

Peculiar Parts, the series

• Eagle Tips & Tricks (4)

The XML file format

• Mobile Communications Instrumentation

meets the challenge of Big Data and IoT


• Linked: T-Board 28 and Serial e-BOB

• Swiss Pi

A Swiss army knife for the Raspberry Pi

• Unilab Mk. 2

0–30 V, 3 A compact switch-mode lab power supply

• Filtering on the Red Pitaya

Part 2: IIR filters

• Elektor SDR Reloaded (2)

Software for the SDR Shield

• LEDitron

A seven-segment display made from LED filaments

• UV Exposure Unit with PIC-based Timer

54 UV LEDs in a matrix

• i-Baxandall

Variations on audio tone controls

• Timeshift Radio

What did they just say?

• Compact and Self-contained WLAN

Using the ESP8266 without a host microcontroller

• Master / Slave LED Striplight Dimmer Unit

With optional microcontroller drive

• Baroduino

Arduino’d 48-hour recordtracking barograph feat. storm alert

• A Simple Current Sensor Probe

Make floating current measurements with ground-referenced ‘scopes

• Low-Battery Indicator for 9 V Batteries

• Poor Man’s Capacitive Sensing Pad

Now beat this for simplicity

• Picowatt Transmitter

An FM transmitter with a BF961 in Fetron configuration

• Opamp Experimenting Kit for myDAQ

Tinker with 10 different configurations


• Elektor Labs Pipeline

• SmartScope Meets LabVIEW

With a dedicated set of VI blocks

• Fragile LED Filaments

Many LEDs on a glass carrier

• MOS Clock 5314 (1974)

With digital precision and seconds readout!

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