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T-Board 14 (130581-91)

T-Board 14 (130581-91)


T-Board 14 for ATtiny24, -44 and -84


T-Board 14 for ATtiny24, -44 and -84
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T-Board 14 Simple microcontroller prototyping

The T-Board is a breadboard-friendly PCB hosting a microcontroller and its supporting components, offering developers flexibility that the fixed-design Arduino-style boards don't. The T-Board comes in three flavors, each suitable for a different microcontroller:

- 130581-91 / T-Board 14 supports the 14-pin ATtiny24,-44,-84

The T-Board was designed to allow for simple and fast microcontroller prototyping on a breadboard and reduce the number of needed jumper wires, which is supported by the T-Board's integrated 3.3V and 5V-selectable power supply. Programming the microcontroller can be done in-circuit (ICSP).

For more information, please visit www.elektor-magazine.com/130581.


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SKU 16305
PCB Number 130581-91
Manufacturer Elektor Labs

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