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Elektor Magazine EN May/June 2018

The printed May & June 2018 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics: Scrolling Message Display, VFD-tube Clock, Simple LC Meter, Floranium and lots more!!

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Wireless Protocols: a Panorama
If you think one day there will be just one, you’re dreaming…
Wearable LED Controller
light effects for the disco
Acoustics, GUI and Fingerprints
Elektor Store Highlights
PAM8302A Audio Amplifier
A modern replacement for the LM386
3-Way Display Alarm
with 2.2-inch TFT screen
electronica Fast Forward 2018
the start-up platform turns start-up week
10-MHz Reference
with satellite precision
Simple LC Meter
Measure inductance and capacitance with Platino
About Battery Chargers, Choices and Electronic Designers
VFD-tube Clock with ESP32
with an accurate Internet-derived time
LoRa Telemetry Projects
Using wireless peer-to-peer connections to fight industrial pollution
Homelab Helicopter
The Connected Greenhouse
IoT demonstration project using MQTT and Node-RED
Q and A
Everything (almost) everything you need to know about Bluetooth
Tips and Tricks
From readers for readers
CPLD Breakout Board in DIL Format
For programmable logic projects
The NXP Cup 2018
Struggling with LED Snake Lights
LED strips are flexible and functional but not entirely inconsequential
Scrolling Message Display
512 LEDs controlled over Wi-Fi via an ESP-12F
EMC Limit Values and CE Declaration
Simplified measurements for private individuals and small companies
Ltank Lego Robot
High-tech Meets Toytech
My Tiny Radio
One radio — three platforms
Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles
Universal I²C Bus Isolator and Level Shifter
Simple and compact
Close-to-Universal IR Remote Control
More than just decoration
The Elektor Mini Counter
Retronics series
Our Vulnerable Digital Society
Elektor Ethics series

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