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  •  -50% Solder Fume Extractor ZD-153A

    Zhongdi Solder Fume Extractor ZD-153A

    Fumes released during the soldering process are potentially harmful to health. This solder fume extractor is securely fastened to the work table with a bracket. Thanks to the 3 axes, the solder fume extractor can be positioned perfectly, i.e. directly above the rising solder fumes. The harmful solder fumes are extracted by a powerful but quiet fan and filtered by an activated-carbon filter mat. Features Removes solder fumes Absorbs toxic gases and fumes from brazing operations Helps reduce the likelihood of headaches, eye irration and neusea Adjustable absorption angle for accurate placement Easy replaceable activated carbon filter High-performance fan Low noise and long life service Specifications Absorption capacity: 1 m³/min (max.) Power consumption: 23 W Power supply: 220-240 VAC Amount of activated carbon filter: 7 g Maximum absorption weight: 2 g Dimensions: 220 x 270 x 168 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 1.4 kg

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  •  -30% Soldering Mat ZD-154-1A

    Zhongdi Soldering Mat ZD-154-1A

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    This silicone soldering mat can be used as a base for all kinds of soldering work such as assembly or repair. Specifications Withstands 200-230°C constantly and 480-500°C for short periods Ideal for soldering electronics components or repairing PCBs, smartphones, etc. Color: Green Dimensions: 209 x 295 mm

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  •  -25% Elektor Tapir E-Smog Detector Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor Tapir E-Smog Detector Kit

    Ultrasensitive wideband magnetic/electromagnetic field detector This ultra sensitive wideband “E-smog” detector adds two senses to help you track down noise that’s normally inaudible. TAPIR also makes a great project to build since the enclosure is the PCB proper. TAPIR detects electric as well as magnetic fields at high frequencies. The PCB is ingenuously designed to double as a shielded case. Each of the two antennas that can be connected to TAPIR is optimized for one type of field. Magnetic fields are detected with a ferrite-cored coil, and electric fields with a rod antenna, which is easily constructed from a length of stiff wire. Using TAPIR is dead easy. Connect the headphones, the selected antenna and switch on. Move the antenna around any suspect area and you’ll hear different types of noise and noise levels with each electrical device, depending on the type and frequency of the emitted field. Features Ultrasensitive Wideband 'E-smog' Detector PCB Doubles as Project Housing Tried & Tested by Elektor Labs Educational & Geeky Project Easy to solder SMD Parts Online Illustrated Construction Manual Included Printed Circuit Board All Components Antenna and Headphones

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  •  -35% Cytron Maker Hat Base – HAT & GPIO Extension for Raspberry Pi 400

    Cytron Cytron Maker Hat Base - HAT & GPIO Extension for Raspberry Pi 400

    Maker Hat Base extends out all the GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi 400 in a quick and simple way – be it using your favorite HAT or building your own simple circuit with jumper wires on the mini breadboard.Since a ribbon cable is used for the connection, the Maker Hat Base is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 4 too. This is especially useful when the Raspberry Pi is enclosed in a case and you want to extend its GPIOs out for HAT.Each GPIO pin is clearly labeled and its status LED is definitely helpful during testing and troubleshooting. The onboard buzzer and push buttons will get you to start coding in no time without the need of building your own circuit. Features Specially designed for Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 Extension pins for HAT Labeled GPIOs breakout for jumper wires Status LEDs for each GPIOs 1x programmable buzzer 4x programmable push buttons 3x Grove ports (GPIO, UART & I²C) for external modules Onboard 3.3 V regulator provides extra current up to 800 mA Included 1x Maker Hat Base 1x Mini Breadboard (Random Color) 1x 40 Ways Female to Female IDE cable (10 cm) 1x Flat Cable Clamper with Adhesive (60 mm) 4x Silicone Bumper 1x PC104 2x20 Header Pin Downloads Datasheet CAD File

