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XMEGA Multi Function Board (Controller module 120126-91)

XMEGA Multi Function Board (Controller module). The full article about this module as was published in Elektor Magazine 10/2013 offered to you as a free download with the module.

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Module 120126-91, Elektor October 2013.

This microcontroller board is particularly well suited for monitoring and control applications. The plug-in TCP/IP module allows you to implement a web server and other network-oriented applications and a microSD card provides for mass storage. Four LEDs four buttons and a removable display make up the user interface. And of course the board is equipped with a wide range of external interfaces.

Technical specifications:

  • ATxmega256A3 with 256 KB flash and 16 KB SRAM
  • RS-485 interface with screw terminals (A B +12 V GND ElektorBus compatible)
  • MicroSD card slot connected to SPI interface
  • Socket for WIZ820io network module available from Elektor (# 130076-91)
  • Embedded extension connector with three ADC inputs two GPIOs SPI and I2C on a 14-pin (2x7) header range of expansion boards available from Elektor
  • 4 pushbuttons and 4 LEDs
  • Additional UART pins brought out to optional mini-DIN socket
  • Optional headers for connection to almost all pins of the microcontroller
  • Programmable using low-cost AVRISP programmer and free Atmel Studio software
  • Optional plug-in display module (120126-92) with three lines of sixteen characters and LED backlight
  • Optional header for attaching FTDI USB-to-TTL cable
  • Optional header for Elektor BOB USB-to-TTL converter module (# 110553-91)
  • Printed circuit board fits Hammond enclosure 1598REGY and RS part number 220-995
  • Software library in C for all peripheral modules available for free download.
SKU 16682
Editorial Number 120126-91
Issue Number 442
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Length 128.8
Width 122.8

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