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  •  -33% MightyOhm Geigerteller kit (incl. behuizing)

    MightyOhm MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit (incl. Case)

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    Have you ever wondered if the objects in your house are radioactive or not? Does the apple in your fridge give off radiation? Are the books on your shelves giving off gamma rays? You can easily find that out by building your Geiger counter! Thanks to the serial logging function you can track exposure over time, and you can use the mute button to detect radiation without any noise. Detect beta and gamma radiation with your own portable Geiger counter! Features 100% Open Source Hardware! Sensitive to beta and gamma radiation LED and piezo speaker alert you to detected radioactivity. Mute button for silent operation. An ATtiny2313 microcontroller brain that is begging to be hacked! Support for several common Geiger-Müller tubes: SI-3BG, SI-1G, and SBM-20. HV supply can be adjusted from ~300-600 V. Headers for serial (9600 baud), in-circuit programming of the AVR microcontroller, and pulse output (to connect the Geiger counter to other stuff!) Serial data logging! Counts per second (CPS), counts per minute (CPM), and equivalent dose are reported via the serial port once a second. Included Geiger counter kit incl. PCB and all parts 1x SBM-20 Geiger-Müller tube 1x Laser cut acrylic case Downloads Assembly Instructions Case Assembly Instructions Design Files Source Code Usage Instructions

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  •  -18% Elektor Dual DC LISN (150 kHz – 200 MHz)

    Eurocircuits Elektor Dual DC LISN (150 kHz - 200 MHz)

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    Measuring conducted emission is the simplest and most affordable method of getting some indication of whether a design can meet EMI/EMC requirements. A Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) is an indispensable part of an EMC pre-compliance test setup. In cooperation with Würth Elektronik, Elektor has developed a 5 µH, 50 Ω Dual DC LISN that supports voltages up to 60 V and currents up to 10 A. The instrument measures RF interferences on both channels (the power supply) by means of 5-μH blocking inductances. The internal 10-dB attenuation network – one in each channel – contains a 3rd-order high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 9 kHz to protect the input of instruments like a spectrum analyzer from potentially harmful DC voltages or low frequencies coming from the EUT (Equipment Under Test). Specifications RF path Channels 2 (with clamping diodes) Bandwidth 150 kHz – 200 MHz Inductance 5 μH || 50 Ω Internal attenuation 10 dB Connectors SMA DC path Max. current < 10 ADC Max. voltage < 60 VDC DC resistance < 2 x 70 mΩ PCB size 94.2 x 57.4 mm Connectors 4-mm banana Hammond enclosure Type 1590N Dimensions 121 x 66 x 40 mm Included 1x 4-layer PCB with all SMT parts fitted 1x pre-drilled enclosure with ready-printed front panel layout 5x gold-plated, insulated, 4-mm banana sockets, rated for 24 A, 1 kV 1x Hammond enclosure 1590N1, Aluminum (Die-Cast Alloy) More Info Project on Elektor Labs: Dual DC LISN for EMC pre-compliance testing Elektor 9-10/2021: EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 1) Elektor 11-12/2021: EMC Pre-Compliance Test for Your DC-Powered Project (Part 2)

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  •  -17% DIY LiPo Supercharger Kit V2 (by GreatScott!)

    Elektor Labs DIY LiPo Supercharger Kit V2 (by GreatScott!)