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  •  -50% JOY-iT Magnetic Multimedia Case for Raspberry Pi 4

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Magnetic Multimedia Case for Raspberry Pi 4

    This multimedia case for all Raspberry Pi 4 models is characterized by high functionality, modern design and a sumptuous equipment: Integrated IR receiver, controllable with almost all IR remote controls Controllable LED lighting Switching on/off, controlling additional functions of the Raspberry Pi Active, quiet cooling Toolless, magnetic assembly All connections of the Raspberry Pi are on the backside GPIO port is accessible via separate lid Perfect as a multimedia platform in the living room, desktop device or for the use in digital signage. Specifications Material Acryl Color Black Compatible to Raspberry Pi 4 Power supply 5 VDC (USB-C) Microcontroller STM32F030F4P Infrared receiver TSOP4838 LEDs 4x WS2812Mini Led out connections 1x USB-C, 1x Aux, 2x microHDMIFrom Raspberry Pi: 2x USB-A 3.0, 2x USB-A 2.0, 1x RJ45 Weight 280 g Dimensions 113 x 100 x 38 mm Scope of delivery Multimedia case, adapter board, control board, Aux adapter cable Downloads Datasheet (177.9 KB) Manual (3.5 MB) Expert Guide (6.5 MB) Firmware v1.0.9-beta (11.2 KB) Addons for LibreElec 9 (2.6 MB) Code Examples Addon - Multimedia Case Configuration Addon - LED Configuration Addon - IR Control Configuration Prepared LibreElec Image Prepared LibreElec Image 10.BETA GitHub

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  •  -29% Elektor US-Style Sirene Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor US-Style Siren Kit

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    A great way to explain the workings of an electronic circuit is to position the discrete parts on the board exactly as in the schematic. Press the button and this 'Elektor Classic' responds with 1 of 3 siren sounds: police, ambulance, or fire brigade. The kit is composed of through-hole parts only and includes a wooden desktop stand. A full explanation of the circuit operation appears on the back of the circuit board. Features Realistic Sound from Onboard Speaker Unique PCB Layout Equals Schematic Elektor Heritage Circuit Symbols Tried & Tested by Elektor Labs Educational & Geeky Project Through-Hole Parts Only Included Printed Circuit Board All Components Wooden Desktop Stand

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  •  -50% Elektor Archive 1961-2023 (USB Stick) NL

    Elektor Classics Elektor Archive 1961-2023 (USB Stick) NL

    6 Elektor decennia (jaren '60, '70, '80, '90, '2000 en '2010) op USB-stick Deze USB-stick (32 GB, USB 3.0) bevat de complete jaargangen 1961-2023 (alle nummers) van het elektronica-vakblad Elektor. Elektor wil mensen inspireren om zich elektronica en computertechniek eigen te maken door het presenteren van nabouwvriendelijke, professioneel ontworpen schakelingen op alle terreinen van de elektronica: Audio & Video Basiskennis Computer & apparatuur Hobby & modelbouw Hoogfrequent Huis & tuin Meten & testen Microcontrollers Stroomvoorziening Al dat andere dat niet zo gemakkelijk in een van deze categorieën kan worden ondergebracht. De meer dan 10.000 afzonderlijke artikelen zijn chronologisch op publicatiedatum (maand/jaar) geordend. Systeemeisen Computer geschikt voor Adobe Reader vanaf versie 7 Webbrowser

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  •  -47% Get Started with the NXP i.MX RT1010 Development Bundle

