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RS232 Data Logger and Spy Tool (140126-41)

RS232 Data Logger and Spy Tool (140126-41)


Pre-programmed controller # 140126-41


Pre-programmed controller # 140126-41
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Pre-programmed microcontroller # 140126-41 for the project RS232 Data Logger, as described in Elektor Magazine edition May/June 2015.

The project is based on an ATXmega128A4U-AU. It is able to register bytes in both directions with millisecond accuracy, while its electrical isolation enables it to be hooked up into serial data connections employing TTL and RS-232 levels.

Short specs:

  • Two serial inputs for bidirectional connections
  • Inputs can have separate grounds
  • Data transmission to PC via USB
  • Operating power derived via USB
  • User interface via commands from Terminal Program
  • Baud rates up to 230 KBd
  • Stores up to 900 data sets
  • Data logging for up to 2:20 (h:mm)
  • Temporal resolution 1 ms

More information can be found on:


More Information
SKU 17081
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
PCB Number 140126-41

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