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Elektor Magazine EN Jan./Febr. 2018

The printed January & February 2018 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics: Laser time writer, MicroTesla Music Synthesizer, OLED displays, SmartPi and lot's more!

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  • OLED Displays
    Small low-power displays for DIY projects
  • USB Programming Adaptor for ESP8266
    from the Espressif family, I’d like the ESP-01 and ESP-012
  • Laser Time Writer
    Writing with light
  • The EEBUS is on its Way
    A voice of sanity amid the babble of IoT
  • Solar Power for Wi-Fi Repeater
    Choice of analogue or digital versions
  • MicroTesla Music Synthesizer
    Sing along with sparks
  • EPS - Easy Parking System
  • SmartPi Reviewed
    Smart energy meter extension for Raspberry Pi
  • The Intersil ICM7216
    Peculiar Parts, the series
  • Card Sound
    Plenteous audio from a tiny micro SD Card
  • Weather Station
    With no moving parts
  • HomeLab Helicopter
  • Q & A
    Everything (almost) you need to know about small displays
  • Get Busy with the CAN Bus
    In control of 4,000 lights in a multi-storey building
  • Bio-Light
    Plant expresses ‘feelings’ through colours
  • PlatformIO, the Universal Programming Tool
    A Swiss Army Knife for microcontrollers
  • Tips and Tricks
    New life for a failing monitor
  • Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat
    Flexible and programmable temperature control
  • Bi-colour Transistor Tester
    Green: NPN; red: PNP
  • Communicating Current Loops
    Turning data signals into current affairs
  • Elektor Labs Pipeline
    Fading LED Competiion
  • Arduino Experimenting Shield 2.0
    Same functionality, better display options
  • ESP8266 on the Android I/O Board
    Load new firmware yourself
  • Skip!
    Wireless ‘Next Track’ button for the Media Player
  • Connecting an LCD to an Rpi
    How easy (or difficult) can that be?
  • We have moved!
    A photo impression of our new lab rooms in Aachen
  • Err-lectronics
    How to Charge a Battery
  • DoubleSPIder
    A universal interface converter for microcontroller projects
  • Uher Report 4000L (1964)
    Retronics series
  • Open the Radio Spectrum!
    Elektor Ethics series

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