    Elektor Bundles Get Started with the NXP i.MX RT1010 Development Bundle

    Develop Arm Cortex-M7 powered Audio, DSP and Motor Control Projects At the heart of NXP Semiconductors‘ MIMXRT1010 Development Kit is the i.MX RT1010 Crossover MCU sporting an Arm Cortex-M7 core truly capable of running power- and memory hungry DSP applications. The popular MCUXpresso IDE is key to creating software for the development kit, while a powerful SDK is provided to reduce program development time and effort. The dev kit offers great connectivity through its audio CODECs, 4-way headphone jack, external speaker connection, microphone, and Arduino interface. Conveniently, several on-board debug probes are supplied with the kit allowing you to debug your programs by talking directly to the MCU. Helped by the debugger, you can single-step through a program, insert breakpoints, view and modify variables, and so on. Using the MCUXpresso IDE and the SDK, many working and tested projects are developed in the book based on parts, modules, and technologies, including: LED and LCDs ADC I²C projects SPI projects UART projects Motor Control Audio and Digital Audio Processing (DSP) This bundle contains: Elektor Book: Get Started with the NXP i.MX RT1010 Development Kit (normal price: €34.95) NXP i.MX RT1010 Kit Development Kit (normal price: €49.95)

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  •  -20% 5 V/2 A Micro-USB Voeding (EU)

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  •  -21% Andonstar AD407 Pro HDMI Digitale Microscoop met 7` LCD-scherm

    Andonstar Andonstar AD407 Pro 7" HDMI Digital Microscope

    The Andonstar AD407 Pro microscope is suitable for various applications such as soldering SMDs or repair work. The microscope has a large adjustable 7' LCD display and comes with a remote. Compared to AD407, AD407 Pro offers an extra-high stand, which makes soldering of components even easier. Specifications Screen size 7 inch (17.8 cm) Image sensor 4 MP Video output UHD 2880x2160 (24fps)FHD 1920x1080 (60fps/30fps)HD 1280x720 (120fps) Video format MP4 Magnification Up to 270 times (27 inch HDMI monitor) Photo resolution Max. 12 MP (4032x3024) Photo format JPG Focus range Min. 5 cm Frame Rate Max. 120fps Video interface HDMI Storage microSD card (up to 64 GB) Power source 5 V DC Light source 2 LEDs with the stand Stand size 20 x 18 x 32 cm Included 1x Andonstar AD407 Pro Digital Microscope 1x Metal stand with 2 LEDs 1x UV filter (already assembled in the lens) 1x IR remote 1x Switch cable 1x Power adapter 1x Wrench 2x Metal clips 1x HDMI cable 1x User manual Downloads User Manual Model Comparison AD407 AD407 Pro AD409 AD409 Pro-ES Screen size 7 inch (17.8 cm) 7 inch (17.8 cm) 10.1 inch (25.7 cm) 10.1 inch (25.7 cm) Image sensor 4 MP 4 MP 4 MP 4 MP Video output 2160p 2160p 2160p 2160p Interfaces HDMI HDMI USB, HDMI, WiFi USB, HDMI, WiFi Video format MP4 MP4 MP4 MP4 Magnification Up to 270x Up to 270x Up to 300x Up to 300x Photo resolution Max. 4032x3024 Max. 4032x3024 Max. 4032x3024 Max. 4032x3024 Photo format JPG JPG JPG JPG Focus distance Min. 5 cm Min. 5 cm Min. 5 cm Min. 5 cm Frame rate Max. 120f/s Max. 120f/s Max. 120f/s Max. 120f/s Storage microSD card microSD card microSD card microSD card PC support No No Windows Windows Mobile connection No No WiFi + Measurement WiFi + Measurement Power source 5 V DC 5 V DC 5 V DC 5 V DC Light source 2 LEDs with the stand 2 LEDs with the stand 2 LEDs with the stand 2 LEDs with the stand Endoscope No No No Yes Stand size 20 x 12 x 19 cm 20 x 18 x 32 cm 18 x 20 x 30 cm 18 x 20 x 32 cm Weight 1.6 kg 2.1 kg 2.2 kg 2.5 kg Price €259.00€199.00 €289.00€229.00 €399.00€279.00 €449.00€299.00

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  •  -70% Make Magazine 2020-2021 (USB-stick)

    Elektor Classics Make Magazine 2020-2021 (USB-stick)

    Het tijdschrift Make bevat bouwinstructies voor coole projecten (Arduino, Raspberry Pi en meer), die zowel door leken als gevorderden nagebouwd kunnen worden. Make laat niet alleen zien hoe het project werkt, maar publiceert ook basisartikelen, tutorials en informatieve reviews over bijvoorbeeld 3D-printers, oscilloscopen of soldeerbouten. Deze USB-stick bevat alle 10 gepubliceerde Make uitgaven van de jaargangen 2020 en 2021.

