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ARITH-MATIC S1-AU Mk1 - learning kit

The S1-AU Mk1 is a beautifully crafted DIY electronic kit designed with classic 7400 series logic chips. The kit is a pragmatic introduction to computational hardware for computing enthusiasts, hobbyists and makers.

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What is an arithmetic unit?

An arithmetic unit enables computers to perform binary arithmetic. It is one of the most important parts of a CPU (Central Processing Unit). An arithmetic unit which also performs bitwise logical operations is commonly referred to as an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).

About the kit

It is not only a fun and rewarding soldering exercise enabling you to build a simple 4-bit arithmetic unit, but also a practical introduction to the simple binary operations that are hidden away in opaqueness of modern computer architectures.

Using 74HC173 registers for temporary data storage, a 74HC283 full adder for binary calculations, and a 74HC85 comparator for logical comparisons, the assembled board will enable you to perform 4-bit addition, subtraction, accumulation and comparison.

The S1-AU Mk1 operates through tactile interactions using a carefully designed array of push button switches, and binary operations can be visually traced through a series of on-board ultra bright LEDs. The S1-AU Mk1 is powered via a USB mini cable, so you don't need to rely on batteries.

Kit contents

The kit contains all the through-hole electronic components you’ll need to build your own 4-bit arithmetic unit and includes:

  • S1-AU Mk1 Mainboard PCB (100 mm x 162 mm)
  • Backplate PCB (with screws and nuts for mounting)
  • Electronic Components Kit
  • USB Mini Cable (for power only)
  • Operator's Technical Manual (available in the "Downloads" section)
SKU 18848
Manufacturer ARITH-MATIC


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