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Wheel of Fortune (Gerber 130338-1)

Wheel of Fortune (Gerber 130338-1)


Gerber file for PCB #130338-1.


Gerber file for PCB #130338-1.
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This product is sold as a downloadable Gerber file. It contains the data required to have this PCB produced professionally by a PCB manufacturer. We recommend www.elektorpcbservice.com. Please note that this Gerber File is copyright protected.


Gerber file for PCB #130338-1. This PCB is used in the project Wheel of Fortune, as described in ....

Note: a gerber file is not a printed circuit board or PCB. Gerber files must be sent to a PCB manufacturer (recommendation: www.elektorpcbservice.com) who can make the PCB with it.

More information about this project can be found here:


More Information
SKU 17047-130338
PCB Number 130338-1
Manufacturer Elektor Labs

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