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  •  -25% MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module (Set of 8)

    Elektor Labs MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module (Set of 8)

    Scrolling text display with eight 8 x 8 LED dot matrix displays (512 LEDs in total). Built around an ESP-12F Wi-Fi module (ESP8266-based) programmed in the Arduino IDE. ESP8266 web server allows control of displayed text, scroll delay and brightness with a mobile phone or other Wi-Fi-connected (portable) device. Features 10 MHz Serial Interface Individual LED Segment Control Decode/No-Decode Digit Selection 150 µA Low-Power Shutdown (Data Retained) Digital and Analog Brightness Control Display Blanked on Power-Up Drive Common-Cathode LED Display Slew-Rate Limited Segment Drivers for Lower EMI (MAX7221) SPI, QSPI, MICROWIRE Serial Interface (MAX7221) 24-Pin DIP and SO Packages

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  •  -16% Elektor Funny Bird Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor Funny Bird Kit

    Whistle And It Chirps Back At You! Although birds of all sorts are lovingly owned and watched by many people, sadly most of them have not yet learnt to communicate with us. This all-electronic bird takes a step in the right direction: when you whistle at it, it chirps back! Features Responds to Whistling Adjustable Bird Sounds (Tone and Length) Elektor Heritage Circuit Symbols Tried & Tested by Elektor Labs Educational & Geeky Project Through-Hole Parts Only Included Printed Circuit Board All Components Wooden Stand Bill of Materials Resistors R1,R2 = 2.2kΩ R3,R4,R13 = 47kΩ R5 = 4.7kΩ R6 = 3.3kΩ R7,R10,R11,R12,R17 = 100kΩ R8,R19,R23 = 1kΩ R9 = 1MΩ R14,R15 = 10kΩ R16,R18 = 470kΩ R20 = 68kΩ R21 = 10MΩ R22 = 2.7kΩ R24 = 22Ω P1,P2 = 1MΩ P3,P5 = 470kΩ P4 = 100kΩ Capacitors C1,C2,C12 = 100nF C3,C4 = 10nF C5 = 22μF, 16V C6,C7,C11 = 10μF, 16V C8 = 2.2μF, 100V C9 = 1μF, 50V C10 = 2.2nF C13 = 10nF Semiconductors D1,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8 = 1N4148 D2 = 3V3 zener diode T1,T2 = BC557B T3 = BC547B T4 = BC327-40 IC1 = TL084CN IC2 = 4093 Miscellaneous BT1 = wired battery clip for 6LR61/PP3 LS1 = miniature loudspeaker, 8Ω, 0.5W S1 = switch, slide, SPDT MIC1 = electret microphone PCB 230153-1 v1.1

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  •  -17% FNIRSI SG-003A Signal Generator