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    This DIY LiPo Supercharger/Booster (developed the electronics engineer/YouTuber GreatScott! and produced by Elektor) can charge a single-cell LiPo battery and protect it against the effects of overvoltage, overload, and short-circuits. Additionally, it can boost the battery voltage to 5 V or 12 V. The boosted output voltage is protected by an ‘eFuse’ IC outputting 1.52 A at 5 V or 0.76 A at 12 V maximum.The charger part of the circuit needs a +5 V power supply which can be connected through USB-C, or simply two wires soldered to pads on the PCB.In addition, other connections can be soldered to pads on the PCB or by using single pinheaders.Included 1x Mainboard pre-assembled with the 4 ICs 15x Resistors 3x LEDs 13x Capacitors 2x Switches 1x USB-C on a breakout board 2x Diodes Please note: Battery is not included.The board uses a DC/DC Converter, an IC charger, and an e Fuse from Texas Instruments. The battery protection IC is from Xysemi and provides under-voltage lockout, over current protection, and reverse battery protection.The board is connected to the power and recharges the batteries via a USB-C connection.Specifications Battery Single-cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery Input Voltage +5 V / 2 A max. Output Voltage 5 V / 1.52 A12 V / 0.76 A LiPo Protection XB8089D Overcharge Detection 4.250 V Overcharge Release 4.10 V Overdischarge Detection 2.50 V Overdischarge Release 3 V Overcurrent Detection 10.0 A Thermal Shutdown Auto-retry Enable/Undervoltage Lockout Rising: 1.2 V (typ.)Falling: 1.1 V (typ.)

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  •  -18% Arduino Uno Experimenteerbundel

    Elektor Bundles Arduino Uno Experimenting Bundle

    The project book, written by well-known Elektor author Dogan Ibrahim, holds many software- and hardware-based projects especially developed for the Arduino Uno Experimenting Kit. The kit comes with an Arduino Uno board, several LEDs, sensors, actuators, and other components. The purpose of the kit is to make a flying start with hardware and software aspects of projects designed around the Arduino Uno microcontroller system. The projects given in this guide are fully evaluated and working and fully employ all the supplied components. A block diagram, a circuit diagram, an extensive program listing, and a complete program description is given for every project in the guide. Included in the kit 1x Arduino Uno Rev3 board 1x RFID reader module 1x DS1302 clock module 1x 5 V stepper motor 1x '2003' stepper motor drive board 5x Green LED 5x Yellow LED 5x Red LED 2x Rocker switch 1x Flame sensor 1x LM35 sensor module 1x Infrared receiver 3x Light-dependent resistors (LDRs) 1x IR remote controller 1x Breadboard 4x Pushbutton (with four caps) 1x Buzzer 1x Piezo sounder 1x Adjustable resistor (potentiometer) 1x 74HC595 shift register 1x 7-segment display 1x 4-digit 7-segment display 1x 8x8 Dot-matrix display 1x 1602 / I²C LCD module 1x DHT11 Temperature and humidity module 1x Relay module 1x Sound module Set of Dupont cables Set of Breadboard cables 1x Water sensor 1x PS2 Joystick 5x 1 k-ohm resistor 5x 10 k-ohm resistor 5x 220-ohm resistor 1x 4x4 keypad module 1x 9g Servo (25 cm) 1x RFID card 1x RGB module 1x 9 V battery DC jack Project book (237 pages) Over 60 Projects in the Book Hardware Projects with LEDs Blinking LED – using the onboard LED Blinking LED – using an external LED LED flashing SOS Alternately-blinking LEDs Chasing LEDs Chasing LEDs 2 Binary counting LEDs Random flashing LEDs – Christmas lights Button controlled LED Controlling the LED flashing rate – external interrupts Reaction timer LED color wand RGB fixed colors Traffic lights Traffic lights with pedestrian crossings Using the 74HC595 shift register – binary up counter Using the 74HC595 shift register – randomly flashing 8 LEDs Using the 74HC595 shift register – chasing LEDs Using the 74HC595 shift register – turn ON a specified LED Using the 74HC595 shift register – turn ON specified LEDs 7-Segment LED Displays 7-Segment 1-digit LED counter 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display counter – timer interrupts 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display counter – eliminating the leading zeroes 7-Segment 4-digit multiplexed LED display – reaction timer Timer interrupt blinking onboard LED Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) Display text on the LCD Scrolling text on the LCD Display custom characters on the LCD LCD based conveyor belt goods counter LCD-based accurate clock using timer interrupts LCD dice Sensors Analog temperature sensor Voltmeter On/Off temperature controller Darkness reminder using a light-dependent resistor (LDR) Tilt detection Water-level sensor Displaying water levels Water level controller Flooding detector with buzzer Sound detection sensor – relay control by hand clapping Flame sensor – fire detection with relay output Temperature and humidity display Generating musical tones with the melody maker The RFID Reader Finding the Tag ID RFID door lock access control with relay The 4x4 Keypad Display the pressed key code on the Serial Monitor Integer calculator with LCD Keypad door security lock with relay The Real-Time Clock (RTC) Module RTC with Serial Monitor RTC with LCD Temperature and humidity display with time stamping The Joystick Reading joystick analog values 8x8 LED Matrix Displaying shapes Motors Test-rotate the servo Servo sweep Joystick-controlled servo Rotate the motor clockwise and then anticlockwise Infrared Receiver and Remote Controller Unit Decoding the IR remote control codes Remote relay activation/deactivation Infrared remote stepper motor control

