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Table of Contents Elektor September 2010

  • Bascom 8051 Math Routines
  • Build a Scrolling LED Message Board in One Day
    using the mbed rapid prototyping platform
  • Delay-line Digital Memory (ca. 1968)
    Retronics series
  • Digital Multi-Effects Unit
    With 15 configurable sound effects and a user-friendly HMI
  • Dual Voltage/Current Display
    For a symmetrical Unilab power supply
  • Examined: Hameg HMO2524
    E-LABS INSIDE section
  • Give your Projects Simple Grace
    With the Elektor Project Case
  • Hexadoku September 2010
    Puzzle with an electronics touch
  • High-voltage Probe
    Home made and differential, too
  • Juggling Audio Bits
    Audio DSP for DIY applications
  • Know what you're measuring
    E-LABS INSIDE section
  • Simulation Beats Trial and Error
    Practical experience with the free simulation tool LTSpice
  • The Elektor DSP Radio (2)
    Antennas and PC software
  • Tiny samples, big footprint / Useful spares or toxic waste? / And dropping by at Elektor…
    E-LABS INSIDE section
  • Virtual Measurements and Predictions
    Circuit simulations: how reliable are they?
  • Vision System for Small Microcontrollers
    Few pixels -- clear sight
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Language English
Issue Number UK405
ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Digital
Number of Projects open
Pages 88

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