    FNIRSI FNIRSI SG-003A Signal Generator

    The FNIRSI SG-003A Multi-Functional Signal Generator a.k.a. Process Meter/Calibrator is a high-precision voltage/current generator and meter. The SG-003A provides highly accurate reference voltages or currents for testing and calibrating other measurement instruments like multimeters and oscilloscopes. Besides voltages and currents, the SG-003A also generates rectangular pulse signals with precisely programmable frequencies and duty cycles. Its converter mode turns the SG-003A into a precision voltage-controlled current source, or current-controlled voltage source, and even a voltage- or current-controlled frequency generator. The SG-003A is a great tool for checking your multimeter’s accuracy and precision, and for testing e.g. LEDs. Features Accuracy (voltage/current) 0.1% ±0.005 Resolution (current) 0.01 mA Frequency 0-10 kHz Resolution 5 digits Output power 24 V Display 2.4' TFT LCD (320 x 240) Dimensions 92 x 72 x 30 mm Weight 165 g Specifications Signal Range Precision Resolution Max load External power supply Active current output 0~24 mA ±(0.1% + 0.005) 0.01 mA 750 Ω Passive current output (XMT) 0~24 mA ±(0.1% + 0.005) 0.01 mA 0~30 V Voltage output 0~24 V ±(0.1% + 0.005) 0.01 V 24 V loop 0~24 mA ±(0.1% + 0.005) 0.01 mA Frequency output 0~9999 Hz ±2% 5 digits Current input 0~24 mA ±(0.1% + 0.005) 0.01 mA Voltage input 0~30 V ±(0.1% + 0.005) 0.01 V Included 1x FNIRSI SG-003A signal generator 4x Test clips 1x USB charger 1x USB-C cable 1x Manual Downloads Manual

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  •  -40% Embedded in Embedded

    Embedded in Embedded

    ARM Cortex-M Embedded Design from 0 to 1 Hobbyists can mash together amazing functional systems using platforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, but it is imperative that engineers and product designers understand the foundational knowledge of embedded design. There are very few resources available that describe the thinking, strategies, and processes to take an idea through hardware design and low-level driver development, and successfully build a complete embedded system. Many engineers end up learning the hard way, or never really learn at all. ARM processors are essentially ubiquitous in embedded systems. Design engineers building novel devices must understand the fundamentals of these systems and be able to break down large, complicated ideas into manageable pieces. Successful product development means traversing a huge amount of documentation to understand how to accomplish what you need, then put everything together to create a robust system that will reliably operate and be maintainable for years to come. This book is a case study in embedded design including discussion of the hardware, processor initialization, low‑level driver development, and application interface design for a product. Though we describe this through a specific application of a Cortex-M3 development board, our mission is to help the reader build foundational skills critical to being an excellent product developer. The completed development board is available to maximize the impact of this book, and the working platform that you create can then be used as a base for further development and learning. The Embedded in Embedded program is about teaching fundamental skill sets to help engineers build a solid foundation of knowledge that can be applied in any design environment. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, the author communicates the critical skill development that is demanded by companies and essential to successful design. This book is as much about building a great design process, critical thinking, and even social considerations important to developers as it is about technical hardware and firmware design. Software Downloads EiE Software Archive (200 MB) IAR ARM 8.10.1 (Recommended IDE version to use) (1.2 GB) IAR ARM 7.20.1 (Optional IDE version to use) (600 MB)

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  •  -13% Andonstar AD1605 4K HDMI Digitale Microscoop

    Andonstar Andonstar AD1605 4K HDMI Digital Microscope

    The Andonstar AD1605 4K Digital Microscope features a 140 megapixels HD sensor, an oversized metal base and an adjustable bracket. With 4k ultra HD image sensor, you can capture high-quality pictures and record ultra-clear videos. This 4K digital microscope possesses a magnification up to 150X. With a stand size of 37.5 x 25 x 47 cm, it can offer a large working space that is ideal for assembly, inspection, training, real-time viewing, image capture and video documentation. With it, you can check the solder joint of a circuit board, or the minute structure of coin, jewelry, textile, skin, insect, etc. Features 140 MP HD sensor providing clear images of high quality Deep depth of field making images sharp and clear Oversized metal base providing large working space Wide focus range from 5 to 29 cm Adjustable metal bracket for easy adjustment of magnification and object distance Image capture & video record function for convenient documentation of work UV Filter to protect the lens from the oil, heat, dirt or dust during soldering or repair IR remote control for easy operation and avoid the shake of the microscope with the button playing Memory card with up to 32 GB storage (not included in the package) Applications Phone repair PCB checking Plants & insects Arts & crafts/miniature Printings/textile Assembling line Antique authentication Jewelry appraisal Watch repair DIY Specifications Image sensor 140 MP Video output 3840x2160 (30fps)2560x1440 (24fps)1920x1080 (60fps/30fps) Video format MP4 Magnification Up to 150 times (29 inch HDMI monitor) Photo resolution Max. 12 MP (4032x3024) Photo format JPG Focus range 5-29 cm Frame Rate Max. 60fps Video interface HDMI Storage microSD card (up to 32 GB) PC support No Power source 5 V DC Light source 2 LEDs with the stand Stand size 37.5 x 25 x 47 cm Weight 5.5 kg Included 1x Andonstar AD1605 Digital Microscope 1x Metal stand 1x UV filter 1x IR remote 1x Switch cable 1x Power adapter 1x User manual