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  • Sand Clock Kit (based on Raspberry Pi Pico)

    Elektor Labs Sand Clock Kit (based on Raspberry Pi Pico)

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    Raspberry Pi-based Eye Catcher A standard sand clock just shows how time passes. In contrast, this Raspberry Pi Pico-controlled sand clock shows the exact time by “engraving” the four digits for hour and minute into the layer of sand. After an adjustable time the sand is flattened out by two vibration motors and everything begins all over again. At the heart of the sand clock are two servo motors driving a writing pen through a pantograph mechanism. A third servo motor lifts the pen up and down. The sand container is equipped with two vibration motors to flatten the sand. The electronic part of the sand clock consists of a Raspberry Pi Pico and an RTC/driver board with a real-time clock, plus driver circuits for the servo motors. A detailed construction manual is available for downloading. Features Dimensions: 135 x 110 x 80 mm Build time: 1.5 to 2 hours approx. Included 3x Precut acrylic sheets with all mechanical parts 3x Mini servo motors 2x Vibration motors 1x Raspberry Pi Pico 1x RTC/driver board with assembled parts Nuts, bolts, spacers, and wires for the assembly Fine-grained white sand

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  •  -25% Electronics Fans Package – Component Basic Starter Kit

    Kuongshun Electronics Fans Package - Component Basic Starter Kit

    Contents 1x High Quality Retail Box 10x 1/4W 1% 100R Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 220R Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 330R Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 1K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 10K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 100K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 4.7K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 47K Resistor 10x 100PF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 10NF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 100NF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 22PF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 10UF aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10x 470UF aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10x Red LED 10x Green LED 10x Yellow LED 10x Blue LED 8x 12x12x7.3 Switch 2x Red Cap 2x Yellow Cap 2x Green Cap 2x Blue Cap 1x 10K Precision Potentiometer 2x RGB LED 1x Active Buzzer 1x Passive Buzzer 1x Pin Header 1x40 1x Resistor Card 1x 400pts Breadboard 1x 30pcs/pack Breadboard Jumper Wires Set

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  •  -29%Last stock! Elektor US-Style Sirene Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor US-Style Siren Kit

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    A great way to explain the workings of an electronic circuit is to position the discrete parts on the board exactly as in the schematic. Press the button and this 'Elektor Classic' responds with 1 of 3 siren sounds: police, ambulance, or fire brigade. The kit is composed of through-hole parts only and includes a wooden desktop stand. A full explanation of the circuit operation appears on the back of the circuit board. Features Realistic Sound from Onboard Speaker Unique PCB Layout Equals Schematic Elektor Heritage Circuit Symbols Tried & Tested by Elektor Labs Educational & Geeky Project Through-Hole Parts Only Included Printed Circuit Board All Components Wooden Desktop Stand

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  • TV-B-Gone Kit – Universal TV Remote

