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Spiral Micro Tesla (160498-71)

A circuit allowing you to touch an electric arc (30 kV) with your bare fingers. No harm done. It’s powered by a USB charger, drawing 0.5 or 1 A.

Complete bundle including:
• PCB with mounted SMD – through-hole components need to be soldered – 
• acrylic sheets, screws, nuts, distance holders
• 5 V - 2 A power supply

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Complete bundle including:

  • PCB with mounted SMD – through-hole components need to be soldered  
  • acrylic sheets, screws, nuts, distance holders
  • 5 V - 2 A power supply.

So called Tesla coils are used to generate spectacular sparks. This circuit allows you to touch such an electric arc (30 kV!) with your bare fingers. No harm done. 

Power supply via USB

Instead of a large and potentially dangerous coil, with a lot of energy involved, Elektor presents this (relatively) safe Tesla coil with limited energy, powered by a USB charger under 5 V. The maximum power consumed is 5 W which can’t cause much damage. Despite the staggering 30 kV, when you touch the sparks produced by our Tesla coil, you will only notice a slight tingling at most.  

Lightning in the living room

The Tesla coil is operated using a single push button (S1), which works as follows: 

  • A short press of S1 (less than 1 s) switches between the various operating modes: Turn on, 5-Hz pulses ’ 10-Hz pulses ’ 20-Hz pulses ’ musical scale, ’ turn off. 
  • Press S1 for 3 s to select the high-power (1 A) mode (red LED LED1 flashes); another 3 s press returns to the normal (0.5 A) mode. 

You must connect the Spiral MicroTesla to a reliable USB charger or USB adapter, but you must never connect it to a USB port of a computer! Keep sensitive electronics away from the discharges! 

Tesla coils aren’t kids’ toys! Tesla coils powered directly from the AC line can be deadly!

Assembling instructions (video)


  • High voltage Tesla coil 
  • Uses printed PCB coils 
  • Powered by USB charger or adapter 
  • Safe sparks 
  • Complete DIY kit available
  • Build time: <1 hour 
  • SMD soldering equipment required

The use of the Spiral MicroTesla is at your own risk; neither the author nor the Editor nor the Publisher accepts any responsibility for any damage that may be caused by its use. 

SKU 18286
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Editorial Number 160498-71


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  1. I always wanted a Tesla Coil and finally elektor came to the rescue. Now I'm having fun with this product and teaching my kids, too. The device needs to be reset some times and I'm dying to try and program it. Can't wait to try out some more experiments. The fluorescent bulb trick is my favorite so far!

    (Posted on 1/20/2018) - Review by ep

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