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T-Board 28 (130581-93)

T-Board 28 for ATmega328 (comes with an ATmega328-PU and not with the ATmega328P-PU as mentioned in the article).

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T-Board 28 Simple microcontroller prototyping

The T-Board is a breadboard-friendly PCB hosting a microcontroller and its supporting components, offering developers flexibility that the fixed-design Arduino-style boards don't. The T-Board comes in three flavors, each suitable for a different microcontroller:

130581-93 / T-Board 28 supports the 28-pin ATmega328

The T-Board was designed to allow for simple and fast microcontroller prototyping on a breadboard and reduce the number of needed jumper wires, which is supported by the T-Board's integrated 3.3V and 5V-selectable power supply. Programming the microcontroller can be done in-circuit (ICSP).

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SKU 16307
Editorial Number 130581-93
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Product range Hardware
Microcontroller ATmega328P-PU
Category Microcontrollers

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  1. My Arduino projects usually consisted in an Uno board wired with a breadboard (no, I don't have a prototyping shield!), so it's a pain in the ass since wires disconnect all the time, and you really don't see where you're connecting the components (which physical pins in the MCU, I mean). These boards are basically simplified Arduinos with that special shape, so you can stick them in a breadboard, and you'll still have room for the rest of the components. Besides, you can use an FTDI cable to program them, that's quite convenient. But hey: MCU comes without the Arduino bootloader! You have to burn it yourself, but following one of the guides you can find on the Internet it's quite straight forward (and actually quite useful to learn).

    (Posted on 4/30/2015) - Review by JIMtonic

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