    TV-B-Gone Kit - Universal TV Remote

    The TV-B-Gone universal remote control allows you to turn virtually any TV On or OFF. You control when you see TV, rather than what you see. The TV-B-Gone Keychain remote is so small that it easily fits in your pocket so that you have it handy whenever you need it, wherever you go: bars, restaurants, laundromats, ballparks, arenas, etc.The TV-B-Gone Kit is a great way to teach about electronics. When soldered together, it allows you to turn off almost any television within 150 feet or more. It works on over 230 total power codes – 115 American/Asian and another 115 European codes. You can select which zone you want during kit assembly.This is an unassembled kit which means that soldering and assembly is required – but it’s very easy and a great introduction to soldering in general.This kit makes the popular TV-B-Gone remote more fun because you created it yourself with some basic soldering and assembly! Show your friends and family how technologically savvy you are, and entertain them with the power of the TV-B-Gone!The kit is powered by 2x AA batteries and the output comes from 2x narrow beam IR LEDs and 2x wide-beam IR LEDs.IncludedAll required parts/componentsRequiredTools, soldering iron, and batteriesDownloadsGitHub

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  • Elektor ±40 V Linear Voltage Regulator Kit

    Elektor Labs Elektor ±40 V Linear Voltage Regulator Kit

    1 review

    An alternative power supply for the Elektor Fortissimo-100 Power Amplifier For those who object to a switch-mode power supply for the Fortissimo-100 Power Amplifier, this kit yields a linear, symmetrical, voltage regulator marked by low dropout voltage, high output current, and excellent stability – all obtained from discrete components. Bearing in mind that nearly all high-performance audio power amplifiers benefit from a stabilized power supply, this linear power supply is specifically designed for a symmetrical output voltage of ±40 V and peak currents of 13 A (15 A peak achievable). As an example, the average current drawn by a Fortissmo-100 amp driving a 3 Ω load is 4 A per regulator. Specifications Input voltage range 52 V DC (low power usage) to 43 V DC Output voltage range approx. 38.9 V DC to 41.4 V DC (theoretically)38.6 V DC to 41.1 V DC (measured) Dropout voltage at 6 A 42 V Dropout voltage at 9.5 A 43 V Dropout voltage at 13.5 A 44 V Max. current 15 A peak (half sinewave), 4.8 A (average) SOAR protection 15 A at 45 V DC in Ripple rejection >60 dB (@ 5 A DC load) No-load input current 27 mA (@ 52 V DC input) Included PCB All parts including heatsinks

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  • CircuitMess Nibble – DIY Game Console

    CircuitMess CircuitMess Nibble - DIY Game Console

    Features Processor: 32-bit, 160MHz Storage: 4 MB RAM: 80 KB Display: 1.4″ 128 x 128 Full-color TFT Connectivity: WiFi Build time: 2 hours Programming: C++ (Arduino), CircuitBlocks, Python Parts Main circuit board Acrylic casing Metal soldering iron stand Sponge Soldering iron Solder wire Cross screwdriver AAA alkaline batteries LCD display Micro USB cable Bag with small components Battery holder Here you can find the guide to assemble your CircuitMess Nibble – DIY Game Console.

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  • The Three Fives 555 Discrete Timer Kit

    Evil Mad Science The Three Fives 555 Discrete Timer Kit

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    The kit is a faithful and functional transistor-scale replica of the classic NE555 timer integrated circuit, one of the most classic, popular, and all-around useful chips of all time. The kit is designed to resemble an (overgrown) integrated circuit, based around an extra-thick matte-finish printed circuit board. The stand – which gives the circuit board eight legs in the shape of DIP-packaged integrated circuit pins – is made from machined and formed semi-rigid PVC foam.

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  • Seeed Studio CANBed – Arduino CAN-BUS Development Kit (ATmega32U4 with MCP2515 and MCP2551)

    Seeed Studio Seeed Studio CANBed - Arduino CAN-BUS Development Kit (ATmega32U4 with MCP2515 and MCP2551)

    Features ATmega32U4 with Arduino Leonardo bootloader on the board MCP2515 CAN Bus controller and MCP2551 CAN Bus transceiver OBD-II and CAN standard pinout selectable at the sub-D connector Compatible with Arduino IDE Parameter Value MCU ATmega32U4(with Arduino Leonardo bootloader) Clock Speed 16 MHz Flash Memory 32 KB SRAM 2.5 KB EEPROM 1 KB Operate Voltage(CAN-BUS) 9 V - 28 V Operate Voltage (MicroUSB) 5 V Input Interface sub-D Included CANBed PCBA sub-D connector 4PIN Terminal 2 x 4PIN 2.0 Connector 1 x 9x2 2.54 Header 1 x 3x2 2.54 Header