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  •  -20% Raspberry Pi Build HAT

    Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi Build HAT

    Build robust, intelligent machines that combine Raspberry Pi computing power with LEGO components.The Raspberry Pi Build HAT provides four connectors for LEGO Technic motors and sensors from the SPIKE Portfolio. The available sensors include a distance sensor, a colour sensor, and a versatile force sensor. The angular motors come in a range of sizes and include integrated encoders that can be queried to find their position.The Build HAT fits all Raspberry Pi computers with a 40-pin GPIO header, including – with the addition of a ribbon cable or other extension device — Raspberry Pi 400. Connected LEGO Technic devices can easily be controlled in Python, alongside standard Raspberry Pi accessories such as a camera module.Features Controls up to 4 motors and sensors Powers the Raspberry Pi (when used with a suitable external PSU) Easy to use from Python on the Raspberry Pi

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  •  -43% MSP430 Microcontroller Essentials

    MSP430 Microcontroller Essentials

    Architecture, Programming and Applications The MSP430 is a popular family of microcontrollers from Texas Instruments. In this book we will work with the smallest type, which is the powerful MSP430G2553. We will look at the capabilities of this microcontroller in detail, as it is well-suited for self-made projects because it is available in a P-DIP20 package. We will take a closer look at the microcontroller and then build, step by step, some interesting applications, including a 'Hello World' blinking LED and a nice clock application, which can calculate the day of the week based on the date. You also will learn how to create code for the MSP microcontroller in assembler. In addition to that, we will work with the MSP-Arduino IDE, which makes it quite easy to create fast applications without special in-depth knowledge of the microcontrollers. All the code used in the book is available for download from the Elektor website.

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  •  -50% Elektor Archive 1974-2023 (USB Stick) EN

    Elektor Classics Elektor Archive 1974-2023 (USB Stick) EN

    NEW: Now incl. volume 2023! 5 Elektor Decades (’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s) on a USB Stick This handy USB stick (32 GB, USB 3.0) is loaded with all the Elektor magazine English editions (as PDFs) from 1974 to 2023. Elektor engineers, authors, and editors aim to inspire you to master electronics and computer technology by presenting professionally designed circuits that are easy to build. We also cover the latest developments in electronics and information technology. With the Elektor Archive on a USB stick, you can browse our previous English editions at your convenience and learn about MCU-based projects, robotics, electronics testing, embedded programming, analog techniques, and much more. All the Elektor magazine editions are stored as PDFs on a 32-GB USB stick (USB 3.0). The 10,000+ articles have been classified by date of publication (month/year), and a comprehensive index enables you to search the entire USB stick. Subject areas include: Audio & video Computers & microcontrollers Radio, hobby & modelling Home & garden Power supplies & batteries Test & measurement Software And everything else that doesn’t fit in one of these categories. System requirements PC with Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher Web browser

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  •  -27% Whadda WSPXL103 Poly Rendier XL Soldeer- en programmeerkit (incl. Arduino Nano Every)

