Review: The Andonstar AD249S-M Digital Microscope Magnifies Up To 2040 Times

    • by Clemens Valens
    • Reading time: 2 min

    The Andonstar AD249S-M is a digital microscope with a 10” display and a magnification factor of up to 2040 times. It comes with three lenses, providing for three magnification ratio ranges: 18-720× (lens A), 1800-2040× (lens D) and 60-240× (lens L).

    Discover the cutting-edge Andonstar AD249S-M Digital Microscope, boasting a large 10-inch display and impressive magnification capabilities of up to 2040 times. It is equipped with three interchangeable lenses that provide varying magnification ranges: 18-720× with lens A, 1800-2040× with lens D, and 60-240× with lens L, enhancing its versatility for various applications. Each lens mounts individually for specialized viewing needs. The device also includes an HDMI output for easy connection to external displays.

    Meet the Andonstar AD249S-M’s Compact Sibling

    The Andonstar AD249S-M also has a smaller counterpart, the AD246S-M, which mirrors its features but with a more compact 7-inch display. Unique to the AD246S-M is its dual-display mode, absent in the larger model, enriching user experience across both devices.

    Easy Setup of the Andonstar AD249S-M

    Assembling the Andonstar AD249S-M is straightforward. The kit arrives ready for simple assembly, with clear instructions ensuring correct setup, particularly the positioning of the boom arm with the bracket lift, which should point upwards.

    Specimen nr. 5 "pine stem" viewed with lens A
    Specimen nr. 5 "pine stem" viewed with lens A.

    Initial setup requires removing the pre-mounted lens A from the display assembly to fit the microscope into its bracket, a process best performed in a dust-free environment to protect the image sensor.

    Essential Accessories Included

    The comprehensive accessory kit includes three lenses, a power supply, multiple USB and HDMI cables, and a remote control. Extras like a bug box, tweezers, and a slide holder with backlighting plus a set of slides are also provided, unexpectedly supplemented by a 32 MB microSD card, contrary to the manual's indication.

    Additional Features and Adjustability

    This model features an adjustable stand with a 26.5 cm tall column that offers extensive movement and positioning flexibility, including vertical fine adjustment and a moveable ring for secure positioning. While focusing adjustments are made directly on the microscope, the stand's design minimizes image instability.

    Lens L
    Lens L is great for inspecting objects while keeping a clearance of more than 20 cm between the lens and the object.

    Digital Integration and Connectivity

    The AD249S-M excels with its digital features, including image capturing, video recording, and easy image adjustments such as color, brightness, and contrast. It boasts HDMI and USB connectivity, plus a surprise Wi-Fi feature, which allows further integration with devices for remote operation and data access.


    The Andonstar AD249S-M stands out as a highly versatile digital microscope, not just for electronics but for a broad range of observational needs. Its flexible stand, multiple lenses, and robust digital capabilities make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike seeking a reliable, high-performance microscopy solution.

    Future Prospects

    The current lens kit is robust, but the potential for additional lenses could offer even greater flexibility and application range in the future, enhancing this already impressive tool’s capabilities further.



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