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Smart Car Kit for Arduino

Kit including UNO R3 board

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This kit can be easily made based on the manual that comes with the kit. To support further exploration, a sensor shield is used so that there can be more I/Os from the Base Uno Board, to which more parts can be connected.

For better experience, a calibration procedure is provided. Before running the car, you need to calibrate the parts so they can work normally under the ambient environment. After all is completed, you can then realize the functions like obstacle avoiding, line tracing, and light seeking, etc. All this is well explained in the manual.

Component List
• 1 pack x Acrylic Plates
• 1 pack x Threaded fasteners
• 1x Tower Pro Micro Servo SG90
• 1x Tower Pro Micro Servo MG995
• 2x Gear Reducer
• 4x Wheel
• 1x SunFounder UNO R3 board 
• 1x DC Motor Driver Module
• 1x Step-down DC-DC Converter Module
• 1x Switch Module
• 1x Photoelectric Switch
• 4x Photosensitive Module
• 2x Obstacle Avoidance Module
• 5x Tracking Module
• 1x Dual 18650 battery holder
• 2x Ribbon (13cm)
• 1x USB Data Cable
• Several Dupont Wires
• 1x Screwdriver

Parts to be provided by yourself:
• 2x 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V) without protection circuit board  

Please note:
The SunFounder Uno R3 board is used as control. The kit uses a step-down DC-DC converter module to reduce input voltage and a motor driver module with L298N. More importantly, a sensor shield is used so that more I/Os can be led out from SunFounder Uno, which means a lot more functions can be expanded!
• With the sample sketches provided, you can make the car move forward/backward and turn left/right, follow a line, seek light and avoid obstacles.
• A great kit for you to start studying Arduino (both code and application), learn about the basic modules in electronics, and then use the knowledge learnt to explore greater field!
• Working Voltage: 7V-12V; Powered by two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries.

More information on the Smart Car Kit for Arduino can be found here!

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Manufacturer Sunfounder


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