    Velleman Whadda WSPXL103 Poly Reindeer XL Soldering & Programming Kit (incl. Arduino Nano Every)

    Looking for a fun DIY Christmas project? Assemble and program this extra-large Poly Reindeer figurine and make its LEDs shine all the colors of the rainbow! Ideal for both beginners and advanced makers! This educational and fun kit combines soldering and programming skills in one XL-sized project. First, you will need to solder some simple components onto the copper plated circuit board. The components include fancy RGB LEDs that have a special diffused effect. Once the soldering work is finished, you will be able to program the colors and light effects of the different LEDs thanks to the onboard Arduino Nano Every. The Arduino will be pre-programmed with some basic LED effects, so your kit will work once you power it with the included adaptor. Or you can choose to write your own code based on the available example code. Programmable add-ons The printed circuit board of this project is designed especially so you can add different add-ons. For example, add an OLED screen to display messages or program it to countdown the days until Christmas! Or add an IoT Tuya chip so your project can communicate with your smartphone. You can even add a sound microphone, motion sensor or light sensor. Features XL-sized & copper plated circuit board (PCB) in the shape of a polymetric reindeer 22 addressable (programmable) RGB LEDs 14 x 5 mm RGB LEDs 10 x 8 mm RGB LEDs Arduino Nano Every Onboard push button USB A to USB micro cable for programming USB A to USB B cable for power supply Wooden holder Complete manual and video available in 5 languages Example code for Arduino available Educational & fun for all ages and skill levels Expandable with lots of add-ons: an OLED screen a smart IoT sensor to connect with your smartphone a microphone sensor and more! Not included: soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers and an soldering mat Specifications Dimensions: 168 x 270 mm Power supply: 5 V/2.1 A max. (cable included)

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  •  -15% Elektor One-armed Bandit Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor One-armed Bandit Kit

    1 review

    Pull Down Lever For Highest Score! This Elektor Circuit Classic from 1984 shows a playful application of CMOS 400x series logic ICs in combination with LEDs, a highly popular combination at the time. The project imitates a spinning-digit type slot machine. The Game To play the game, first agree on the number of rounds. Player 1 actuates the switch lever as long as desired and releases it. The LEDs then show the score which is the sum of the 50-20-10-5 digits lit up. If the Play Again! LED lights, Player 1 has another, “free” round. If not, it’s Player 2’s turn. The players keep tab of their scores, and the highest score wins. Features LEDs Indicate Score Multi-Player and Play Again! Elektor Heritage Circuit Symbols Tried & Tested by Elektor Labs Educational & Geeky Project Through-Hole Parts Only Included Printed Circuit Board All Components Wooden Stand Bill of Materials Resistors (5%, 250 mW) R1,R2,R3,R4 = 100kΩ R5,R6,R7,R8,R9,R10 = 1kΩ Capacitors C1 = 4.7nF, 10%, 50V, 5mm C2 = 4.7μF, 10%, 63V, axial C3,C4 = 100nF, 10 %, 50V, ceramic X7R, 5mm Semiconductors LED1-LED6 = red, 5mm (T1 3/4) IC1 = 74HC4024 IC2 = 74HC132 Miscellaneous S1 = switch, toggle, 21mm lever, SPDT, momentary S2 = switch, tactile, 24V, 50mA, 6x6mm S3 = switch, slide, SPDT IC1,IC2 = IC socket, DIP14 BT1 = PCB-mount CR2032 battery retainer clip Desktop Stand PCB 230098-1 Not included: BT1 = CR2032 coin cell battery

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  •  -36% Get Started with the Bundle