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  •  -27% Whadda WSPXL103 Poly Rendier XL Soldeer- en programmeerkit (incl. Arduino Nano Every)

    Velleman Whadda WSPXL103 Poly Reindeer XL Soldering & Programming Kit (incl. Arduino Nano Every)

    Looking for a fun DIY Christmas project? Assemble and program this extra-large Poly Reindeer figurine and make its LEDs shine all the colors of the rainbow! Ideal for both beginners and advanced makers! This educational and fun kit combines soldering and programming skills in one XL-sized project. First, you will need to solder some simple components onto the copper plated circuit board. The components include fancy RGB LEDs that have a special diffused effect. Once the soldering work is finished, you will be able to program the colors and light effects of the different LEDs thanks to the onboard Arduino Nano Every. The Arduino will be pre-programmed with some basic LED effects, so your kit will work once you power it with the included adaptor. Or you can choose to write your own code based on the available example code. Programmable add-ons The printed circuit board of this project is designed especially so you can add different add-ons. For example, add an OLED screen to display messages or program it to countdown the days until Christmas! Or add an IoT Tuya chip so your project can communicate with your smartphone. You can even add a sound microphone, motion sensor or light sensor. Features XL-sized & copper plated circuit board (PCB) in the shape of a polymetric reindeer 22 addressable (programmable) RGB LEDs 14 x 5 mm RGB LEDs 10 x 8 mm RGB LEDs Arduino Nano Every Onboard push button USB A to USB micro cable for programming USB A to USB B cable for power supply Wooden holder Complete manual and video available in 5 languages Example code for Arduino available Educational & fun for all ages and skill levels Expandable with lots of add-ons: an OLED screen a smart IoT sensor to connect with your smartphone a microphone sensor and more! Not included: soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers and an soldering mat Specifications Dimensions: 168 x 270 mm Power supply: 5 V/2.1 A max. (cable included)

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  • Makerfabs Acoustic Levitator DIY Kit

    Makerfabs Makerfabs Acoustic Levitator DIY Kit

    Included 76x 10 mm 40 kHz transducers 1x Arduino Nano 1x L298N Dual Motor Drive Board 1x Power Switch 1x DC Adaptor 9 V 1x Jumper Wires 6x Black and Red Wire Some Exposed Wire 1x 3D-Printed TinyLev Documents Instructables Scientific Information

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  • Last stock! Franzis Bat Detector Kit

    Franzis Franzis Bat Detector Kit

    1 review

    1 in stock

    Listen to nature with modern electronics!Human ears cannot hear the cries of bats? With the right equipment, you can – and you can do much more.Make your own premium ultrasound detector and experience it yourself! With this construction kit, this will be an easy exercise that cannot go wrong. The kit contains a circuit board that is already equipped with various SMD components. You only have to solder some elements yourself and wire the circuit board with the microphone, the loudspeaker and the adjusters. Due to modern integrated circuits, the detector will be very sensitive and powerful.Once it is built, you can start exploring and discovering: with the detector, the bat's ultrasounds can become audible for humans. That way, you can trace those little flight artists in complete darkness even at places where they would hunt for insects without being noticed. But not only bats send ultrasounds, there are also many technical devices which do the same. You will be surprised at the number of various inaudible ultrasounds that surround us. Give your ears super powers. 20 kHz are not enough.Required Soldering iron 9 V battery

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  • Seeed Studio OBD-II CAN Bus Development Kit

