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Python Programming and GUIs

New version available: Python 3 Programming and GUIs

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This book is aimed at engineers, scientists and hobbyists who want to interface PCs with hardware projects using graphic user interfaces. Desktop and web based applications are covered. The programming language used is Python, an object-oriented scripting language; a higher level language than, say, C. Obviously having fewer lines of code will be quicker to write but also fewer lines of code means fewer opportunities to make mistakes. Code will be more readable, and easier to modify at a later date. You can concentrate on the overall operation of the system you are making. This abstraction also applies when writing graphic user-interfaces. Writing low level code for graphics and mouse clicks and the like is something that you do not have to do. In Python all this is wrapped up in relatively simple functions.

The book guides you through starting with Linux by way of a free downloadable, live bootable distribution that can be ported around different computers without requiring hard drive installation. Practical demonstration circuits and downloadable, full software examples are presented that can be the basis for further projects. As well as discrete digital inputs and outputs, the examples cover 12 bit analog to digital inputs. The examples given use the UM245R USB to Parallel FIFO Development Module. The book also shows you how you can customize your own live Linux bootable CD to include your own projects. No complicated, elaborate, software development environment is used or even required. Get started quickly and proceed rapidly by use of a straightforward text editor.

SKU 15083
Pages 223
Author(s) Andrew Pratt
ISBN 978-0-905705-87-3
Language English
Manufacturer Elektor
File Format/Size 17 x 23,5 cm (kart.)

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