    Elektor Bundles Get Started with the Bundle

    ‘’ is a portable multi-sensor circuit board housed in a plastic box and developed by STMicroelectronics. It is equipped with a high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 processor with DSP and FPU, and various sensor modules, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, microphone, and so on. is ready to use with wireless IoT and Bluetooth connectivity that can easily be used with an iOS or Android compatible smartphone, regardless of the level of expertise of the users. is shipped with a long-life battery and all the user has to do is connect the battery to the circuit to start using the box. Sensors Included Temperature 3-axis Accelerometer 3-axis Magnetometer 3-axis Acceleration & Gyro (6-axis Inertia) Humidity Altimeter/Pressure Microphone Peripherals Included Bluetooth Li-Ion Charger DC-DC Converter 500 mAh Li-Ion Battery

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  •  -17% DFRobot Gravity – Lightning Distance Sensor

    DFRobot DFRobot Gravity - Lightning Distance Sensor

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    The embedded man-made disturber rejection algorithm can effectively avoid the electrical interference generated by various household appliances. In addition to allowing general weather enthusiasts to measure local thunderstorm data simply and efficiently, thanks to its compact size and wide detection range, it can also be embedded in various smart wearable devices for an outdoor climber or people who work at heights.This provides early warning of thunderstorms that people can perceive so that people can take precautions a step ahead. The sensor can also be embedded in the indoor protection device inside lightning-sensitive equipment, and automatically trigger these devices to switch to the backup power to isolate the power grid when lightning strikes. At the moment of lightning, the interrupt pin IRQ generates a pulse. This can be used to trigger the shutter to open, helping photographers to accurately capture the exciting moment of lightning.The maximum estimated distance of lightning strike is 40km. Limited by the inherent measurement method and algorithm, the distance estimation resolution is 1~4km, 40 km in 15 steps.Features Lightning detection within 40km in 15 steps Lighting intensity detection Used both indoors or outdoors Embedded man-made disturber rejection algorithm Applications Consumer Weather Station (thunderstorm measurement) Wearable Devices (outdoor thunderstorm early warning) Lightning Photography Specification Input Voltage : 3.3 V - 5.5 V Maximum Detection Range: 40 km Distance Detection Resolution: 1 km - 4 km Intensity Detection Resolution: 21 bits, i.e. 0 ~16777201 I2C Address: Three options 0x03, 0x02, 0x01 Interface: Gravity I2C (logic level: 0-VCC) Dimension: 30 mm x 22 mm For more information, check out the DFRobot Gravity – Lightning Distance Sensor wiki page here.

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  •  -20% ESP32-WROOM-32

    Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32

    The ESP-WROOM-32, measuring 25.2 mm x 18 mm only, contains the ESP32 SoC, flash memory, precision discrete components, and PCB antenna to provide outstanding RF performance in space-constrained applications. ESP-WROOM-32 is a powerful, generic Wi-Fi + BT + BLE MCU module that targets a wide variety of applications, ranging from low-power sensor networks to the most demanding tasks, such as voice encoding, music streaming and MP3 decoding. At the core of this module is the ESP32-D0WDQ6 chip. The chip embedded is designed to be scalable and adaptive. There are two CPU cores that can be individually controlled, and the clock frequency is adjustable from 80 MHz to 240 MHz. The user may also power off the CPU and make use of the low-power co-processor to monitor the peripherals for changes or crossing of thresholds constantly. ESP32 integrates a rich set of peripherals, ranging from capacitive touch sensors, Hall sensors, SD card interface, Ethernet, high-speed SPI, UART, I²S and I²C. The integration of Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi ensures that a wide range of applications can be targeted and that the module is future proof. Using Wi-Fi allows a vast physical range and direct connection to the internet through a Wi-Fi router while using Bluetooth allows the user to conveniently connect to the phone or broadcast low energy beacons for its detection. The sleep current of the ESP32 chip is less than 5 µA, making it suitable for battery powered and wearable electronics applications. ESP32 supports a data rate of up to 150 Mbps, and 20.5 dBm output power at the antenna to ensure the broadest physical range. As such the chip does offer industry-leading specifications and the best performance for electronic integration, range, power consumption, and connectivity.

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