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Standard AVR starter pack (EB3441)

Standard AVR starter pack (EB3441)

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If you want to get started with the E-blocks system then we offer a Starter pack that contains all the core blocks you need. The E-blocks Starter Pack contains an AVR multiprogrammer board with AVR in-system programmer, a Switch board, an LED board, an LCD block, a dual 7-segment display block, a Prototype board, a Patch board, a Terminal board, an SPI and D/A board, A sensors mother board with analogue temperature sensor and digital temperature sensor, a metal backplane with nuts and bolts, a power supply and rugged trays and foam insert for storage. 

The starter pack can be used for learning and for developing a number of E-blocks projects. For learners the Starter pack is compatible with our 'An introduction to microcontroller programming' course which is available on our web site. This 50 hour course teaches the basics of developing projects based on microcontrollers using our Flowcode software. The Starter pack is also compatible with AVR's own design tools and is flexible hardware platform for learning C code, Assembly and other languages. ATMEGA324P 40 pin microcontroller Included.

Key Features

  • Facilitates rapid product development and learning
  • Includes mounting platform, nuts and bolts
  • Based on USB AVR multiprogrammer
  • Free courses available on our web site
  • Includes storage case leads and power supply
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Language English
Manufacturer Matrix TSL
Type Kit
Product range Hardware

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