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  • Cytron 25Amp 7-58 V High Voltage DC Motor Driver

    Cytron Cytron 25Amp 7-58 V High Voltage DC Motor Driver

    It is possible to control Cytron 25Amp 7-58 V High Voltage DC Motor Driver with PWM and DIR inputs. The input logic voltage ranges from 1.8 V to 30 V and the board is compatible with variety of host controllers (such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC). If you don't want to deal with programming to control the motor, there is an option to control the motor driver from a potentiometer (speed) and a switch (direction). You can also test the motor quickly and conveniently using the onboard test buttons and motor output LEDs without the need to hook up the host controller. It is possible to power the host controller with the buck regulator which produces 5 V output. This is especially useful for high voltage applications where no additional power source nor high voltage buck regulator is needed. This motor driver also incorporates various protection features. If the motor stalls or you've hooked up an oversized motor, the overcurrent protection will take care of the board and protect it from damage. If the motor is trying to draw current more than what the motor driver can support, the motor current will be limited at the maximum threshold. Assisted by temperature protection, the maximum current limiting threshold depends on the board temperature. The higher the board temperature, the lower the current limiting threshold. Note: Power input does not have reverse-voltage protection. Connecting the battery in reverse polarity will damage the motor driver instantaneously. Features Bidirectional control for one brushed DC motor Operating Voltage: DC 7 V to 58 V Maximum Motor Current: 25 A continuous, 60 A peak 5 V output for the host controller (250 mA max) Buttons for quick testing LEDs for motor output state Dual Input Mode: PWM/DIR or Potentiometer/Switch Input PWM/DIR Inputs compatible with 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and 24 V logic (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC, etc) PWM frequency up to 40 kHz (Output frequency is fixed at 16 kHz) Overcurrent protection with active current limiting Temperature protection Undervoltage shutdown Scope of delivery 1 × MD25HV (motor driver board) 1 × Potentiometer with connector 1 × Rocker switch with connector 4 × Nylon PCB Standoffs/Spacers Documents Datasheet Sample Code

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