    Seeed Studio Seeed Studio OBD-II CAN Bus Development Kit

    This kit is the perfect solution for you to communicate with your vehicle's OBD-II interface without visiting a mechanic. It includes a Serial CAN Bus module, an OBD-II Connector, and other accessories to help you do all the diagnostics and data logging with ease. There is also a tutorial which is based on Arduino and you can easily obtain data from your vehicle by following this tutorial. Features Fast serial communication with CAN Bus rate up to 1 Mb/s Easy Setup with all components included Easily get started with the provided Arduino-based tutorials Multi-platform support (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Board, etc.) Included 1x Serial CAN Bus Module 1x OBD-II Connector 1x Screwdriver 1x Cable for CAN Bus 1x Grove Cable Downloads Wiki Arduino Library Schematics

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  •  -40% CircuitMess Spencer – DIY Voice Assistant

    CircuitMess CircuitMess Spencer - DIY Voice Assistant

    Features Ask about the weather forecast for your area Hear a joke Ask him to sing you a song Set a stopwatch Make Spencer display custom animations Laugh at his corny popular culture references Included Spencer’s circuit board that includes a pre-soldered 144-pixel LED grid The brain board – does smart stuff and includes a dual-core processor, a 16 MB flash memory chip, and power-management circuitry Acrylic casing – this protects Spencer’s innards from the outside world A big red button Various smaller components such as resistors and pushbuttons Micro USB cable for powering your Spencer 5W Speaker Instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption Here you can find the assembly guide!

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  • The 555SE Discrete 555 Timer

    Evil Mad Science The 555SE Discrete 555 Timer

    The 555SE is an easy-to-build surface-mount soldering kit. It includes the circuit board, resistors, and transistors that make up the electrical circuit and printed assembly instructions. The kit also comes complete with the 'IC Leg' stand and 8 colour-coded thumbscrew terminal posts. To build the 555SE, basic electronic soldering skill and tools are required, but no additional knowledge of electronics is presumed or required. You provide standard surface-mount soldering tools: a soldering iron, solder (wire or paste), small metal tweezers, as well as a Phillips head screwdriver. The kit features relatively large surface mount components (1206 and SOT-23) and is a great first surface-mount soldering kit if you're just getting started. However, if you are experienced at surface mount soldering and have tools like a hot air rework station or other equipment, you're welcome to use them for assembling this kit. Features Anodized aluminium stand 8x 4-40 surface-mount threaded inserts Stainless steel thumbscrews with colour-coded plastic caps (1 red, 1 black, 6 grey) All materials (including the circuit board and stand) are RoHS compliant (lead-free) Dimensions: 6.5 cm × 5.2 cm x 1.6 mm Dimensions assembled: 6.5 cm × 7.8 cm × 2.0 cm

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  • SparkFun Inventor's Kit v4.1

    SparkFun SparkFun Inventor's Kit v4.1

    The full-colour, spiral-bound SIK guidebook (included) contains step-by-step instructions with circuit diagrams and hookup tables for building each project and circuit with the included parts. Full example code is provided, new concepts and components are explained at the point of use, and troubleshooting tips offer assistance if something goes wrong. The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 10 and up looking for an Arduino starter kit. For SIK version 4.1, Sparkfun took an entirely different approach to teaching embedded electronics. In previous versions of the SIK, each circuit focused on introducing a new piece of technology. With SIK v4.1, components are introduced in the context of the circuit you are building. Each circuit builds upon the last, leading up to a project that incorporates all of the components and concepts introduced throughout the guide. With new parts and a completely new strategy, even if you've used the SIK before, you're in for a brand-new experience! The SIK V4.1 includes the Redboard Qwiic, which allows you to expand into the SparkFun Qwiic ecosystem after becoming proficient with the SIK circuits. The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is an ecosystem of I²C sensors, actuators, shields and cables that make prototyping faster and less prone to error. All Qwiic-enabled boards use a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector. This reduces the amount of required PCB space, and polarized connections mean you can’t hook it up wrong. With the addition of the SparkFun RedBoard Qwiic, you will need to download a new driver install that is different from the original SparkFun RedBoard. Included SparkFun RedBoard Qwiic Arduino and Breadboard Holder SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook White Solderless Breadboard Carrying Case SparkFun Mini Screwdriver 16 x 2 White-on-Black LCD (with headers) SparkFun Motor Driver (with Headers) Pair of Rubber Wheels Pair of Hobby Gearmotors Small Servo Ultrasonic Distance Sensor TMP36 Temp Sensor 6' USB Micro-B Cable Jumper Wires Photocell Tricolour LED Red, Blue, Yellow and Green LEDs Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Tactile Buttons 10K Trimpot Mini Power Switch Piezo Speaker AA Battery Holder 330 and 10K Resistors Binder Clip Dual-Lock Fastener

