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  • Cytron REKA:BIT – Robotics with micro:bit

    Cytron Cytron REKA:BIT - Robotics with micro:bit

    Program your REKA:BIT with Microsoft MakeCode Editor. Just add REKA:BIT MakeCode Extension and you’re good to go. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the block programming mode; simply drag, drop and snap the coding blocks together. For more advanced users, you can easily switch into JavaScript or Python mode on MakeCode Editor for text-based programming.REKA:BIT possesses a lot of indicator LEDs to assist your coding and troubleshooting. It covers the IO pins connected to all six Grove ports and DC motor outputs from the co-processor. One is able to check his/her program and circuit connection easily by monitoring these LEDs.Besides, REKA:BIT also has a power on/off indicator, undervoltage, and overvoltage LEDs built-in to give appropriate warnings should there be any problem with the power input.REKA:BIT features a co-processor to handle multitasking more efficiently. Playing music while controlling up to 4x servo motors and 2x DC motors, animating micro:bit LED matrix, and even lighting up RGB LEDs in different colors, all at the same time, is not a problem for REKA:BIT.Features 2x DC motor terminalsBuilt-in motor quick test buttons (no coding needed) 4x Servo motor ports 2x Neopixel RGB LEDs 6x Grove port (3.3 V) 3x Analog Input / Digital IO ports 2x Digital IO ports 1x I²C Interface DC jack for power input (3.6 - 6 VDC) ON/OFF switch Power on indicator Undervoltage (LOW) indicator & protection Over-voltage (HIGH) indicator & protection Dimensions: 10.4 x 72 x 15 mm Included 1x REKA:BIT expansion board 1x USB power and data cable 1x 4xAA battery holder 1x Mini screwdriver 3x Grove to female header cable 2x Building block 1x9 lift arm 4x Building block friction pin Please note: micro:bit board not included

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What is BBC micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit is a compact computer that teaches users how software and hardware work together. The micro:bit has an ARM Cortex-M0 processor, an LED light display with 25 LEDs, two programmable keys, sensors, and many input and output functions that, when programmed, enable interaction with you and your environment.

The micro:bit was created to inspire young students to become interested in computer software programming and creating new things. It was developed to work with other systems, such as the Raspberry Pi, and to continue the BBC's tradition of educational computing with the BBC Micro.

The greatest feature of micro:bit is its ability to quickly switch between block code and JavaScript. Initially, block coding can be used to introduce students to computer programming. After mastering the basics, students can move on to the more advanced programming language JavaScript.

How can you use the BBC micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit has been used in many applications, such as digital watches, fitness trackers, and gaming consoles. The LED screen and two programmable buttons can be used to play games or browse through tracks in a playlist.

In addition, following the tremendous success of the BBC micro:bit v2, the BBC micro:bit v1 is a super-charged version of the popular pocket-sized computer, with a built-in microphone, speaker, and touch sensor.

What does Elektor have to offer?

In addition to the BBC micro:bit boards, Elektor offers a variety of accessories and kits, such as the MonkMakes Electronic micro:bit Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to start learning how to connect electronics, and the SparkFun Inventor's Kit for micro: bit, which teaches you how to make motors move, read sensors, build Bluetooth devices, and more. The Joy-Car BBC micro:bit Robot is an autonomous robot based on micro:bit and offers a modular robotics learning set . Browse our list of BBC micro:bit related products to find the perfect application for your next project.

Why should you buy a BBC micro:bit from Elektor?

Elektor provides its customers with the right tools and learning resources to build beautiful projects. Electrical engineers, makers, and electronics enthusiasts turn to Elektor for affordable products like the BBC micro:bit and accessories.

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