Trying Out the Joy-it JT-PS1440-C 1.5 kW Power Supply (Review)

    • by Clemens Valens
    • Reading time: 4 min

    In today's high-powered world of e-bikes, electric scooters, and various other electronic vehicles, robust and adaptable power supplies are indispensable for motor testing and battery charging. Additionally, the vibrant, large-scale LED displays that adorn our cities also demand considerable energy. The old trusty 30-volt, 2-ampere bench supply simply doesn't cut it anymore. Consider upgrading to the powerful Joy-it JT-PS1440-C 1.5 kW power supply for these demanding tasks.

    JT-PS1440-C Unboxing

    For these demanding applications, the Joy-it JT-PS1440-C power supply is a perfect choice. It delivers up to 60 V DC and 24 A, providing nearly 1.5 kW of power. This unit also features a specialized battery charging mode, complete with output and capacity measurements. The package includes a power cord (European CEE 7/7 plug), a temperature sensor, a spare fuse, a safety notice, and a multilingual manual in German, English, and French. The power supply unit itself is compact, weighing just over 3.3 kg and measuring 17 cm by 9 cm by 33 cm deep—a modest size for its capabilities.

    Vibrant Display

    The packaging and manual emphasize that the JT-PS1440-C is ready to operate right out of the box. Once powered on, its 2.4″ display bursts with color and information, showing eight parameters plus status bars on top and bottom. The top bar displays time, date, and status icons, while the bottom cycles through data such as amp-hours, watt-hours, and temperature. Users can customize the display through a setup menu that offers three display styles and color options for each parameter.

    Manual Discrepancies

    Exploring the setup menu reveals discrepancies between the actual menu and what's depicted in the manual, which appears to be outdated. While the manual offers the power supply’s interface in multiple languages, including simplified Chinese and Russian, it lacks updates on screen layout changes and color customization options. Additionally, there are unclear references to 'Call' settings, which are actually preset confirmation features mislabeled as ‘Take Ok’ and ‘Take Out’ in the actual device.

    JT-PS1440-C internal view

    Design and Modularity

    The safety notice shows a variation of the product that appears less deep and lists an input voltage up to 70 V DC, despite the device having a 230 V AC power connection. This is explained by the JT-PS1440’s modular design, similar to the Joy-it RD-6006, which allows for customization. The model JT-PS1440-C comes fully assembled, featuring a high-capacity AC/DC converter module connected to a DC/DC converter and control module. It’s also designed to accommodate a Wi-Fi module for wireless control.

    Software and Connectivity

    The JT-PS1440-C includes a USB interface for PC connectivity, although finding the correct software can be tricky as it's not directly listed under the product's webpage. After some searching and experimenting, it turns out that this model is compatible with software intended for a similar model (RD6024). Updated software can be downloaded to enhance functionality and control the PSU directly from a computer.

    JoyIT Power Supply PC utility
    Joy-IT Power Supply software is required for PC control.

    The software allows for detailed monitoring and control of the power supply, although it disables the manual buttons on the unit during use. This integration offers an expanded range of control for sophisticated applications and testing scenarios.

    Performance Evaluation

    Despite the interface quirks, the real test of the JT-PS1440-C's capabilities comes with its performance. Although I lack a 1.5-kW load to fully test its limits, preliminary testing with high-wattage resistors reveals that the power supply handles high demands well, demonstrating stability and efficiency across various loads and settings. The noise levels and rise times, although not perfect, are within acceptable limits for such a powerful device.

    High power output test on JT-PS1440-C
    Testing high power output on resistive loads showcases the JT-PS1440-C’s robustness.

    Battery Charging Capability

    The battery charging functionality of the JT-PS1440-C, while basic, provides essential features like adjustable charge current, maximum voltage settings, and temperature monitoring with the included sensor. While I was unable to test this feature fully without an appropriate battery, the design suggests it should perform reliably under typical conditions.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the JT-PS1440-C is an efficient and capable power supply that meets its specifications and handles high power demands effortlessly. Its compact and lightweight design, considering its output, makes it a valuable tool for a variety of power needs. At approximately €300, it offers good value for its performance, though potential users should ensure they have proper cabling to handle its output safely.

    Whether for powering LED displays or charging batteries, the JT-PS1440-C is a reliable choice that should not be overlooked by those needing a robust power solution.

    Demonstrating the power of the JT-PS1440-C
    Powering high-demand applications effortlessly with 60 V at 1 kW.

    * It's advised to not connect inductive loads directly to the JT-PS1440-C without appropriate reverse current protection as specified in the manual.



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