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  • Solder:Time Watch Kit

    SpikenzieLabs Solder:Time Watch Kit

    4 reviews

    Easy to solder real time watch kit with a unique laser cut acrylic casing. Four individual acrylic parts cut to fit the internal PCB, battery and switch perfectly. Included is a velcro wrist band. After soldering the Solder:Time, the watch is built by stacking the acrylic parts with the PCB and holding it together with the included screws.The Solder:Time was designed to be a wrist watch. It doesn't have to be limited to living on your wrist, you could also use it as a badge or desk clock.Features Great looking laser cut acrylic case Unique watch Easy to solder Stand alone project – no computer or other programmer required. Just solder it and it's ready! On board Dallas DS1337+ Real Time Clock (RTC) for super accurate time keeping Jumper (on bottom) for always on use. Hackable: Programming and I²C pads labeled on bottom Clear front and back casing to show the internal electronics Adjustable wrist band Can be also be worn as a badge with optional badge clip. Long lasting battery, with special LED lighting method and very low power processor sleeping. Included Solder:Time PCB with all of the electronics Laser cut acrylic casing with four screws Easy to use Velcro type wrist band (long enough for huge wrists, trim-able for smaller ones. CR2032 Battery DownloadsDocumentationRequiredSoldering Iron, solder and wire snips.

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  • Last stock! Joy-Pi Advanced - Development Platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP32

    JOY-iT Joy-Pi Advanced - Development Platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP32

    2 in stock

    The Joy-Pi Advanced is a compact and powerful device that allows you to realize your projects quickly and easily. Whether you already have a lot of experience, or next to none, the Joy-Pi Advanced lets you unleash your creativity. Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino Nano, BBC micro:bit, and NodeMCU ESP32, you can easily and quickly access your preferred platform. In addition, the Joy-Pi Advanced features more than 30 stations, lessons, and modules, giving you an unlimited variety of ways to get your projects done. With the self-developed learning center, you can not only improve your skills but also create new projects. The learning center offers a wealth of information and tutorials that will guide you step by step through your projects. Joy-Pi Advanced is characterized in particular by its intelligent switch units, which allow an extended use of the available pins. A total of three switch units are integrated, each equipped with 12 individual switches that provide precise control of the connected sensors and modules. This system solves the well-known problem of limited pin count that occurs with conventional microcontrollers. The switch units allow you to operate a large number of sensors and modules in parallel by switching them on and off individually. This simulates multiple pin assignment, allowing you to exploit the full power of your projects without compromising functionality. By combining innovative adapter boards and the micro:bit slot, you can achieve seamless compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi Pico, NodeMCU ESP32, micro:mit and Arduino Nano. The specially developed adapter boards are designed to perfectly match the respective microcontroller. By plugging the microcontroller onto the appropriate adapter board and then plugging it into the micro:bit slot, the Joy-Pi Advanced quickly and easily becomes compatible with the different microcontrollers. This allows seamless integration of your preferred platform and the ability to combine the strengths of the different microcontrollers in your projects. This way, you can fully focus on your creative projects without worrying about the compatibility of different microcontrollers. The Joy-Pi Advanced simplifies the development process and gives you the possibility to design your projects flexibly and individually. Features Highly integrated development platform & learning center Fast, easy & wireless combination of various sensors & actuators Installation option for Raspberry Pi 4 Compatible with various microcontrollers Self-developed, didactic learning platform for Raspberry Pi & Windows Specifications Compatible to Raspberry Pi 4, Arduino Nano, NodeMCU ESP32, BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Pico Installed sensors, actuators & components 39 Learning platform Over 40 entries in the know-ledge database, 10 projects, 10 learning tasks, 14 visions Displays 7-segment display, 16x2 display, 1.8“ TFT display, 0.96“ OLED display, 8x8 RGB matrix Sensors DS18B20, shock sensor, hall sensor, barometer, sound sensor, gyroscope, PIR sensor, Light barrier, NTC, Light sensor, 6x touch sensor, color sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor, DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor Control Joystick, 5x switches, potentiometer, rotary encoder, 4x4 button matrix, relays, PWM fan Motors Servo interface, Stepper motor interface, Vibration motor Measuring & conversion modules Analog-Digital Converter, Level converter, voltmeter, Variable voltage supply Other components RTC real time clock, buzzer, EEPROM memory, infrared receiver, breadboard, RFID reader Adapter boards Adapter for NodeMCU ESP32, Arduino Nano & Raspberry Pi Pico, Board connectors for Raspberry Pi & External Boards Electronic components Infrared remote control, RFID chip, RFID card, 6x alligator clips, microSD card reader, servo motor, stepper motor, 32 GB microSD card Components 40x resistors, 3x green LEDs, 3x yellow LEDs, 3x red LEDs, 1x transistor, 5x buttons, 1x potentiometer, 2x capacitors Other accessories Screw assortment, screwdriver, accessory storage bag, power supply & power cable, servo mount Power supply Built-in power supply: 36 W, 12 V, 3 A Case connector: Small device plug C8 Voltage outputs 12 V, 5 V, 3.3 V, Variable voltage output (2-11 V) Data buses & signal outputs I²C, SPI, Analog to digital converter Battery (RTC) CR2032 Dimensions 327 x 200 x 52 mm Required Raspberry Pi 4 Downloads Joy-Pi website Datasheet Manual

