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VariLab 402 (Control PCB) (120437-2)

VariLab 402 (Control PCB) (120437-2)


Bare PCB # 120437-2


Bare PCB # 120437-2
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Control PCB # 120437-2 for the VariLab 402, as described in Elektor Magazine November/December 2014. (Components not included)

"This lab power supply has been developed completely in the Elektor Labs and offers a bit more than most other lab power supplies."


Specifications of the design:

  • Output voltage range 0–40 V; output current range 0–2 A
  • Stabilized output voltage with two-stage regulation
  • Input voltage from standard 48 V power module
  • Voltage and current can be adjusted as desired using on-board potentiometers or the microcontroller
  • Microcontroller control with ATxmega128A4U-AU
  • Two rotary encoders and pushbuttons for user operation
  • Four-line display shows Uset, Iset, Uout, Iout, output power, crest factor and other parameters
  • USB port for connection to a PC
  • Pushbutton for output enable/disable
  • Output ripple <15 mVpp at 40 V, 2 A
  • Output regulation 220 mVpp with pulsed load (100 mA, 1 A load, 50 Hz rate, 50% duty cycle)
  • No-load power consumption of power supply board <4 W
  • High efficiency: 92% at 40 V, 2 A; 61% at 5 V, 1.75 A (measured between input and output of power supply board)


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SKU 16554
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
PCB Number 120437-2

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