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  • Franzis Voice Changer Kit

    Franzis Franzis Voice Changer Kit

    For your next Undercover Mission With this technological gadget, your voice is guaranteed to remain unrecognizable. The voice changer modifies the frequencies of your voice so that even your best friends won't recognize it. The ideal tool for remaining 'undercover' or playing a prank! Additionally required: 1 x 9 V battery

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  •  -25% Electric Paint Lamp Kit

    Bare Conductive Electric Paint Lamp Kit

    The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is a great gift! Transform any piece of paper into a touch-sensitive lamp with Electric Paint! Make three paper lamps with no tools, no programming, no special skills required. Included 1x Light Up Board 1x Electric Paint 10ml Tube 1x Micro USB Cable 1x Touch Lamp Template 1x Dimmer Lamp Template 1x Proximity Lamp Template 1x Instruction Test Sheet Transform a paper template into a beautiful lamp in three easy steps. Paint, plug, and play! Use Electric Paint to create custom touch-sensitive buttons connected to our Light Up Board and then use our lampshades to bring your lamp to life. LEVEL: Beginner The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is easy to use and makes a perfect gift. The Touch, Dimmer, and Proximity lamps all show off different aspects of Electric Paint and the Light Up Board and are perfect for your home, office or workshop. About Electric Paint Your design and electronics projects are about to change forever with this easy to use electrically conductive paint. Paint circuits or use as a conductive adhesive on almost anything including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics. About the Light Up Board The Light Up Board is the heart of the Electric Paint Lamp Kit. It works straight out of the box, is powered by USB and requires no programming or special tools. The board’s six bright LEDs and three different modes provide the light for your lamps and the super easy connector system means that you can create lamps on any sheet material.

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  • Franzis Spy Microphone

    Franzis Franzis Spy Microphone

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    Always Listening With this kit, you can easily built a powerful listening device that is perfect for animal voices and quiet noises. The manual clearly guides you through the assembly. No previous experience is required. Ideally suited for all hobby investigators and tinkerers interested in technology. Additionally required: 1 x 9 V battery Headset with 3.5 mm phone jack

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